Sunday, October 25, 2009

KL Bird Park

Backdated post: the outing was made during the Raya Holidays, September 22nd.

When I read about KL Bird Park at this mummy and this mummy’s blogs, I suggested to hubby on a trip and he was very supportive of the idea.

Located at the Lake Gardens, KL Bird Park is the largest free flight aviary in the world. Hubby and I went there many years ago when we were dating, but we never brought the kids before. The kids were of course very happy and excited! Mum and Dad came with us too.

At the entrance, the kids saw some binoculars and wanted them. They also pestered for plastic hats with solar fans and cool looking sunglasses attached on the caps. Haiz… anything also they want… All garbed with binocular and cool caps for adventure! (as if!)
We only allow them to wear the sunglasses (not UV ray protected) for taking photos. And QQ had most fun in moving from shaded to non-shaded areas (to and fro) to test the solar fans! Here they are testing their binoculars. Among the many birds that we saw, these are the ones we found unusual; I don’t know what their names are. There's a booth where visitors can take photo with the birds. HQ pestered us to have his picture taken with the birds. But he specifically told the attendant that he only wanted the colourful parrots, and “Don’t put them on my head!” He saw the birds pooing splats of digested papaya on the floor at the photo booth itself, and he explained he didn’t want those on his head! This picture below is from our camera. HQ feeding the lories… that feeding place was so stuffy and congested with people, we didn’t get to attract many lories :-(
Poor QQ did not get to take photos with the birds and feed the lories (she’s allergic to animal fur/ feathers). She was outside with mum and kept asking to go in the lories feeding station. So mum told her:
Popo : No no… we can’t go in yet. We have to wait for the uncle to bring the key to open the door.
QQ : That uncle ah? *pointed at a man*
Popo : No…
This went on for a few uncles that she pointed.
When QQ saw a man heading towards the door, she quickly ran after him so that she can go in as well. Mum had a hard time chasing and catching her :-S.

We saw some monkeys too, which again, HQ wanted to catch one home. I don’t know what’s with him and monkeys… And we were just in time to catch a bird show at the Amphitheatre! The kids got entertained by the smart tricks performed by the parrots and eagle: The kids enjoyed the show very much! :-D When the bird show was over, we continued our tour. My little girl had to take the opportunity to do this to the birds:

If you are wondering what she’s doing, she’s actually trying to scare the birds away. She has the tendency to do this whenever she sees small animals, including cats, dogs, lizards, insects, monkeys… and now, birds. *roll eyeballs*

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nizaa said...

i think this kind of place is suitable for kids. they can learn many things..i want to make a visit to this park one day..=)

smallkucing said...

The photo of HQ with the parrots is real cute. Love it very much. Glad you guys have fun there

Pet said...

Yes... it's a nice place for children to visit. I been there too, twice. Once with my nieces when it's just to 2 of us, and later with my daughter.

Mummy Gwen said... too..I've read from other mummies blog about the Bird Park too. Is it good? Your QQ is very cute..hehe...the way she scare the bird is so cute lah. :D gadgets they have there. :P

wenn said...

she's so cute..

2ma said...

HQ is so brave leh!! shan leo didn't even walk to go near the parrots :(

Dora said...

I heard that it's a very nice place for both kids & adults. It seems HQ makes good friend with the monkeys there! hehehe... FYI, u know TM giving the promotion? Buying 2 adults ticket free 2 kids ticket. Very worth visiting :-)

BoeyJoey said...

nizaa: Yes, it was. I think you will enjoy a trip there too :-)

smallkucing: Yes, we had fun there. Wanna bring your little boy? :-)

Pet: I bet Alexandrea enjoyed her visit :-)

Mummy Gwen: Yup, it was a nice trip. Bring Gwen there sometime! :-)

wenn: But small animals find her scary... haha

2ma: Maybe Shan Leo didn't like their papaya poo! HQ didn't like those too :-D

Dora: Eh, I didn't know about the TM promo... missed pulak. We paid RM 15 for each adult ticket... forgot how much the kiddos' tickets cost...

Annie Q said...

HQ very brave lei, dare to take picture alone with the birds sitting on his hand and feed lories. My boys were crying and want me to sit with them to take the pictures!

BoeyJoey said...

Annie Q: I think HQ was more concerned with the "opportunity" to have the birds on him, rather than the photo itself. I guess he just wanted to "experience" it :-)

Just the other night, he took a cane/ rotan and whacked a lizard within his reach *PENGSAN*... at times like this, I wish HQ is more like your boys...

Dora said...

Sorry BoeyJoey, the promotion is not fr TM. I don't know why I typed TM maybe I was looking@the bill that time. hehehe... It's fr Groway actually (the nutritional supplement co) in their newsletter "Rainbow".

BoeyJoey said...

Dora: Hahaha... too engrossed with your TM bill eh? Don't think we will go again anytime soon... maybe we'll hear about your trip with little Baby XJ! :-D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

HQ is so brave, even attempted to catch the monkey home.

I like the unique sound that make by QQ. So did she successfully scared the birds away?

BoeyJoey said...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy: No wor... the birds may thought she's just another hornbill... hahaha


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