Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in STROLLER Contest

I got to know about this contest from 2ma, and I really love the prizes :-)

The contest is organized by Mom Bloggers Planet and the prizes are sponsored by PhotoBook Malaysia and The contest runs from 1st October 2009 to 15th October 2009, so hop on to their contest page before it’s too late!

About our stroller
When we were expecting our first child (HQ), like any excited parent, we began buying baby things way before our child was born. Baby nappies, baby crib, cute little baby clothes, baby stroller, baby car seat, baby high chair, baby this, baby that… the list went on and on.

When our second child (QQ) came along, we replaced some of HQ’s hand-me-downs, but we reuse most of our baby things as they are still in very good condition.

That includes our baby stroller.

Our baby stroller is kept clean and fresh with antiseptic wipes and sunned frequently. It is important for us to keep our baby stroller clean as our kids spend a lot of their time on it. We deemed baby stroller is a very important baby equipment for parents who like to go gallivanting like us :-D. Therefore ours is a light weight one, can be folded compactly and has a strap to sling over the shoulder.

Child's name: Qi Qing
Date of birth: 20 July 2007

Baby stroller is useful:

when we go for meals… QQ is kept entertained with toys.when we visit the pediatrician; elder brother HQ could lend a helping hand too…
in providing a nice height for taking photo with HQ; while at it, why not make some Popeye faces ;-) as QQ watches while HQ plays at Ikea for staying in one place while taking photo with mama
for groceries shopping and hoarding yummy treats; “Mine, all mine!” and of course, when she is taking a peaceful slumber… "See my messy hair after my nap?” ;-)
My opinion about using stroller for babies:

Choosing your stroller

Before purchasing a stroller, get to know as much as possible about the strollers in the market – their features, their price range, and their limitations. After understanding the varieties, weigh the choices against your requirements, which can be broken down to the followings:

~ Function – will this stroller be used as your primary day to day stroller or when you are travelling? A stroller for travelling has to be light and can be folded compactly.
~ Age of your baby – a stroller meant for a newborn must be able to recline flat.
~ Safety – safety should be at your top priority. Make sure that it has been tested for stability and has 3 – 5 harnesses.
~ Weight – if you are taking the public transport, choose a stroller that is light, easy to fold and easy to carry.
~ The fold mechanism – there are many types of folding mechanisms. Before buying, make sure you try them out in the store and is comfortable folding and unfolding it.
~ Shock absorber – Will you be using the stroller at jogging tracks? Depending on where you will be using it, choose over four wheelers/ three wheelers or thin wheels/ thick wheels.
~ Additional features – consider the additional features such as cup holder, storage basket under the seat, rain hood, sun shade, etc.
~ Twins/ double seat stroller – if you have twins or 2 kids with a small age gap, consider side-by-side or front-and-back double seated stroller.
~ Price – depending on the brand and features, a stroller’s price ranges between RM 100 – RM 4,000. Choose one that meets your requirements and you can comfortably afford.

It is advisable to test drive a variety of strollers in different stores before purchasing one.

Using your stroller
~ Safety – always strap your child properly with the harnesses. At all times, keep your stroller (child on it) in sight. Always check the workability of the wheels, including its stop tabs on the wheels. Either keep at least one hand on the handle or activate the stop tabs at the back wheels. If an elder child is helping to push the stroller, make sure you are there to keep watch and offer help immediately when necessary.
~ Convenience – keep your stroller in your car for when you need to use it unexpectedly.
~ Adding your own accessories - a variety of toys will keep the little one entertained throughout the ride. Do have a soft blanket and a battery operated baby fan in hand to prepare for unexpected temperature change.

Maintaining your stroller
Wipe the surface with antiseptic wipes and sun it under the hot sun. Do not keep your stroller in stuffy places (in the car boot) for a long period of time. Bring it out to air occasionally.

Hope the above helps!

And thank you to Mom Bloggers Planet, PhotoBook Malaysia and for the contest!

© Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. Originally published for All images and text cannot be republished without express written permission.
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© Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. Originally published for All images and text cannot be republished without express written permission.


reanaclaire said...

wow..hope u win! all the best to u...

wenn said...

best of luck..

Mummy Gwen said...

Gwen is over the age limit already so not qualified. actually took alot of pics of QQ in her stroller huh. Great pics.

Good Luck to you too.

MeRy said...

Gd luck to you!! You looks so young and pretty.

mommy to chumsy said...

so cute so cute. strollers are one of the best invention eh? so many uses :D good luck to you :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

your girl so *kuai*, unlike my boys!

2ma said...

i love the photo of HQ & QQ with their popeye look. so cute!!

anyway, good luck to you too!!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Hey, that stroller looks familiar! That was my very, very first stroller for Alycia, my #1. My sil bought it for us 6 years ago. It's really light weight.

BoeyJoey said...

Thank you all for all the good luck wishes! We sure need them :-)


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