Saturday, February 6, 2010

my first time sewing zipper

finally, i made something for myself! *big grin*

a zipper boxy case. nice or not? :-) it's also my first time sewing zipper... luckily, it was not as scary i thought it would be :-). i love the tab at the zip closure... and the happy hippo print from Ikea :-) i lined it with a polka-dot fabric; also a happy print!

so, what do i put inside? yes, 2 skeins of yarn and a crochet needle. since i've completed this project, i have this bunlde inside my bag, which i fish it out now and then when i have the time to crochet a flower or two :-). © Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. Originally published for All images and text cannot be republished without express written permission.


mommy to chumsy said...

wow, very nice. the fabric is lovely. i think you can sell these things :D

smallkucing said...

why scared leh? My sewing the zipper not as nice as you.Mine bengkang bengkok one :p

ChloeRuoyi said...

It's very nice :-) I like this Ikea's cute hippo fabric too.

the little prince said...

so nice!! love your new 'toys'!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Very nice. Well Done!. I like the Ikea fabric. Quite pricey hor. I always wanted to make a boxy pouch. I've never sewn a zipper before too..hehe.

CH Voon said...

look great!

suitable use for lady or girls.

for boy like me... hehehehe

Alice Phua said...

Nice handicraft! Has a very homely look and feel to it! You must be very proud of your hasil tangan (I will be too if I'm in your shoes)! :-)

lil' bulb said...

Green is nice and cool, I like it so much.

My Botang said...

wow, so neat.. and the case looks adorable with the cute hippo :D i remember sewing my first zipper as well, it was not as bad as i had thought it would be.. (but i still avoid zipper projects..hehehe)

A Mom's Diary said...

Nice casing, and the green hyppo print is so refreshing.

aniza said...

for 1st timer on zipper, it's really great! keep working gal!

Mommy Ling said... cute the Hippo. So envy to see when moms doing sewing project, cos i cant even do a nice stitch.

BoeyJoey said...

mommy to chumsy: Thanks for the lovely comment. Don;t know if people want to buy or not :-)

smallkucing: I used safety pins to pin the zipper and fabric before sewing to keep them in place :-)

ChloeRuoyi: I love Ikeas fabric; sturdy and very interesting prints... but pricey :-)

the little prince: I love it too :-)

Mummy Gwen: I like many of Ikea's fabric; the prints are usually very bold. Ya, pricey hor :-)

CH Voon: For boys also can la... but put different things inside la... can be a nice pencil case :-)

Alice Phua: Thanks for the lovely comment :-). I just hope I have more time in my hands :-)

lil' bulb: I like this shade of green... very refreshing :-)

My Botang: Thanks :-). I've avoided sewing zipper so far... hahaha. Guess form now on, I'll try more zippers :-)

A Mom's Diary: :-)

aniza: Thank you, aniza! I used lots of safety pins to hold the zipper and fabric together before i sew. Glad that you drop by :-)

Mommy Ling: When I bought my sewing machine, it sat in my storeroom unopen for many months (fear). I also started with no lessons whatsoever. But after awhile you'll get the hang of it. Even though I'm still a novice sewer, sewing is not all that hard... you can sew well too if you practice! :-)

reanaclaire said... pandai one, pei yi!

Serene said...

Nice pouch.. You're so talented in sewing!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am sure I will buy the pencil case if I am still schooling now:-)

Horlic said...

Wow, you are great. Nice work


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