Wednesday, December 2, 2009

watching the sound of music with kiddos

I loved The Sound of Music when I was young; I love it still now that I've all grown up... And my kids love it too! They have been requesting to watch this movie every single night on their beds before they go to sleep. The movie was quite lengthy so hubby sectioned it into parts... one part one night :-).

Watching it with my kiddos is a whole new experience to me... lots of dancing and singing along (they catch up with the tunes and lyrics of the songs pretty fast!); giggling, laughing and playing pretend; and many unexpected questions and remarks. Hahaha... these are some of the more comical ones that I wish to note down :-).

Scene 1: The opening of the movie Where Maria sang The Sound of Music on the hills
QQ : Ha... sing in the jungle... later tiger come and eat him(her), then he(she) know!

Scene 2: Louisa and Rolfe singing Sixteen going on Seventeen.After singing, Louisa and Rolfe were inside the partico, going round and round, meeting halfway several times, before Rolfe kissed Louisa.
QQ : The boy and the girl see who is taller ah?

Scene 3: The puppet show - Lonely Goatherd
Marta blew the foam from the beer to Maria's face, and Maria coughed.
QQ : Why Maria laugh?
Mama : No, she coughed. Because Marta blew the foam from the beer to Maria's face, so she coughed.
HQ : Tsk... so naughty ya? Luckily we are not so naughty, if not susah lo...
Mama : *roll eyeballs*

Scene 4: Captain and Maria dancing a folk dance during the partyMy kiddos will jump up to dance, bounce and jump together on the bed, before plopping themselves on the bed, both hands on their faces and announce "I don't remember anymore!". Then burst out laughing. LOL
(If you're familiar with this part of the movie, you'll know the joke :-))

Scene 5: The children singing So Long, Farewell in the party
My kiddos will also sing along and when Gretl sang the last part of the song and slept on the staircase, my kiddos will also pretend to sleep at the foot of the bed (their staircase) and insist that I carry them one by one to their beds *slap forehead*

Scene 6: The Captain announcing his marriage with The Baroness to the childrenHQ : The Captain want to marry that woman ah?
Mama : Yes.
HQ : Then she will become the stepmother?
Mama : Yes.
HQ : So she will look after the children? No need Maria already?
Mama : No... she said she will send the children to a boarding school. Boarding school is a school that is very far away from home and the children will have to stay in the school.
HQ : Then the stepmother do what?
Mama : Ummm... she doesn't need to do anything...
HQ : Just enjoy herself, eat and be pretty ah?

Scene 7: The Captain led Maria dn the children to the mountains, running away from the Nazis.In the background, the song Climb Every Mountain is being sung:
climb every mountain, ford every stream,
follow every rainbow, till you find your dream,
QQ : Climb the mountain to find his dream ah?
Mama : Ummm... yes...
HQ : Why they must go to the mountain only can dream?
Mama : ...
They obviously do not understand the concept of dream, as in ambition/ goal/ aspiration yet. What HQ knows is the dreams that he had while he was sleeping. :-)

The Sound of Music is sure more entertaining for me these days! :-D

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reanaclaire said...

haha... so cute of them.. at least they r watching the movie and concentrating.. this is a lovely movie.. evergreen..

Mummy Gwen said...

QQ is so smart. At least she can follow the movie. Gwen only like to watch Playhouse Disney. She gets angry if I switch the channel. T_T's entertaining for me by reading what they said. :D

BoeyJoey said...

reanaclaire: My kids are both tv addicts *shake head*. Yes, I love this movie too :-)

Mummy Gwen: Gwen must be enjoying her Playhouse Disney so much, that's why she gets angry when you switch channel :-)

wenn said...

i love it too..watched a number of times..

smallkucing said...

I love The Sound Of Music too. Used to watch it repeatedly

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Boey Joey, I too love this movie. Have seen it more than 10 times as our TV plays re-runs very often.
Have you seen Casablanca? If not get the DVD....
Have a nice day, Lee.

dura said...

Hi Boey Joey,
This entry makes me reminiscing my younger time. I grew up with this movie. i can sing all songs by heart :)

BoeyJoey said...

wenn, smallkucing: *high-five!* :-)

Uncle Lee: Haven't seen Casablanca yet... will try to search for the DVD. You have a nice day too :-)

dura: Me too! I used to have "singing sessions" with my school mates! And in uni, my uni mates and I used to terrorize other block mates when we sang in my room! My block mates first thought they're hearing "voices". Hahaha

KB said...

haha... "The Sound Of Music" and "King And I" are my favourite since childhood..

A Mom's Diary said...

I love The Sound of Music too - haven't introduced it to Yiu Yiu though. She's into Princesses, esp Snow White, these days.

mommy to chumsy said...

ahhh..I love the Sound of Music too :) My all-time fav. Ashley hasn't seen it yet but i'm sure she'll like it :) Your kids questions are so cute.

BoeyJoey said...

KB: I think kids can follow "The Sound of Music" better... cos more singing, more kids, and less speech :-)

A Mom's Diary: I'm sure Yiu Yiu will love it, but need to guide along (like my kids) :-)

mommy to chumsy: Yes, I think Ashley will love it too :-)


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