Thursday, October 22, 2009

peter pan fever

My kids are obsessed with Peter Pan and its sequel, Neverland.

Although HQ knows (in his own words) that “People can’t fly”, “There’s no fairies and pixies in this world”, “Peter Pan is a fairy tale”, etc., that does not stop him to venture into his world of imagination – his version of Neverland, Peter Pan and The Lost Boys.

He weaves his versions of Peter Pan; stories of kidnaps, treasure hunts, cannons, pirates, Red Indians, and mermaids. He designates roles to everyone… he himself is of course Peter Pan the hero, QQ is Tinkerbell and papa is Captain Hook.

In our room at night, HQ prepares the props... HQ’s bed is made into Peter Pan’s hideout, our Queen size bed becomes Captain Hook's pirate ship. Rolls of mahjong paper (my drafting paper for sewing) are used as swords, colourful little foam pieces piled into a bamboo basket as treasures, bolsters as cannons, pillows as cannon balls, and face towels twirled on their heads as pirate hats.

As they prance, jump and roll around on the beds (adjacent to each other), swish swashing their swords, it was noisy, very messy and so merry! The CHAOS! What fun they had!

On top of their voices, these words are exchanged between them (some are picked up from the movies):
Give up, boy!
No, never!
Walk the plank!
Let’s go treasure hunting!
My pear-sure! All mine! (QQ pronounces treasure as pear-sure :-D)
Aim the cannons to the left… now FIRE!
With faith, trust and pixie dust, I can fly!

And the not so good ones:
You scoundrel!
You codfish!
You toad!
You mangy dogs!

Oh dear... @@

And all this while, what is mama doing?

In her designated role as the crocodile or the octopus… mama is to move stealthily around the foot of the bed, waiting for Captain Hook to fall overboard and devour him.

Haiz… mama’s character is so not cool :-(

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Annie Q said...

lol!! This is so cute! Mummy also playing a role, eh not bad huh?

reanaclaire said...

wah..u also got role? kay leh feh also never mind, as long as whole family were involved... hahaha...

wenn said...

fun and enjoyble..

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha..cute. Wow...their lines so berbunga-bunga.

Pete said...

Peter Pan, I love the character! Never want to grow old....he he he!

smallkucing said...

That's the fun of being a kid. Vast imagination. Unlike us. Too down to earth


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