Wednesday, October 7, 2009

cooking last sunday

simple home-cooked meals for the day:

minced pork, oyster and spinach porridge. i just dumped everything into the rice cooker and let simmer for 45 minutes. this was HQ's portion.

quick pasta with olive oil, garlic & parsley. topped with stirfried meat pieces and button mushroom. blanched vege and fried shallots at the side. should have added chili flakes to the sauce for extra kick
the kids had macaroni in ikan bilis, homemade meatballs & spinach soup
steamed kampong chicken with honey, organic soy sauce and keizi/ wolfberries
braised potato with homemade char siu (kiddos' favourite)
stirfried spinach (for the kids)
stirfried ladies finger with spicy dried prawns and belacan (for adults)
kampong chicken, corn and carrot soup (simmered in the slow cooker)
(as you can see, the only vegetables my kids will eat are spinach, potato and tomato *sigh*)

snack for the kids in between meals – raisins, yogurt, honey stars, apple, grapes, biscuits and of course milk.

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Dora said...

Oh you really can cook huh! All these dishes seems very familiar as my mum normally cook for our dinner during weekend except the spaghetti. I love the potatoes dish!

Wonderful Life said...

ooo...very healthy home cooked meals and i likey alot!

the pasta looks yummy... *slurp slurp* :D

mommy to chumsy said...

oh call that simple meals kah? hehehehehe. hey, porridge for breakfast? guess your kiddos love to eat huh? that's good :D

Penny Chuah said...

your spaghetti looks yummy!...hubby dun like tat so i hardly cook :-(

Mummy Gwen said... are a great cook. Delicious. *slurp* You pur honey when you steam the chicken? Must be really sweet.

wenn said...

oh..i love the soup..

BoeyJoey said...

Dora: Ya ya, all simple home dishes that I learnt from my mum :-)

Wonderful Life: Yeah, the pasta was yummy.. will add chili flakes next time :-)

mommy to chumsy: Simple home dishes only la *paiseh*. HQ loves porridge (must be very sweet only he eats); QQ loves rice.

Penny Chuah: The spaghetti was yummy :-). Aiyah sifu, your hubby can eat so many of your other yummy dishes, he wouldn't want to eat spaghetti liao...

Mummy Gwen: Learnt from my mum; all simple home dishes only :-). Yes, honey with soy sauce, so the gravy is sweetish saltish... the kids love it.

wenn: We love this soup too :-)

reanaclaire said...

yes, i love the corn soup..very sweet .. potato with char siew, i havent tried before.. yes, kids should love it cos char siew is sweet too... yr kids are doing fine if they are eating the vege u mentioned..

MeRy said...

a complete meal for the day...All looks yummy !

Annie Q said...

Wah!! You're so rajin!!! Even on weekend you also cook? You cook very well!

At least your kids still eat the vege, mine don't!! :(

BoeyJoey said...

reanaclaire: Luckily those 3 veges are all different colours... when they were younger, besides the 3 mentioned, they ate pumpkin, broccoli, carrot, peas, cabbage, onions etc. without problems... don't know why became so picky *sigh*

MeRy: :-)

Annie Q: I only get to cook on Sunday, that is if we don't go out. Other days, hubby & I eat outside. My mum cooks for the kids on weekdays.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Salute to you. You cooked so many dishes for the dinner.

For me, I only cooked two dishes.


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