Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i think i'm doing better now...

HQ has always been a superb big brother who loves his younger sis to bits. When QQ misbehaves, sometimes HQ will successfully talk it over with QQ, and they were best friends again. There were even times after QQ hit him, and I heard HQ laughing it away saying, “It’s okla. I will still like you” :’).

But all this got to stop. I don’t want HQ to grow up always giving in, and QQ a spoilt little brat.

Coincidently last night, while I was sitting behind with the kids and hubby drove us home, QQ acted up (must be the tired sleepy thing) and bit HQ on his toe. (don't ask me how QQ did that, but that's what happened). After looking at HQ's toe, confirming that it's not a strong bite (no deep mark) and HQ quieten down, I turned to QQ:

Mama: Meimei, say sorry to koko.
QQ: *smiled sweetly* I like you, mama…

(here she goes again…)

Mama: Meimei, you bit koko’s leg, say sorry to koko
QQ: Mama… don’t be like that! Don’t look at me like that! *whine*

(she’s jabbing on my guilt button, I know)

Mama: Say sorry to koko, meimei.
QQ: Mama, I want to sit on your lap... Mama!!!
Mama: No, the car is moving. You sit on the carseat, ok. Now, say sorry to koko.
QQ: *whine* Mama, sayang (Malay: love) me, mama!

(Very stubborn leh *wipe sweat*)

Mama: You say sorry to koko, then I will sayang you. If you don’t say sorry, I will be angry with you.
QQ: Mama! Don’t be angry with me! *tried to take my hand and sayang her cheek*
Mama: Then you say sorry to koko. I'll count to three, if you don’t say sorry to koko, then I will punish you. I will flick your mouth. *positioned hand in a flicking position near her mouth*
QQ: *in angry tone* Mouth is use to eat! Mouth is not use to flick!

(I cannot believe she said that! LOL! *pengsan*)

Mama: Mouth is also not used to bite people.
QQ: Mouth is use to bite carrot!
Mama: Correct! But koko is not carrot! Now say sorry to koko. If you don’t say sorry, I will flick your mouth.
QQ : *whined* I don’t want…
Mama: One...
QQ: Naughty mama!!! waaa....
Mama: Two…
QQ: *whined*
Mama: Quick, say sorry to koko.
QQ: I want my pacifier!

(HQ laughed at my carrot remark :-D. wahseh… after calling me naughty, can demand for pacifier some more…)

Mama: You say sorry to koko, then I’ll give you your pacifier.
QQ: Wahhh….
Mama: Come on, say sorry. I count again, one…
QQ: *whine*
Mama: Two…
QQ: sorry, koko…

(yay! At last!)

HQ: What? I cannot hear???

(taking advantage of the situation leh… )

QQ: *pout* sorry… koko…
HQ: Say again! I cannot hear! Say lauder, “Sorry, Koko!” like that!

(I’m trying not to laugh here)

QQ: *whine* I say already…
HQ: Say lauder! I cannot hear!

(I can tell that he’s thoroughly enjoying this moment)

QQ: Sorry, koko!
HQ: OK, good girl! Next time cannot bite people, understand?
QQ: *sniff*
HQ: And say sorry to mama also, because you call mama naughty.
QQ: Sorry mama…

(I really love this koko :-D)

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Kancilbiru said...

tergelak sorang-sorang juga..haha.. QQ such a clever girl & got so many ideas to trick you..hehe..btw, u menang akhirnya!~~

mommy to chumsy said...

hahhhahahahahahahahahah..she's a cheeky girl :D

smallkucing said...

Wah...QQ so clear at manipulating ah. But atleast she listen to Kor kor and apologise to you too.

Dora said...

HQ seems turning matured & a model role to QQ! You guys should be proud parents :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi BJ, ha ha, kids are kids, and by 5 years old they are very good at psychology or how to goreng and bungkus their mothers.

Girls will sulk, failing which the crocodile tears comes out.
Boys will quietly disappear to their room, till makan time, then all's okay, ha ha.
Psssst, when you going to give them another brother or sister. About time, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Broccoli Ginger said...

Hmmm.. just sounded like my son! Good that at least HQ is really matured in handling QQ .. :)

Cynthia said...

hahhaha.. I like the part when they boy ask to say sorry to mummy! He is so thoughtful!!

lil' bulb said...

She acted stubborn at first attempt only...after few times, she will use to it and automatically say sorry when do wrong thing. Shannen used to be like that before.

Mommy Ling said...

HQ is such a gentleman. Can see how much he sayang his mei mei but in another hand mei mei also sayang his kor kor too..

My gals have the similarity like ur kids too where Elise (younger gal) always bully her jie jie (sister), at times also whack her but her jie jie just ignore her..now i think i know how to handle it when this kinda of incident happen again.

Viviana said...

thanks for broadcasting mom and kids conversation.hi..hi..it's fun.

Alice Phua said...

Aiyo, I can't help laughing when I read that conversation. Kids nowadays are very cunning and good at answering ! ^ ^

Mummy Gwen said...

QQ is very manja ler..but Mummy rules..hehe.

Kor kor is such a loving and caring brother. :)

HN said...

I love your koko too! He thought about you too :)

BoeyJoey said...

Kancilbiru: I never thought I would say things like "Koko is not a carrot!" *pening*

mommy to chumsy: Yeah... and cunning too...

smallkucing: Seems like she listens to korkor more :-)

Dora: Yes, HQ has grown a whole lot in terms of maturity :-)

Uncle Lee: Expect a lot more when she turns 5? She's only 2.5 now, I am hoping she will be easier to handle when she reaches her bro's age (now at 4.5) *worried*. True about the crocodile tears...
2 kids are enough, thank you... Hahaha

Broccoli Ginger: Yes, and he's creative to think up ways too :-)

Cynthia: Heehee... must make the sister feel sorry la!

lil bulb: Depending on her mood la... most of the time she'll readily say sorry cheerfully. But when she's cranky with tiredness or hungry, then she'll be more difficult :-)

Mummy Ling: Yes, they're best buddies :-)

Viviana: I had fun jotting it down too... although I agree it's not funny when a kid is being disobedient.

Alice Phua: I found it funny too, was chuckling to myself when I typed this down. Hey, thanks for visiting! :-)

Mummy Gwen: Please be assured that she's only like this when she's cranky. Most of the time, she'll readily say sorry cheerfully. Gosh, I must have made her sound like a little monster :-(

HN: Yes, HQ is very thoughtful :-)

goolypop said...

omg..so cute! hahaha..

But for you, a bit kik sei yan lah.:D

slavemom said...

Same here. Sometimes I pity jie jie coz she has to give in to didi (coz he's still young mah). But we dowan him to be a spoilt brat. And he can be real stubborn. At least QQ apologised to kor kor and u (sweet HQ) at the end. My boy ah... sometimes I beat/cane him oso he wudn't open his golden mouth. sigh...


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