Monday, October 12, 2009

i want to note this down...

This is stale news, but I know I should jot this down as part of HQ’s progress/ milestone.

HQ has been getting bored in his pre-kindy; he detests doing his mathematics homework. His pre-kindy was teaching simple addition; total sum of each addition is not more than 10 digits. Example: 2 + 3, 5 + 2, etc.

HQ gets bored easily and has the attention span of a goldfish (although he can sit long enough to finish a movie/ finish a jigsaw puzzle). Since young, when he is faced with a challenge to learn new things, he will be very attentive and interested at first. But once he has mastered them, he will soon lose his interest.

So his popo (my mum) bought a blank exercise book, and started to give him some more difficult sums to do. HQ will sit down at the dinner table and quietly do his maths, insisting nobody peeks at him at all, one day one page. Mum was really surprised that HQ catches up really fast.

The important thing is he enjoys doing the maths mum gave him. And of course every time he gets every equation right, he insists on multiple stars, multiple “A” and 100% written on his exercise book :-D

Here’s a sample of what HQ did 2 months ago: additions totaling to double digits. (25 August 2009; 4 years 3 months old)

Double digits additions. Look at the top row, he has even mastered in “bringing the number over” (26 August 2009; 4 years 3 months old). 2 times addition (16 September 2009; 4 years 3 months old): Addition and Minus in one equation (29 September 2009; 4 years 4 months old): The amazing thing is he doesn’t need to use his fingers, draw on paper or count out laud. He just keeps quiet for awhile and writes down the answer. He says he “count in his head”. :-D

One day my mum was peeling 2 apples. HQ saw and commented:
HQ : When you cut the 2 apples into 2, you will get four pieces!
He will soon dapple into multiplication, I’m sure.

I almost never get involve in his homework and reading. I’m so blessed to have mum, who is amazing in fitting in this even though she has a crazy workload (we sent our maid back after being with us for 15 months).

HQ is a kid with very low interest span I only hope his interest in doing mathematics will last. What can I do to maximize his interest?

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Annie Q said...

Bravo HQ! HQ same age as my boys, my boys still doing the addition, which the total sum not more than 10 digits. The teacher start give them this addition last month.

Now i look at HQ, he can do so well in Math.

smallkucing said...

Wow! So young and started to do math in his head! Very clever.

wenn said...

give him one exercise at a time..

Blessed mum said...

Genius!! He sure do well in Maths next time!

reanaclaire said...

my gosh! so smart at such young age.. what did u give him? anyway, if i were u, i dont worry so much of his progress... he is doing fine now..

Mummy Gwen said... smart. I must enrol my girl to kindy very soon! BTW..when did you start on enrolling him to a kindy?

aisyahumaira said...

what a smart boy he is! ^_^

the little prince said... little niece 6 years old still dont know how to do a single maths!!

Bihye said...

Great work HQ!! Tai Yee is very proud of you! :)

A Mom's Diary said...

That's sooo impressive. Well done! And you are so blessed to have your mum coaching him too.

goolypop said...

wah..hou king ahhh! Cham.. gooly is like me.. atrocious in maths.. and art..and chinese..and..banyak lagi leh.. :D


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