Tuesday, February 9, 2010

caught by surprise

Kids are kids. They have their sweet moments and once in awhile, they have their hair-pulling moments too. But again, kids can forgive and forget easily, so we just take it as part and parcel of growing up :-).

I was surprised by both my kids the other day. HQ for biting QQ (gasped!!! not the other way round leh!) and QQ for her respond.

And so… HQ bit QQ. Popo came with the cane, made him apologise, and promise not to do that again. HQ apologized and sayang-ed his meimei back. QQ stopped crying and all was well again.

Later when Gong gong came home, QQ, being extra manja (Malay: pampered) with her Gong gong (in fact, she manjas with everyone) told her Gong gong the earlier incident (telltale!):

QQ: Gong gong, koko bite me.
Gong gong: What?

Gong gong went to the storeroom and came out with a pair of pliers. Gong gong approached HQ, pliers hiding behind his back.

Gong gong: HQ, did you bite meimei?
HQ : *nodded* But popo scold me already and I say sorry to meimei.

Gong gong revealed the pliers and said: If you bite meimei again, I am going to pluck your teeth with these pliers.

HQ stared at Gong gong with huge eyes *gulped*

And QQ?

She gave a LOUD bawl, held on to Gong gong’s hand and cried:

QQ: NO, Gong gong!!! If you pluck koko’s teeth, how koko going to eat food?!? How koko going to eat porridge?!? WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

HAHAHAHA! When I heard this from mum, I LOL!

So! Being a little 2.5 year old cheeky girl who snatches and screams, QQ has a soft spot for her koko too! :-D

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mommy to chumsy said...

awww....how sweet of mei mei. she really adores her kor kor :D

Mommy Ling said...

Hahah..the Gong Gong so cheeky too..i can imagined how he holds the pliers and said wanna plug HQ's teeth..really so cute..LOL

smallkucing said...

Really love to see both of them so caring towards each other :D

Kancilbiru said...

haha...they still love each other so much....:)

Broccoli Ginger said...

hahaha.. QQ is so cute! I wonder whether my girl will be the same like QQ. Her bro is her idol. Whatever he does, she laughs/giggles.. whenever he gives her water, she will drink. But not others... Hmm.. I am wondering and waiting to see.. hehe...:)

Alice Phua said...

Poor Koko - kena reprimand 2nd time pulak for the same mistake. And the meimei's response is very touching! :-)

wenn said...

she's so cute.

Mummy Gwen said...

What an unexpected answer from QQ. She really loves her kor kor alot. How sweet.

Annie Q said...

so sweet of QQ, sayang her brother a lot. Gong gong so cute also, can come out with this idea. hahahhahaha

A Mom's Diary said...

Haha..I like HQ's response to gong gong, "But popo scold me already".


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