Thursday, December 3, 2009

what ants can do

We stopped sending HQ to his previous pre-kindy sometime ago as mum saw MANY of the kids were down with flu, fever and cough. With H1N1 still roaming around, we didn't want to take the chance.

On 2nd December 2009 (Tuesday), we enrolled HQ to a another pre-kindy. Mum and I visited the location earlier and we were pleased with the effort put in to ensure cleanliness and safety. Each kid has to wash his/ her hands and feet with soap before entering the building, and leaving for home. The teacher in charge also takes the tempreture of each kid too.

We were worried that HQ may protest as he loves going to his previous pre-kindy. All his friends and girlfriend are in his previous pre-kindy... so don't know how he will react to the new environment. Luckily after having a break for awhile, he is very excited to be starting school again :-D.

So Tuesday was HQ's first day in the new school; we started him with the holiday school camp. When he finished school in the afternoon, mum went and picked him up. Mum reported to me later that HQ was as happy as a lark, chirping and chirping on the day's events non-stop :-).

He told mum (and me later when I got back from work) that they did a revision on all the alphabets and numbers (I guess the teachers wanted to gauge where they can begin with the new students), ate porridge for break, as well as seen and learnt a lot about ants (insect, 6 legs, hardworking, work together as a team, etc.).

His teacher asked HQ earlier that day how did he like the school? His answer was "I don't know yet." When he was about to leave with mum, he told his teacher "I like your school." I think the ants bit really captivated him. And so, we take that as a positive sign :-)

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smallkucing said...

A boy that knows his own mind :)

wenn said...

good..he likes the place..

reanaclaire said... cute, he knows how to say that to the teacher..

Dora said...

HQ is cute, he likes learning ants & other insects@this new kindy!

Uncle Lee said...

Ho Boey Joey, at least he didn't run away from school. I did when my mom left me....the teachers panic when I'd disappeared. The police found me a mile away, took me home.
I was the only bot going to school in a police van.

They threatened to put me in jail if I ran away again.
I never did....but the teachers few years down the road wish I had, ha ha.
Looks like you have a good son there.
Best regards, Lee.

BoeyJoey said...

reanaclaire: When HQ attended school the first time in his previous school, the teacher asked him whether he will be back the next day. His answer was "Sure I will!"... I love first day stories :-D

Dora: Tell him anything about animals, insects, reptiles, etc, he will be all ears! He loves animals :-)

Uncle Lee : Hahaha... that's a great story to tell your grandkids, Uncle Lee!
"but the teachers few years down the road wish I had" - oh... you must be a big handful eh? So the busybody was once a naughty boy *wink*

Mummy Gwen said...

He speaks like a grown up..hehe. So smart. My girl still like a baby..going to be 4 next year.

BoeyJoey said...

Mummy Gwen: Girls are more manja... QQ too :-)


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