Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas 2009

We do not celebrate Christmas religiously, but every year, we put up the tree, shop for pressies, sing along and dance to Christmas songs. Just for fun, our celebration is more for the kids rather than anything else :-).

Christmas 2005

HQ's first Christmas at 7 months old. Christmas 2007
QQ's first Christmas at 5 months old.
Notice any kitchen ware doubling as tree ornaments? <- initiated by HQ, not me! ;-) Christmas 2009
Christmas seems to get more and more fun, now that both kids are totally aware about getting presents. For the past week, we wake up every morning to HQ's announcements of " __ more days to Christmas!" Kids boasting to each other about how many presents they are getting. HQ warning QQ about not getting any presents for Christmas when she misbehaved.
Our loot this year.
HQ's Power Rangers and QQ's shoes are missing from the picture, as the kids love these so much that they do not want to let go *roll eyeballs*
And I just realised that we picked up a lot of toys but totally forgot to choose some good books for the kids *speepish*
QQ totally loves the battery operated mini organ. And of course her purple Cinderella Crocs shoes. I picked these up by chance when hubby and I were at The Summit. According to the promoter at a stall near the escalator (don't remember which floor), Crocs Malaysia is closing down, therefore they were clearing stock at RM 100 for 3 pairs.
Updated: About the closing down, I'm really not sure how true this piece of news is... and the shoes? They're comfy, cheap & nice, so just grab :-). Simple hand puppets can bring so much excitement to my kiddos :-).How was your Christmas? :-)

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CH Voon said...

happy HQ & QQ, they grow up lo...

few years ago, they need mummy to carry...

2009, they can take photos by them self hehehehe


mali~mali~hom!!! said...

hi there... nice christmas post!

the crocs you bought were from Summit USJ crocs branch?

mommy to chumsy said...

like the photos :) eh..Crocs Malaysia is closing down? how come huh? I just read in the papers recently about them advising the public against buying fake ones.

BoeyJoey said...

CH Voon: Haha... I'm sure Venessa had a great Christmas too :-)

mali~mali~hom!!! - Hi, thanks for dropping by :-)
They were selling these Crocs near the escalator, not a permanent shop. Lots of people crowded there... not too sure which floor though...

mummy to chumsy: That's what the promotor told us wor... lots of people crowded there.
To tell you the truth, I don't even know if they are real or fake... they came in plastic bags & price label with that Crocs logo, and they look nice, so just grab...

smallkucing said...

The same for us too. Put up the tree to "chan yit lau" :p.

mali~mali~hom!!! said...

now the fake 1 oso pack like the ori 1... and the shoe got the logo at the side summore... my last visit to cameron highland oso saw a man selling this n saying the same thing s the promoter told u! if wan to buy better buy at the shop... coz 100% ori 1... but 1 pair over hundred for a kids sandal... i rather buy nike kids sandal/sport shoes... ;p

Mummy Gwen said... many presents for the kids! Love to see their happy faces.

Huh..Crocs Msia is closing down? Maybe too many ppl buying fake Crocs ah...I'm one of them..hehe. :P

wenn said...

lovely christmas!


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