Friday, October 9, 2009

Malaysia Boleh (aunties' style!)

Today is Isetan’s member pre-sale.

Today is also the re-launch of Isetan Foodmarket at Lot 10 Shopping Centre.

I was already contemplating since yesterday to drop by during lunch hour today, since my office is nearby.

I had my eyes on these:
Colavita extra virgin olive oil! Normal price RM 42; today is sold at only RM 5!

Japan mini pumpkin. Normal price RM 11 – 12. Today’s price is only at RM 5!

Hokkaido dried scallops! Normal price RM 125; today’s price is only at RM 50!

I’ve bought these from Isetan before; unlike local scallops which are salty, these are really really sweet. Thrown in soups, porridge, and claypot chicken rice, they’re really a delight in my cooking. I really want to get my hands on these gems.

But all of them are limited to 50 items only!

Oh, fear not, my colleagues and I thought we have the advantage because we’re soooo near!

How wrong we were!

I heard from a friend that the queue was horrendous… even before 10.00 am when the foodmarket opens. Aunties, ladies, makcik & makwe (even uncles, gentlemen, pakcik & pakwe) were all sandwiched at the escalators (both sides of escalators, up and down, were crammed) from the foodmarket entrance up to Lot 10 foyer and continued towards Lot 10 main entrance.

By 9.30 am, this was seen in front of Lot 10… the queue was so long it reached the bus station! Terror or not???When the gates were open, all hell broke lose. See? “People mountain people sea” (Direct translation from Chinese proverb: an unbelievable number of people) I really have “no eye see”. (Direct translation from Chinese: couldn’t be bothered anymore) Photos courtesy of Sun Sun, who went to check out the chaos ;-)

Sigh… there goes my super sweet Hokaido scallops… no chance liao :-(

Were any of you there?

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Sun Sun said...

Not only aunties.. uncles also!!

Sherry said...

wah.. so many ppl!!

mommy to chumsy said... cheap!!! however seeing the amount of people...i rather not go :D

reanaclaire said...

my goodness... yan san yan hoi.. haha.. i know, i for one, wont go for those pre member day sales.. like jaya jusco.. one of my colleagues take leave to go purposely..she said worth going.. can get cheap things.. but i no eye see la.. i go only when i need to.. and end up buying expensive things lo.. sigh..hahhaa... what to do.. i very scared of "pek pek" .. nanti pengsan, lagi susah.. :)

little prince's mummy said...

Really lots of people wor...

Dora said...

Wow long Q there! I missed those days when my former workplace also very very near there too. But I was only interested at the Ladies Department that time.

Anyway, the prices are really attractive esp the dried scallop!

wenn said...


Mummy Moon said...

I was there too, in Isetan KLCC :)

The queue started before the big gate open?

Hokkaido dried scallops is worth to buy!

MeRy said... crowded....Most people are grabbing for the special offered items.

BoeyJoey said...

Mummy Moon: The big gates of Lot 10 was open, but the gates of Isetan Foodmarket was not. So people started queueing from the Isetan Foodmarket gates *sweat*

Mummy Gwen said...

OMG..that's really looong queue!!! I got sms from Isetan about the pre sale..lucky didn't go..have to tag along my girl pulak coz i got no helper.

HN said...

Gosh!!!!! I love the olive oil that u mentioned too :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Got the newsletter too, but it's simply too far away for me to go all the way there. My oh my, the queue was really long!


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