Tuesday, January 5, 2010


HQ: 4y 11m old
QQ: 2y 9m old

Whenever HQ rings the alarm indicating that QQ does something naughty, like hitting HQ after snatching a toy from HQ, QQ immediately transforms into an irresistible angel. She’ll call “Mama” or “Papa”, depending who’s in charge, in her sweetest voice and give us her most angelic smile, sometimes batting her eyelashes once or twice. How to get angry with her like that?

Sometimes she’ll do the above, plus saying “Mama, I like you” and giving me a tender hug, smiling her sweet smile all the time. Yes, “Mama, I like you” has nothing to do with her hitting HQ, but at 2 plus now, she knows the effect of her saying those magic words. We will go all squishy and become all “Yes, darling girl?” or "I like you too". We can’t help but to fall head first into her trap. You say, manipulative or not?

If we do not fall into her above trap and she senses that our barometer of anger is still climbing, she’ll give a mournful cry, alternating between “Mama, I like you”, "Mama, don't be angry with me", or "Mama, sayang me" over and over again, and sticking to us like a leech. While making us believe that she IS the victim. If the first adult does not waver, she runs to the second adult nearby, with her mournful cries and charms by the truckloads.

While HQ looks on and reminds us the naughty things that she did. What do we adults do then? We look at QQ and try to reprimand her, but were met with tears rolling down her shiny eyes, soft hands holding on to you, and a sad voice purring “Mama, I like you”. We look back at HQ, then to QQ. And to HQ, we say “HQ, nevermind la… meimei’s still a small girl. It’s ok alright?

Double injuries! HQ is being mistreated and QQ becomes a spoilt brat! *pulls hair*

WE GOT TO STOP DOING THIS! WAKE UP! *double slaps on the face*

*sigh* Not easy to be a parent, eh? You mummies facing the same problem?

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ChloeRuoyi said...

Pandainya... she knows all your weaknesses. Poor kor-kor must be screaming in his heart "where is justice?" haha!

Broccoli Ginger said...

Ya. The hardest job in the world is not CEO but PARENT! I guess I will still correct the QQ. :) for the sake of her becoming spoilt brat.

smallkucing said...

Boey Joey..my little rascal also did a similar thing . I was scolding him in the car. Then he look at me one kind and pouted his mouth and made a kissing sound at me. *pengsan*

BoeyJoey said...

ChloeRuoyi: Yes, poor koko. But normally HQ is very forgiving and doesn't press the matter too much. Sometimes, he himself will tell meimei "It's okla. I still like you." :-)

BroccoliGinger: I agree! Often, I have to sit down and reflect on how I am doing. Yes, we are starting to correct her... she can be very stubborn and bold too :-)

smallkucing: Hahaha... so cute your Joshua! Kecil-kecil already know how to make "siu tong jok" to win your heart, huh!

lil' bulb said...

As compare to Audrey I find Shannen is good in manupulating. She always show all cute/innocent faces to us when she senses our anger....just like QQ! But very kesian la HQ....

2ma said...

kids are really smart hor? they know at which point, they have to do it differently *hehe* usually, the elder one is the poor victim :( like my 2 darlings, when shan rae mess up the toys, kor kor will have to pick it all up & kena scolding for not helping didi to clear up the mess *sigh*

claire said...

wow.. wonder where she has the genes from.. so smart.. tears is the weapon.. poor brother.. yeah, we parents tend to overlook the one who didnt shed a tear... :p

the little prince said...

Wah,,QQ so smart ya!!
Hmmm,,I really do not know how to handle if I have two kids then!! :-)

Mummy Gwen said...

Girls are always manja one..haha. But Mummy and Daddy must be fair lah. :)

mNhL said...

Hi, found your blog thur blog hopping. Awww....mummy's heart melted when the kid shows their kesian face. Btw, $miled.

BoeyJoey said...

Dear all concerned mummies,

Yes, we definitely agree that we shouldn't be spoiling QQ and overlook HQ in this matter.

But boy, does she know which right buttons to push. When we come home from work tired and all, we sometimes look for the easiest solution... which yes, again, we shouldn't be doing that :-(

But we will resurrect fairness in this household, so don't worry, mummies!

Anonymous said...

Hello there, first timer here.
Oh.. I feel so unfair to HQ le... he is so kind.. but being kind doesn't mean can be mistreat.. hehehe how old is QQ?? she is so so so "jeng leng" and cunning!!! hahahaha


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