Wednesday, December 30, 2009


At the point of writing, Sis and family are already back home at the Lion City, celebrated Sis’ birthday and Christmas, now waiting for New Year. Hmmm… I am so late in posting…

When the kids get together, they bring the house down with their laughter, squels of delight, and lots of shouting! HQ and QQ simply adore their cousin Gabriel, and have been looking forward to meet him ever since we told them Gabriel is coming. And of course we had the opportunity to meet and cuddle little Raphael! At 4 months old, he has a laud voice too, that cutie pie :-)

The kids watching Walking with Dinosaurs… don’t know what’s so funny about that documentary, but the kids were laughing like hyenas :-D

And as usual, Sis brought the kids beautiful gifts.
for HQ: Aussino robots bedsheet
A long sleeves tee
Peter Pan book
Another interesting book with funny phrases :-)
I think the Peter Pan book is a thoughtful gift as HQ is really into Peter Pan at the moment. for QQ:
Little Mermaid story book and CD
A very sweet Osh Kosh top
A striped dress
I love the striped dress cutting, I think I’m going to duplicate a handmade one for QQ… hee hee Love the Osh Kosh collar details; although the top is at size 4, QQ at 2 could fill it up alright :-) And a huge bottle of calcium softgel pills for me… Thanks, Sis for all the lovely gifts!

We put together some Christmas presents for Gabriel and Raphael:
Appliquéd alphabet tees – “g” for Gabriel and “r” for Raphael
Appliquéd elephant onesie for Raphael
Appliquéd trucks set for Raphael – bought, not handmade, but I hope to be making a similar one :-)
A hardcover "bible stories for kids" for Gabriel, and a Pooh Bear baby cot activity centre for Raphael, all wrapped up.Close-up of the alphabet appliqués.
I bought the same t-shirts for HQ and QQ, but didn’t have the time to appliqué theirs yet.

A simple birthday gift for Sis, who is a Christmas eve baby:
A Singapore Cookbook, so that she can whip up decent Singapore meals for me… haha
And a handmade apron Here I am trying it on to see its fit. Makes me want to make one for myself now… *wishful*

See my other handmade projects.

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Nizaa said...

all things u made are simply adorable..:D

mommy to chumsy said...

nice goodies. you are so good with your hands :) hey, i've received your email and also replied. did you received it? :D

CH Voon said...

cute son & daughter!
and cousin too!

the clothes you wear look nice!

BoeyJoey said...

Nizaa: :-) thank you!

mommy to chumsy: Yes, I've just replied to you. Sorry for the delay, got to catch someone to get the green light :-)

CH Voon: Haha, yes, they are very cute :-D

wenn said...

nice gifts!

Dora said...

Kids are having fun together...Hey the apron looks more like a skirt which is so pretty on you!

Happy New Year 2010 to u + your hubby + your 2 cutie pies!

slavemom said...

The personalised gifts r vy special n nice! U're so talented!

Annie Q said...

That apron look so lovely!

Happy New Year 2010 to you and your family!

the little prince said...

The kids have so much fun watching cartoon!!

I love the apron too...can I order one!! hehe!! :-)

Mummy Gwen said...

So many goodies!! It's really nice when family come for a visit ya. :) Haha...I love the pics of the kids..they are so happy.

I can see you really enjoy sewing! That's a very nice apron. *clap clap*

A Mom's Diary said...

Hey you look like a profesional modeling that apron. Maybe you should consider switching career :-)

BoeyJoey said...

wenn: Yup, my sis always gives us very toughtful and nice gifts :-)

Dora: Yes, the kids did enjoy themselves very much. Haha... apron looks like skirt coz I was wearing shorts underneath.
Happy New Year to you, Baby Xj and hubby too!

slavemum: Thanks! Must give something equally special to my sis and her kids ma... her gifts to us are all very nice and toughtful too :-)

Annie Q: Happy New Year to you, hubby and your twins too!

the little prince: Not for sale at the moment wor... but wondering if I should start considering? :-)

Mummy Gwen: Yup, I love it when muy sis and family some to visit. And because she's my only sis, her visit is so much more special :-).
Aprons are such easy and quick projects. Yes, I love sewing and creating... so many projects in mind, but so little time. Wish I have more time to sew.

A Mom's Diary: HAHA HOHO HIHI... *cough cough* HAHAHA


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