Friday, April 30, 2010

Love World, Love Sloggi

What do I love about the world? Too many... I love living and I love where I'm living. To make it clearer, I'll break it down to 4 main favourite categories:

1. Beautiful people
2. Fashion
3. Comfort & Pampering
4. Reuse, Reduce & Recycle

1. I love Beautiful people
~ Cute kiddos... love mine especially ^.^
~ My close knit family ~ My friends
Old friends, new friends, colleagues, and of course my bloggie pals that we "meet" everyday in the bloggie world!

~ Models
What more can I say, I just love beautiful people, and we can't deny that models are beautiful.
Look at these chicks... they're as hot as the Sloggi Love World lingerie they're modelling! *wink*

~ And of course people with beautiful hearts. I sincerely think everyone is beautiful in his* own way, be it his generosity, kindness, sincerity, friendliness, patience, wisdom, etc.

2. I love Fashion
~ Shoes... a girl can never have too many pairs! (I hope my hubby agrees with me :-S) ~ Bags... a bag for each outfit! Dream! ~ Dresses... I love dresses; full stop.
~ And of course the most important, Fondation Wear to help make us look good - quality lingerie! Don't you just love the look of these Sloggi Love World lingerie? Yummy colours, modern designs , perfect fit and oh-so-in!

3. I love Comfort and Pampering
~ Spa and facial
~ Manicure and pedicure
~ Comfortable lingerie
I want to stress that this is so so so important. Being the closest to my skin (and the most intimate areas of my body), I would definitely want comfortable lingerie with perfect fit and great support! And that undoubtedly has to be Sloggi Love World lingerie.

4. The fact that we can Reuse, Reduce & Recycle
Considering that we had done enough harm to the Mother Earth, I love that we are able to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle many materials. This practice should start as early as possible with our next generation. What I love:

~ My best birthday present
My teachings had been rewarded when my 4 year old son drew this card for me during my previous birthday celebration. True to his reusing spirit, instead of using new coloured papers, he drew my card on a recycled paper. I am so proud of him. This was my best birthday present :-).

~ Refashioning clothes
Anyone who has read my blog long enough knows that I often refashion clothes for my kiddos. The reasons I refashion old clothes to be reused again are:
1. to preserve the sentimental values;
2. to save money for buying new clothes; and
3. to reuse what we already have AND to reduce waste, which is of course, the most important one.

My recent work was a surgery on an old pair of khaki pants belonging to my 1st kiddo.

~ Sloggi Love World lingerie
Sloggi Love World garment is made from 90% Polyester (yarn material is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles) 10% Elastane. This piece of information really surprised me. I mean, when I recycled my son's pants, I am adding a lot more new materials to the end product. So, learning that 90% of each Sloggi Love World garment is made from recycled materials really bowled me over.
What I am very impress with Sloggi Love World is unwanted PET bottles can be recycled into something so feminine, fashionable, comfortable and beautiful. Reuse, Reduce & Recycled... Sloggi has fully encapsulate this into their Sloggi Love World lingerie!

From my 4 main favourite categories above, I noticed that Sloggi Love World lingerie is in each and every category! Shall I now declare that Sloggi Love World lingerie is my new found PET?? (PUN not intended). Yes! I LOVE SLOGGI! ^o^

Love World, Love Sloggi is brought to you by Nuffnang & Sloggi.

* picture source: own collection, Sloggi and good old Google.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HQ's 2nd sports day

This would be HQ's second sports day. First one was documented here.

We were required to arrive at the venue super early. To my surprise, HQ was the earliest to wake up and he woke us all up with his excited chattering. Boy, he does love Sports Day :-).

A 4-paged leaflet was given out to parents, which was equipped with Sports Programme, School Committee and get this, a Sports Pledge *whistle* The Kindy Song and National Athem was sung, as well as a recital of the Sports Pledge.

Some warming up for the kids.And then the events started! The first event was the 100m race for 6 year olds, then 5 year olds, followed by the 4 year olds.

Here, HQ represented his Red team waiting to compete with other 5 year olds. HQ is always the tallest among his peer everywhere we go, so I was fairly surprised to find that there's one boy who is actually taller than him, by half a head! :-). HQ finishing his 100m race, with a gleeful grin, very confident that he's one of the first few to finish the line. But take a look at the little guy on the left... his shoe came off while he was sprinting! LOL! Poor chap!
Other events that HQ participated are - Hop With Me. Treasure Hunt... look at how he leapt over the treasure box instead of running around it.And the 10m x 6 relay. In excitement, his teacher ran along with him (on the right)... hahaha, so cute :-). And all through the events, HQ got the support of his little cheerleader :-) " KOKO!!! JIA YOU!!! JIA YOU!!! JIA YOU!!! "And at the finishing line, she got reunited with her koko :-)So how many throphies did HQ bring home?
Good job, HQ, we are mighty proud of you :-D. One snapshot with the Kindy Principal. In retrospective, I think the teacher committee did very well in organising the event. They took the time to have a real rehearsal with the kids 2 weeks beforehand, practice with the kids thoroughly, and they even thought about giving out cakes and seaweed sachets to the kids on that day.

