Tuesday, October 6, 2009

kiddos' conclusions

HQ’s conclusion
While hubby went to pay parking, we were looking at some fishes in an aquarium in Jaya Jusco:

HQ : Why is that fish not moving?
Mama : Maybe it’s sleeping.
HQ : But the fish's eyes are still open!
Mama : Fishes do not have eyelids… they sleep with their eyes open.
HQ : Hah??? How fishes sleep if they don’t have eyelids?
Mama : They just stay at the bottom of the sea or hide in the corals and keep very still.
HQ : But they will see other fishes moving around. How to sleep?
Mama : I don’t know, they just sleep like that…
HQ : If fishes have eyelids, then they are not real fish. They are half humans; they are mermaids! :-)

QQ’s conclusion
While the kids waited for hubby and me to get ready in the morning, they entertained themselves by playing together or separately.

One morning, QQ was sitting on the bed admiring a piece of paper with pictures of all the Disney princesses. She loves this picture to bits.

She tried to draw on Snow White’s dress (her favourite princess) and the pen poked through the paper on the soft mattress. She pulled the pen out and realized that there’s a hole in the paper.

She then pinched on the little piece of paper on the edge of the hole and said “I take the hole away”.

She started “to take the hole away” and the hole became bigger and bigger.

She looked up with her eyes the size of two round gumballs when she exclaimed, “WOW! The hole get big and big!

Only then she realized by “taking the hole away”, she actually made the hole bigger!

Snow White now has a very mini skirt :-P.

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little prince's mummy said...

Haha!~ relate to mermaids pulak!~

wenn said...

children learn from experience..

Mummy Gwen said...

Both of them are smart kids. They are learning something new everyday. :)

twins mama said...

kids always has funny Q&A.. sometimes it does make sense but err.. not reality!

Health Freak said...

Kids say the darnest things, don't they?

smallkucing said...

It's fun to see them learning


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