Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"we have to give you a naughty star!"

Sometime ago, we started this program whereby any help contributed by the family members were rewarded with stars.

We usually do this after lunch on weekends. All of us would sit around, taking turns to point out what we have contributed in the morning. Not that we give the kids any form of reward, but just as a way to acknowledge their help, to show our appreciation and to let them know that their help really matters.

This chart is our very first chart on 26 September 2009 :-).
HQ often would name the chores all of us have done, and thus getting stars for us. The kids had fun stamping on the stars too. And of course, HQ had the most stars – for helping to hang out the clothes, pick up toys, wash the cars, wash the dishes, help to cook, look after meimei, bring meimei to pee, eat breakfast quickly... he named every little thing :-).

When it was meimei’s turn, HQ helped to name the chores too. When we were stuck halfway, QQ chirped in:

QQ : I she she on the floor! *big grin* (she she : pee)

LOL. While we were laughing, HQ responded:

HQ : She she on the floor is not helping! So… we have to give you a naughty star!

So that’s how the lonely star in the “naughty section” came about. Nevertheless, QQ is still happy to have an extra star at her name :-).

PS: QQ does not wear any nappy during daytime at home; she wears them only after she falls asleep at night and when we go out. Pee accident still happened occasionally when we started our first chart on 26 September 2009. Right now, she goes to the potty automatically while announcing that she needs to pee, as she needs our help to position her buttock exactly on the potty/ adult toilet seat with toddler trainer seat on.

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smallkucing said...

Clever wor

Mummy Gwen said... naughty chart for the whole family ah..that's cute..hehe. Looks like Mummy's the least naughty one. ;)

QQ is doing great on potty training. Keep it up.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Boey Joey, very creative, good idea. Nothing like ideas to get things moving.
My very young days I got 10 cents for helping light the fire, no ovens then, only firewood.
Or pulling the love grass from my father's socks, he an estate supervisor. Or wash his motorcycle.

Have fun and keep well, Lee.

nizaa said...

so cute...naughty star..thought that stars only given when someone is doing good..first time ever heard about naughty star..hehe

BoeyJoey said...

smallkucing: Heehee... got the idea from another parenting site.

Mummy Gwen: That's not a naughty chart, my dear. That's a chore chart... so looked like Mama did the least chores... haha. Only QQ has a naughty star :-)

Uncle Lee: We're going to expand the programme to real rewards later, when they are older :-).

nizaa: Haha... naughty star was started by HQ.

wenn said...

hoho! merry xmas!

Anasfadilah said...

naughy also got star ah QQ..

i want a star to,boleh tak HQ?

u kids are darn adorable lah

mommy to chumsy said...

hhhahahahaha....the naughty star is funny :D

slavemom said...

Wah... HQ's the most helpful. Mommy gotta catch up ya. :)
Mei mei must be vy happy. Naughty star is STILL a star. hehehe

CH Voon said...

er... why you are the less star on the paper.

Lazy mummy? hehehe

lil' bulb said...

What a good idea to have voluntary to do all the house chores, most important they do it happily and willingly. They got a credit while mummy got a rest....:)

twins mama said...

oops.. HQ got a lot of stars!! haha

2ma said...

wow, great idea wor!!! i wonder if this works for shan leo??

Pet said...

really great idea! but...won't they stamp the star when you not looking? :-) Merry Christmas to u and your family!


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