Monday, December 7, 2009

recent pead visit

Hubby and mum brought the kids to Sunway Medical for their routine jabs – MRR booster jab for HQ and Hepatitis A jab for QQ (hubby was clearing his leave days and I’m saving mine... how ironic…). Thanks, Mum!

Updated measurements of height and weight, as of 20 November 2009:
HQ then was at 4 years 6 months old
Height : 111 cm
Weight : 17.5 kg

QQ then was at 2 years 4 months old
Height : 93 cm
Weight : 14.5 kg

The koko didn’t want to take his jab, and when coaxed, he told the pead “Let meimei jab first, if she don’t cry, then I will jab.” Adui… when the nurse was preparing QQ for the jab, she told QQ “Kau sai lei la” (“It all depends on you”).

QQ was jabbed and did not utter a peep. So HQ wanted to act gallant too, quickly climbed up the bed and prepared himself for the jab. The moment the pead inserted the needle, HQ yelled “So pain! Stop! Stop!” Hahaha... HQ who almost never cries during his jabs when he was a baby started to act like one now!

The nurse brought out stickers to stop him from being fussy (mum said he was more angry than anything else – like he was tricked into being jabbed… hahaha). He chose 2 pieces of stickers and gave one to QQ.

Back home, QQ reported “Doctor jab me very painful, but I didn’t cry. Doctor jab koko, koko cry.” Whereas koko was being fussy about washing his buttocks for the fear that his wound will get wet *slap forehead*

And as usual, the stickers ended up on themselves... QQ and her peace signs.

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TZ said...

Since young i'm afraid of going to the doctor place for jabs... i will have a goose bump whenever i saw the needles ...

goolypop said...

tarak.. gooly no headache..give me headache jiau got. :D

Hopefully it goes away soon.

wenn said...


Mummy Gwen said...

QQ is a brave girl. *clap clap* Poor HQ kena tricked..hehe.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Boey Joey, kids are fun, huh?
No need TV with them around.
Love your boy not wanting to wash his whatever, ha ha. He's cute.
Can see where your daughter has her attractive looks from, *wink*.

Right now our friends, a young family who migrated here only 4 months ago, their 2 young kids can't wait to see snow....their first experience.
They going to get their wish, weather reports say we're going to get hit by our first snowfall in Nov, on Wednesday.

Reason the kids can't wait? They want to try out their snow boots, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

BoeyJoey said...

TZ: Haha... me too :-)

goolypop: It only happens once in a blue moon and brief... yeah, hope so...

wenn & mummy gwen: :-)

Uncle Lee: Haha... yes, live telecast too :-D. No need and no time for tv.
Can't wait to try on their snow boots? Hahaha... kids are so unpredictable; real joys to have around.
You have a nice day too, and do enjoy your friends' kids before they grow up :-)


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