Thursday, December 10, 2009

my drama queen

Yesterday I drove my kiddos home from mum's house and was looking forward to my mama-and-kiddos time until they drift off to sleep.

Last night was one energy-sapping one...

I reached mum's house at about 7.30pm and was greeted by my happy kiddos. After quickly washing my hands and feet, I hugged and kissed them, gave a piggy ride to giggling QQ, and ate my dinner. While having my dinner I chatted with mum; the kids playing on their own.

After dinner, I started packing things into the car, and asked the kids to go relieve themselves before going into the car. Belted both kids to their seats and started the engine.

That's when my drama queen started acting up. She wanted popo (my mum) to come with us. Well, popo said she only need to come and sleep with us when papa is overseas, but tonight papa is coming home, so we'll be alright. QQ didn't relent and kept crying; she's exeptionally fussy when she's sleepy.

Popo being popo, who loves her grandkids dearly stayed with her at the back seat and tried to console her. Except being extremely tired, I was sure QQ was fine, so I asked mum to just go in. When mum left our car, I swear the car vibrated with QQ's screams. Her wailing was relentless, and soon got HQ in tears too. HQ who got up exeptionaly early this morning at 6.00 am, had not had a wink since then, and desperately wanted to sleep. When I finally drove off, it was 8.40pm.

I was hoping against odds that QQ will get tired of crying and go to sleep. Fat chance.

She screamed on top of her lungs, and in a fit, threw her pacifier. I grossed out and quickly pulled over, wanting to pick up the pacifier and rinse with hot water. Coincidently the place where I stopped was right next to an old Hokkien cemetary, the view blocked by thick bushes.

"Why you stop here?!?! Tiger come out and eat us how?!?! WAAAAHHHH!!!!"

Oh dear, I quickly did what I wanted to do and drove off. Thinking that some music will soothe her, I inserted a lullaby CD. She quieten down for awhile... until she wanted to replay the first song that we heard. HQ didn't want to repeat that song. Oh... screaming again, pushing, kicking from QQ... both wailed. I removed the CD.

HQ stopped crying. QQ asked for papa. I told her papa is on the way home. She wailed... I let her wail.

And then suddenly,

"WAAAAHHHHH!!! See, that car in front going to bang us already! WAAAAAHHHH!!!"

"See!!! That car also! WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!"


I then realised QQ had turned her body and looking at the cars behind. She was looking if her papa's car is on the way. And as the cars were coming nearer, she got panic and screamed. When she said "in front", she really meant behind.

"Don't look behind! Don't look behind!"

I pulled my car to the side, gasping for breath. I rummaged for the pacifier. She was still sobbing while sucking her pacifier, but not screaming anymore. Some peace at last.

QQ seemed to have calmed down. I sat behind my steering wheel, not wanting to leave. Apart from the cars zooming by and an occasional sob from QQ, it seemed peaceful. HQ's voice broke the silence "Mama, we are going to reach home very late..."

I came to my senses and swerved out the car. Wailing resumed... QQ didn't want to leave that "quiet" spot.

When we finally reached home it was already 9.35pm. A distance of 13 minutes drive was stretched to 55 minutes :-(

After parking the car, I decided to carry HQ, who's already half-asleep, to our room first. When I came down to fetch QQ from the car, she was already breathless from wailing. When we arrived our room, QQ saw my handbag on the floor, and she started wailing more, saying "Mama, why you put your bag on the floor?!?!" She threw my mobile phone into the washroom. I picked it up, she snatched from my hand and threw it again.

Oh dear... what's wrong with her? She does cry for the littliest things, but she stops very quickly too. Her longest crying sessions last 15 minutes, max... I'm serious. I don't know what's came over her that night :-(

I sat on her bed and cuddled her... she did calm down a lot more. I was hoping that my tired baby will fall asleep in my arms, but no. After awhile, she announced "she she"... too late, when I got up, she had already urinated, all over me and on the bed too. My fault too, I forgot to bring her to relieve herself before sitting with her on the bed (I only wear disposible nappy on her after she falls sleep)

After washing up QQ and myself, she was her cheerful self once more. She wandered off, took a heap of books from the shelf, and believe it or not... asked me to read stories to her *slap forehead*

When hubby reached home at 10.45pm that night, we were still reading story books...

My drama queen, missing her papa, got huge hugs and kisses from him. She fell asleep several minutes later. Phew!

When I told hubby what happened, he laughed! I used some choice words on him, but couldn't help laughing myself :-p

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wenn said...

wow..such a hectic day for u..

CH Voon said...

hahaha kids always like that :)

make life more beautiful.

hahaha lucky she not say "ghost in front of the car!!!"

smallkucing said...

Gosh! daily new "show" by kids to kept mommies and daddies on their toes.

I remember donkey years ago, me and sis took a wrong turn and end up at the chinese cemetary in Chan Sow Lin. Scary. Night time some more. So I know a bit how you must've felt :p

Goolymama said...

Yoh .. Drama minggu ini, kisah benar , cerekarama n Taiwan hokkien crying series all roll in one! Terra...

chin nee said...

wah...a terrible night for you. poor least u were calm. if me, i scream back at my kids or worse still, scream with them until they keep quiet.

SJ said... laughing too

A smile from SJ =)

BoeyJoey said...

CH Voon: QQ doesn't know what is ghost yet... but if she say something like "See!!! That auntie infront with green eyes and long hair flying to our car!" then I'd really freak out...

smallkucing: Goosebumps all over yeah? Hahaha. But that Hokkein cemetery is a very old one with very thick bushes blocking the view... QQ must have thought that's a jungle, so tiger's coming out to get her...

chin nee: I did not scream la, but at one brief moment, I cried along with QQ. *going siao*

coffeesncookies said...

oh dear. i hope it's just a passing phase. I would be a nervous wreck if it happens to me. Now that amber almost 4, she still throw tantrums in car and scream, esp when hubs is not around. A few times, I stopped the car n threathen to throw her out.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh my...i don't know how you manage to drive with the kid crying and screaming :D really a very dramatic night for you :D

BoeyJoey said...

coffeesncookies: This was the first time she acted to that extend, and I pray pray pray it won't happen again.
I used that too (stopped the car, opened the door and asked HQ to get out) when he unsnapped the seat belt. If I do that to QQ, she would have bawled.
These kids... really testing our limits yeah?

mommy to chumsy: If it happens again, I think I'll just turn back, and let them sleep at my mum's place... hahaha


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