Monday, November 9, 2009

cameron highlands (ii)

A continuation from the previous post on our trip to Cameron Highlands (i).

Hiking the tea hills (or mountains?!?!)
After our filling lunch, we braved the mountains… with 2 toddlers. The climb was so steep, I was clambering and out of breath. It was torturous (for me la..).

This is only like less than 10% of our trail… pengsan My mum must be so tired, but she still smiled for the camera… bless her :-D And my man is still able to do this nearly the whole way up… I salute him. QQ must be feeling she's on top of the world! HQ is great as he walked most of the way and didn’t need anyone to carry. One picture at the peak. Everyone felt exhilarated; we finally made it!!! :-D
As the air was crisp and cool, we didn't feel too hot and uncomfortable. The view at the top is definitely worth the climb! My kiddos on the way down. Still can run at the foot of the mountain. That kid…
Our last stop is at the market, where we bought loads of super sweet corns, to give to friends and relatives. Lots of vege. And we saw colourful flowers. Look at the size of those radishes! If we buy one of those, we’ll be eating radish morning, noon and night, for days! Our dinner that night – buttered prawns, lala in superior soup, pig’s intestines (hubby and I don’t usually eat, but these were yummy! sorry, non-halal), and of course sweet and sour meat (picture shows all nearly disapu habis). It was a tiring but enjoyable trip :-).

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nizaa said...

Are the veggies in Cameron cheaper than what in supermarket?

Dora said...

So everyone train a bit of the stamina under the chilling weather. That's good!

CH Voon said...

Trip to Cameron Highland is great!

Go with family and friends make it more prefect!

UmmiRosma said...

How lucky Malaysians many tourists-attraction spots cen be visited domestically.

Happy moments...I like to see how your hubby let daughter sits on the shoulder..just like my hubby and Habibati...hehhe cute!

BoeyJoey said...

nizaa: Some yes, but not all. But all are very fresh and BIGGER!

Dora: Heehee... ya, with the little exercise that I do, this is a REAL workout!

CH Voon: We are thinking of staying in an apartment next time when my sis come and vist us with her family :-)

UmmiRosma: She's always a daddy's girl :-D

smallkucing said...

TABIK! to your hubi! Can carry a kid up on his shoulder and wak up the hill!

How was the Pearl Corns? The last round we went, the stall give us not that nice ones :(.

BoeyJoey said...

smallkucing: I didn't carry anyone and I was half dead. I don't know how he managed leh...

We are all corn lovers, and we bought LOADS. Ours were very very sweet, huge & crunchy. But after some time in the fridge, they start to get dry and lose its sweetness, which we throw into soups later.

the little prince said...

Long time never been to Cameron Highland..almost 10 years!! Miss the weather!

Salute your man...he always carry kids and climb staircase!! :-)

Mummy Gwen said...

Your mum very 'geng' wor. Very fit. :) Great exercise. Your girl is not afraid of heights huh..haha. Nice pics. Your Hubs is using a DSLR right?

BoeyJoey said...

the little prince: Haha... weight lifting, at no cost!

Mummy Gwen: You notice? ;-)

Wonderful Life said...

Sadly to say I've never been to Cameron before!

wahhh... your man really strong!! i don't think my man would lift my 14.6kg boy and walk up there!! :P


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