Wednesday, November 4, 2009

kiddos' games

Shooting Power Rangers at the backyard with water spray. HQ would line up his Power Ranger figurines and shoot them down one by one. All lined up waiting for their fate :-SShoot Good shot! Last man left standing and Bingo! While QQ would be busy dipping the figurines into the water and getting tickled by the water running down her armpit :-D
When QQ slept, HQ played alone with his animal “soldiers”. It was really cute watching him play as he took turns to be different characters in hushed voice. There were 2 different armies with different generals leading them. The Spinasaurus came and attack them, so the generals led the armies to fight. Picachu was the general’s “helper” and had electricity on its tail to spark enemies. He used the terms soldiers and army correctly, but he initially called the generals as “headmasters”, until I heard him and corrected him… haha :-D

What are they doing with the cushions and mattresses? Building something, I think… With help from papa, and directions from HQ, they managed to put this up. What are those?
Forts, according to HQ. Must be influence from the trip to the forts at Bukit Melawati. And they had fun pretending to fight with guns built from plastic blocks meant for building plastic houses. Bang! Bang!At their hideout… HQ waiting to attack and QQ checking on her bombs.
As I wrote this, I realized that the games inspired by HQ above are inclined towards fighting and battles. He does play other games besides these, but I can't help wondering if this is a typical boy trait? Or should I start worrying?

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reanaclaire said...

what they are playing are authentic games i used to play with my own siblings those days.. hey, they reminded me of yesteryears.. dont stop them.. let them enjoy their childhood instead of turning to computers.. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Boey Joey, your kids look cute playing, sure got imaginative ideas.
When I was young, their age, my mon started me on jigsaw puzzles, slowly graduating from 30 pieces to 100, to 500, then a 1000.
Of course I did ha ha, cheat once awhile.
And my dad brought me a Meccano set....

I am glad my mon gave me those jigsaw puzzles, as it helped me later life to solve looking at the picture, then deciding where each piece goes in.

You have fun as kids grow up fast. Best regards, Lee.

Pet said...

Oh, my boy when grow up will be like this too? Hmm... I will just need to wait n c.

MeRy said...

So son Ryan has exactly the same power rangers.

little prince's mummy said...

Great games!~

UmmiRosma said...

The are using the waterguns to shoot at those heroes? So smart! But I wonder..wont the water get into the window slides?

My kids also likes to build 'fortress' from the cushions hheeee....funny but smart though!

smallkucing said...

Kids will be kids. Great that they are having so much fun :)

Mummy Gwen said...

These battle games are 'boys' games so no worries lah. ^_^ Looks like QQ also influenced by kor kor too huh..hehe.

Wonderful Life said...

nice games! they're so 'guai' by entertaining themselves with their own games :)

the little prince said...

I like the last photo!! Mummy didnt take up a role huh!! :-)

Mamapumpkin said...

So nice to have siblings......those are great games!

BoeyJoey said...

reanaclaire: Yes, we're trying to reduce tv time & so far we have not introduced any computer games yet :-). When the tv is on, they'll be glued to it. But when we insist no tv, they'll be off looking for something else to entertain themselves.

Uncle Lee: Yup, I agree, jigsaw puzzles are great games too :-). Haven't heard of Meccano set though?

Pet: Report later! :-)

little prince's mummy, small kucing: Yup, they enjoyed themselves, but got bored after awhile... haha

UmmiRosma: It's a store room there, and the windows were shut tight :-)

Mummy Gwen: Yes, QQ's getting very tomboyish! *roll eyeballs*

Wonderful Life: Gotto lo... both papa and mama busy...

the little prince: Haha... they did invite me and hubby... not free la... so they have imaginary enemies! Maybe next time we'll play together!

Mamapumpukin: Your girls will enjoy playing games together soon, I'm sure... maybe not boyish games like my kids :-)


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