Friday, January 22, 2010

school updates

in general
HQ has been attending his new pre-school for 3 weeks now (as of today).

He's enjoying school and more willing to speak more Mandarin to the teachers and students compared to last year (He started school at 3 for the second half of 2009 at another pre-school).

Today he is taking his first ejaan for the following words - rambut, lelaki, perempuan and gigi. I think I only knew how to write those words when I was in Primary 2 or 3. And again, I knew naughts about this until mum updated me. Thanks mum! :-)

on teachers

"Teacher Yong says I cannot speak English to her, must speak Mandarin only, because she teach Mandarin."

"Teacher Shuba teach us 1,2,3... but no plus and minus yet."

"Teacher Hew tell us a Mandarin story. I tell her I don't understand and ask her to tell the story in English. She say I must learn to listen more Mandarin."

"Teacher Harjit asked a boy to keep quiet today. I think Teacher Harjit likes me." :-D

on breaks
"I eat 3 bowls of mee hoon today."

"The chicken porridge in school has lots of bones. I put the bones in my hand, and when I finished my porridge, I put the bowl in the basin and wash my hands. I eat one bowl only because got lots of bones. I like your porridge better, popo."

"Today we eat bread and drink Milo. I don't like the bread because got butter and kaya. But Teacher Mages say eat a little if don't like. So... I eat one piece only. I tell Teacher I want only kaya on my bread next time."

on friends

"Qing Qing is also in my class now."
Qing Qing is a schoolmate from HQ's previous school. Looks like Qing Qing changed school as well. HQ has been telling us "I will marry Qing Qing when I grow up." *rolls eyeballs* *slap forehead* *sweat*
(I am VERY tempted to put up her photos here, BUT I must practice restrain.)

"Koh Soon Yi has a big water bottle."

"Yiet Ling wears spectacles in class. But when we go to PE, she don't wear anymore."

"Kai Lin... this Kai Lin is another Kai Lin, not the Kai Lin-Kai Wen Kai Lin."
Kai Lin and Kai Wen are twin girls from his previous school.


"How come all your friends are girls?"

"Oh, got boys also. Chong Ju Fan shares biscuits with me." :-)

"Jaden... Kelvin... didn't give me anything. But we all play together."

a fight
"I fight with a boy in school today"
"Because I want to go in a room, my friends all say cannot go... so we fight. But we play-play fight only, nobody get hurt. Nobody cry." *grin*


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mNhL said... lots of stories to listen bout school. I like it! At least mummy knows what is happening.

2ma said...

he comes back & tell you so many things ah!!! so nice!!!

Mommy Ling said...

Wow..3 bowls of mee hoon.Must be very yummy,ya. Great, at least u know how is he copping in the school,rite.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...he is a very smart and observant boy. HE knows a lot of things.

Cynthia said...

glad that he likes school... and making lots of friends ya.. :D

Vivianz said...

So nice that he likes school... I am still struggling... argh!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Reading this puts a big smile on my face :-) He's so innocently cute haha!

slavemom said...

With his many stories, u wil know wat's happening in sch. N who his frens are.
Ei? How come got bone in pre-schoolers' porridge? Gotta chk with the sch leh.

smallkucing said...

Looks like he likes school very much :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Boey Joey, very interesting read of your kid in school. Gosh, eating 3 bowls? Ha ha.
Have fun, BJ, kids grow up fast.
Best regards, Lee.

lil' bulb said...

He act likes reporter.... report every thing to you. Good, at least you know what's happenning around.

Broccoli Ginger said...

wow.. HQ is good at telling you what happened in pre-school. :)

Pauline Perh said...

Hahaha... the conversations are so cute!!!

BoeyJoey said...

mNhL, 2ma, lil' bulb, Broccoli Ginger: He's a chatter-box like that :-)

Mommy Ling, Uncle Lee: Think the 2nd and 3rd bowls are not full la...:-)

Mummy Gwen: He's a kehpohche :-)

Cynthia: Used to chose friends in his previous school... sigh... now he's more acceptable to other kids :-)

Vivianz: I hope his enthusiasm lasts! And hey, thanks for dropping by :-)

ChloeRuoyi: Haha

slavemom: Already told the teacher, but they told us they use breast meat wor... Dunno which one is right :-( Anyway, as long as he knows how to pick out bones (if there is), we ask him to be extra careful :-)

smallkucing: Yes, he does :-)

Pauline Perh: :-)


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