Thursday, January 14, 2010

HQ wonders II

"How do people build houses?"

"How are cars made?"

"How the hot air balloon lift up into the sky?"

"Why ships sink into the ocean?"

"Why do people (astronauts) float on the moon?"

"How can aeroplane fly?"

At 4y 7m old now, he told me recently he no longer wants to be a policeman or a CEO... he wants to be a pilot now... must be a pilot for both aeroplane and helicopter, he says :-)

As he wonders more and discovers more about things around him, I'm expecting him to change his ambition again in time to come. He's still young and I think its great that he's exploring his options. I'm looking forward to see what may interest him for his next change in ambition :-)

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smallkucing said...

pilot is good :). Daddy and Mommy can fly for free;D

CH Voon said...

I think children now very clever and smart!
Possible drink a lot of formula milk powder? 
HQ think like a 10 years old boy!


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