Thursday, March 18, 2010


I better say something to salvage hubby's position as the "18 hou Papa" or before he becomes so sad and can't sleep for a week... Hahaha

OK la... my kids are actually very fond of their Papa. They love playing together and hanging around with their Papa; watching teevee, washing cars, having meals, many more! Even when he works on his lappie at home, they love to play around him. But kids being kids, they are very direct in their words la... and therefore saying things that they do not realise may hurt their Papa. When Papa is away for work overseas, they miss him a lot ma... so hubby, don't be sad ya... :-).

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Sherry said...

hi joey, need help contest ends on 12mid today thur

its based on points.

Alice Law said...

LOL, how sweet your kids are...

My kids are only clingy to me, they prefer me over their papa... except when go outing or buying toys! :p

Mummy Gwen said...

Papa's heart melted already now. ^_^


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