Tuesday, December 8, 2009

weekend at taman tasik perdana

Picnic breakfast at Taman Tasik Perdana
Racing to the playground Swings! QQ, with her top pulled up to accommodate the swing, and with a mouthful of bread… After our picnic breakfast, we left for Midvalley.
Enjoying the fountain located between Midvalley and The Gardens MPH Bookstore… while I was reading with HQ, QQ was busy entertaining herself. Hiding from the view of a friendly uncle (stranger) and wouldn’t say hello back. *shake head* Lunch at Sakea Sushi was crap. Dessert of Mc Donald’s Sundea Cones. Dinner at our favourite family restaurant. While waiting for our food, here’s QQ serving the baby lamb to the sheep *gasp in horror* And that sums up our Sunday :-).

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TZ said...

It's has been a long time i visit the Lake Garden of KL... how's the lake? At one time the lake smell so horrible ... So i stopped going to the garden :p

goolypop said...

aiyoor..she sit so cute..the legs so straight up.(the one on the sofa before hiding from friendly uncle) :D

Mummy Moon said...

Nice family outing :)

BoeyJoey said...

TZ: Really? Didn't realise that... maybe they cleaned it up...

goolypop: Like her own house, eh? ;-) And she has no-cinderella-feet (HUGE)... hahaha

Mummy Moon: Yes, it was simple and nice :-)

Mummy Gwen said...

Lake Garden is a good spot for picnic many years ago..haha. Looks like whole day outing from the playground to shopping malls..haha. :D

QQ doesn't look like the shy type wor. Gwen also hides from strangers leh. *malu*

QQ is cute lah..you are right she is always eating..haha.


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