Thursday, March 25, 2010


Instead of rushing to finish up his brekkie, getting dressed and finally shouting "Quick mama, I'll be late for school!" like he always did, nowadays HQ has been dawdling. A lot.

Dilly-dally and giving hundreds of reasons why he shouldn't go to school *sigh*

I'm having stomachache
I'm having headache
I'm not feeling well
I want to poo poo
(but didn't)
I'm still hungry
I want to finish my homework first
(referring to his unfinished school books from his previous kindy)
I don't like the food in school

And this morning, he held on to the front gate (with both hands and legs with "ngan sap sap" (pitiful) expression), refusing to leave for school. When I asked him why is he not liking school, he told me he doesn't like his teachers anymore. They shout a lot.
"Are they shouting at you?" I asked.
He answered "No... They just shout at everyone to go in, to eat, to do this, to do that..."

So... should I feedback to the teachers not to shout so much? *sigh*

The thing is, his teachers' feedback is he stopped fussing the moment we left him in school. And when his Popo goes to fetch him home, he is very relunctant to leave his school.

He will be doing his homework and tell his Popo "I must finish my homework first."
He will be reading one of the books from the shelf and declare "I want to finish reading this book first"
He will be playing blocks with the kids
He will be watching teevee with the kids
He will be sharing biscuits with his friends
and tells his Popo to come back and fetch him later...

And he will ring me up sounding very cheerful and happy, announcing to me what he did in school and what homework he's doing at the moment. He does sound like he likes school... so... why didn't he want to go to school these few mornings?

Nowadays - very difficult to get him to go to school, and very difficult to fetch him back from school.

My funny boy... what's up eh?

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nizaa said...

maybe he wants to stay with his sister...i guess..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Boey Joey, maybe some kids teasing or bullying him? I don't think its the teacher....suspect it could be some kids teasing him or something.
As its unusual he suddenly reluctant to go to school.

Why not you go fetch him half hour early and observe when school finishes? Might learn why.
Just my thoughts.
By the way, if free pop over, have something about kids...might give you a clue too.
Best regards, Lee.

smallkucing said...

Thinking back to when i was a kid..i alsolikethat. Always reluctant to go to school. Coz want to sleep some more, thinking of the coming homework that the teacher will give and or maybe the test/quiz that will happen on that day. Scared wont be able to answer and kena rotan.

But when arrive at school will be alright already coz the rest of my schoolmates are with me and they are also scared of the quiz.

CH Voon said...

this is symptom of growing up gua.

just the reason he decline go to school - use for ask him back from school

and use the reason he decline back to home for ask him go to school gua

2ma said...

maybe u should "spy" on him quietly... observing him from far without him knowing??? there must be something bothering him that makes him feel this way???

Broccoli Ginger said...

Hmm.. i guess he likes to stay at home.. My boy too.. cried this morning.. n told me today no school.

MommyAngel said...

very difficult to get him to go to school, and very difficult to fetch him back from school. <<=== Hhmmm, only himself would know. Maybe he did likes his school a lot but just some tiny little stuffs which irritates him which makes him think twice before going to school and when he is there, he thinks that it's 'not that bad' at all?? But I am glad that he is still willing to attend school :)

mNhL said...

har...scratching head. Love and hate school at the same time. Maybe he does not want to wake up early in the morning? Maybe just a phase? I think talk to the teacher will be better to find out how your boy is doing in school . maybe can get some clue.

Mommy Ling said...

Every morning my gal also giving me some kind of excuse...heheh..

Yea..getting kids to school nowadays so hard...

Mummy Gwen said...

Something must have happened in class. But HQ can express himself very well. If he says the teachers shout at the kids then this prob susah to solve eh. Before this the teachers don't shout meh?

slavemom said...

I guess kids r like that. A lot of funny funny antics. hehehe Think bath time. Vy difficult to get the kiddo to bathe. Then vy difficult to get him out of the bathroom once he's finished. :D

My Botang said...

I think this happens from time to time with almost every kid.. My girl (who can win award for being the drama queen) had me all worried all sick the first sem of her 1 grade.. she would say something similar to what your boy has been saying before heading out the door, and she even called once or twice from school in tears asking me to come see her at school (i teach at the same school once a week), but when I do go see her, she is happily running around with her friends and had even forgotten she called me.. what i did was plan non-academic activities for the family and include her in the planning and deciding.. so she has something to look forward to the weekend.. i think kids like us get burned-out with routines.. they might just need some time-out..


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