Monday, December 21, 2009

weekends at ioi mall

We went ioi mall during one of the weekends (8 Nov 2009). What did we do there?

Trips around the merry-go-round.
HQ loved the reindeer and luckily we were able to get an adjacent horse for QQ.
Pardon the tongue thingy… you see, he does that when he’s extremely pleased, so ummm... I actually have loads of tongue wagging photos in my hard disk :-) QQ was extremely pleased too; laughing and squealing throughout the rides. Next, we got our groceries from Jusco supermarket and loaded them into the car. We dropped by Daiso too and got some materials for my sewing, some toys, and some household appliances.

Lunch at TGI Fridays.
HQ can’t wait to play with his magnetized dinos while waiting for the food to arrive (bought from Daiso). While hubby was bringing HQ for toilet break, I ordered hubby’s steak, which was overcooked because I ordered well done, when he wanted medium rare… opps soree…My creamy spicy scampi spaghetti, which was an absolute treat (I always order this when I come here; so unadventurous, eh?) Mmmm… Fish fingers and fries (half eaten)… HQ’s favourite. The kids ate for free. Marinara spaghetti for the kids… QQ loved this dish This is a normal scene when eating with kids… picking food from your plate, sticky gummy fingers, and food so yummy that kids will lick off plates, etc. QQ with her wide open mouth, double thumbs up, and a round tummy… food must be good :-).

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MommyAngel said...

Your kids are super cute especially your girl with the 2 thumbs up :) My Angel will stick her tongue out too when she is extremely happy so I guess that's how kids expressed themselves :D

wenn said...


goolypop said...

the tongue is very clean and non-tipsy , as in not sharp until can poke..:D I wonder if he can curl his tongue. :P Ah, now i show u my tongue. :P :P :P

QQ, as usual..cute sekali!

2ma said...

i had a bad experience at friday's abt 2 wks ago. they charged me for the kids meal. am so pissed with them coz they didn't highlight to me which are the complimentary kids meal. besides, service was slow, and the food we ordered didn't come. made a complain, and waiting for their reply now. i still prefer chili's anyway

Sherry said...

yummy how much the meal cost? lol..before go must know the price..

smallkucing said...

QQ very cute at the last photo :)

Mummy Gwen said...

There's nothing much to do at IOI Mall..hehe. I always go there coz it's very near my house. My fav shops are Daiso, Brands Outlet and FOS..haha.

The spaghetti you ordered looks darn good. I'm gonna try it one day. Aiyo...QQ's mouth open like that is sooo cute. :)

the little prince said...

HQ super happy ya!!

Me just brought Kyle to TGI two days before his birthday, he loves our appetizer more then his own kids meal!! :-)

BoeyJoey said...

MommyAngel: Haha... luckily we don't see elders doing that huh?

wenn: :-)

goolypop: Oh yes, he can curl and twirl/ twist his tongue too :-P. Hey hey, can email your bloggie password to me???

2ma: We had the same bad experience as yours when we dine at tony roma. Complaints fell on deaf ears. So now, eventhough hubby loves their steak and I their rolls with herb butter, we no longer go there.

Sherry: If I'm not wrong, I think thewhole meal plus drinks cost about RM 60. I do notice their prices when I order, but when the food comes, I forgot everything... hahaha

smallkucing: thanks!

Mummy Gwen: I love to go FOS too for their cheap but good quality tees and shorts :-). Yes, the pasta was really yummy *slurp*

the little prince: Yum yum... me love appetizer too...


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