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hutong - the food

Continued from previous post on hutong.

Let's talk about the food at hutong. Hutong has 27 foodstalls serving top-notch Chinese hawker food - Klang Mo Sang Kor Bak Kut Teh, Petaling Street's Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee, Campbell Street mini popiah, Ho Weng Kee Char Siu wantan noodles, Hon Kee porridge, Luk Yu dim sum from Starhill Feast Village, Jalan Gasing Ipoh Chicken Rice, Soong Kee beaf noodles, to name a few.

Petaling Street's Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee
We tried the fried Hokkien mee and fried loh shu fun @ RM 9.35 a serving, plus tax. Very oily, plenty of fried lard pieces, 2 fresh prawns, very yummy! Serving was small :-(

See... they really use coal to fry their noodles (the coals were placed under the steel table)
Hon Kee porridge
"Pei tan"/ century egg porridge - serving was big, taste okay, the fried crullers not as crunchy as those in Pavilion.
Luk Yu from Starhill Feast Village
I packed char siu pau @ approximately RM 5 for 3 paus - my kids love them. Sweet and fluffy, like how char siu pau should be - standardla... Luk Yu here at hutong only sells dim sum and not noodles, rice, porridge and other dishes.
Original Lam Mee @ RM 8.00. Nice gravy and mee is springy. Prawn mee @ RM 9+. Very spicy and tasty broth with 3 large prawns and a few pieces of fish paste. Noodles is a tad overcooked. "Chee chiong fun" @ RM 5.80. Served with pickled chili and minced dried prawns. Light and yummy.
Jalan Gasing Ipoh Chicken Rice

Chicken rice set @ RM 12 - very nice, according to the diner, but how nice, dunch know how to explain *failed food critic*
They also have bento set @ RM 10, where you can mix chicken and "siu yok" or "char siu"... comes with taugeh too. And for a firmer bite of the chicken, you can opt for kampung chicken with an addition of RM 2.

Soong Kee Beef Noodles

Set with noodles, vege, meatballs, drink @ RM 8.95 (big portion with tax; small portion is RM 7.50) - springy beef balls, tasty ground beef, sourish chili sauce that complemented the beef balls very well, and lots of vege to balance the meal. Yummy, but not as good as the original branch (according to the diner)
Klang Mo Sang Kor Bak Kut Teh
A set for one, consisting of oily rice, meat & soup, drink @ RM 15.95. You don't need to go so far to enjoy authentic Klang bkt now, just go to hutong... I guarantee you this herbal porkie is even better than many of the Klang bkt stalls. The pot of fresh bkt brewing (insode the little room behind the cashier). The meat was so tender and flavorful, I finished every bit of it including the porkie fat and skin... no regrets! The soup was very thick, achieved only with long brewing of meat and herbs, and oh, so delish. The portion was just enough to make me salivate for more, making me savior every drop of soup... Everything polished cleanly, except for the garlic bulb. YUMMY!!!
Here's more food pictures to droll over - lotsofcravings and masak-masak.

All in all, it was a very nice change in Lot 10. We will definitely be going back :-).

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Mummy Gwen said...

I have to salute you..Bukit Bintang kaki..haha. I've not been to Lot 10 for a long time. The foodcourt change so much? The food is expensive leh but looks darn delicious. The way you described it make me "lau hau sui". Still hate the area coz very jam!

SJ said...

colorful chee cheong fun

A smile from SJ =)

mommy to chumsy said...

oh boy...the food is making me so hungry. i read about this place in the papers recently. thanks for sharing. now i know what to try if i'm there :D

the little prince said...

Fantastic makan ya!!

Read about the Hutong!! I love to go but hubby said too jam!! :-p

My sis was there last weekend, she said she feel that they are still better to be in their OLD place cos the environment a bit 'odd' not match!! :-)

BoeyJoey said...

Mummy Gwen : Some servings being small (like Hokkien mee) is quite expensive. For some food, depends on how you see it lo... like bkt, to drive to Klang to enjoy a serving of bkt costs RM 10+-, plus tol and petrol? Eating klang bkt at hutong at RM 15 would cost just as much and less hassle :-) The more worth it are the beef ball noodle set and chic rice set.

SJ: They have with curry gravy too :-)

mommy to chumsy: Yeah... they're all over the papers :-)

the little prince: Try taking the smart highway, exit directly at jalan bukit bintang! Or if convinient for you, take the train... after having dinner at hutong can walk over to pavilion for their wonderful christmas deco... great for kids! :-)

Annie Q said...

wow wow many foods!! You survey different stalls every day ar?

The char siew pau look good.

BoeyJoey said...

Annie Q: Hahaha... where got go there everyday nia... Now, hangat-hangat tahi ayam, so very rajin go there :->

A Mom's Diary said...

I suggested going to Pavillion for the Xmas deco, and hubby concurred, saying we can have dinner at the foodcourt in Lot 10 which has all the nice food from Petaling Street. So it's called Hutong...hope to be there next week.


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