They also took an extra step into providing many story books for the kids to read, while they waited for their turns to compete/ to receive throphies. Great teachers, aren't they? And lastly, they got my admiration for even having thought about this...














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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a photo tag

I have been tagged by Barbara of Chumsy Ashley and Alice of Adventures of Juan Or for this assignment. This is the first time I am tagged :-).

This is how the tag goes - The person who is tagged will have to look for the first photo folder according to Picasa or hard drive and then select the 10th photo, blog about the story behind the photo and tag 5 others. Sounds fun, huh? :-)

My hard disk dated back to 2004, the year hubby and I got married. The first folder was our trip to Bangkok. And the 10th photo is a very dark shot of me at the pedestrian bridge the morning after we arrived.
For this trip, we visited many temples and parks, shopped for souvenirs at Chacuchak and the floating market; and went berserk with the many spicy local food. We even walked the night streets of the most sleazy part of town, Silom! :-D

The rice with one fried egg that we ate from a hawker outside the National Museum was one of the most memorable and delicious meal that we had, and it only cost 1 Baht per serving! We took the Sky train, taxi and public bus. It was raining season and we walked under the rain... kinda romantic :-).

We also visited one of hubby's friends in Bangkok... Liang, if you are reading this, Kelvin and I wish you happiness and good health! :-). And one of hubby's friend, Jew, brought us to a beautiful garden restaurant where we ate the most delicious Thai food. We were so thankful for their hospitalities :-).

OK, now for the tag, I would like to tag the following mummies:
1. ChloeRuoyi
2. Mummy Gwen
3. 2ma
4. LilHyppo's Hypopotamum
5. Mummy Ling

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Monday, April 26, 2010

what motherhood means to me...

... lots of unconditional love, hugs and kisses
... lots of merriment, squels and laughter
... lots of laundry of cute little clothes

... being puked at, being peed at, being pooed at
... ample opportunities to look at another person's buttocks without their permission
... nagging, yelling and "rotan time" is part and parcel

... putting up a brave smile eventhough i'm scared to my wits!
... tormented by the pain that my kid had to go through
... having "kiddos' unfinished food" as a fixed item on my menu

... stuffing rubbish into my pocket so that my kiddos will not see me littering
... going ahead with a decision, knowing that it's not the wisest, but it's the best for baby
... staring at my sleeping kiddos and thinking how blessed i am

... getting stares from the nasi lemak uncle and many other "hamsap" people, only to find out later that my littliest one has stuck 2 upside-down dino stickers on my left bosom *smiles*
... thinking that the best smelling people in the world are my sticky and sweaty kiddos
... feeling on top of the world when my kiddos declared i'm their favourite person in the whole wide world :-)

and that sums up what motherhood means to me. ask me 10 years later, and you may get this in the list - "confusion" - me, not them! :-D.

so what does motherhood mean to you?

in conjunction to Mother's Day, this hot mummy is having a contest on "What Motherhood Means to You". Visit her blog to find out more :-).

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

new haircuts

The kids had their haircuts last weekend. HQ's was done at an Indian barber, QQ was DIY-ed (fringe trimmed the previous week, the rest done last weekend... helmet hair! haha!).

When I asked the kids to pose for the camera, QQ gleefully grin while proudly showcasing the Vitagen she's holding, and HQ balanced himself in this yoga pose in his attempt to imitate a praying mantis.

I'm sure when they see this picture on Papa's laptop tonight, they will guffaw in delight and unceasingly tease each other. Merriment and laughter :-). But what happens when they see this goofy picture 10 years later published on the same blog? I think they'll kill me... LOL!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

pretend games

The kids were playing outside while I was in the kitchen. I called the kids to come in and take their vitamin C. HQ rushed in; QQ still in the living room.

Mama: Where is meimei?
HQ: Nevermind, I take for her. She can't come.
Mama: Why not?
HQ: *in a whisper* Shhh... we're playing pretend!
*then loudly exclaimed* Quick, I need to go and rescue my wife! I think she's in trouble! *running off*


Wife? In trouble?

Turned out they were playing police and thief. HQ was the policeman, and QQ the policegirl. They're husband and wife. QQ was kidnapped by the baddies and HQ being the good policeman (and husband) has to go and rescue her.

*slap forehead*


I was minding the house chores when I saw HQ trying to carry QQ. Gasp!!! I quickly stopped them, and found out later why they were contemplating to do that...

They were pretending that HQ was the owner of a pet rabbit. Apparently, the kids knew about toilet-training their pet, and HQ being the responsible owner was trying to carry his pet to the loo to relieve herself. So yeah, QQ got to be the pet rabbit.


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Monday, April 19, 2010

2 hours of peace and quiet

that is, if HQ decides to nap too (which is very very rare!)

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Friday, April 16, 2010

back-dated post: 10 April 2010

We celebrated hubby's birthday on 10 April 2010. As hubby was leaving for Dubai the next day on a very early morning flight, he preferred that we have a very simple celebration. (He's on the flight home now! :-D)

So, we had a REALLY simple one. Can't call it a celebration actually, just some quality time together :-).

Breakfast was the usual; porridge for kids and noodles for us. The kids then enjoyed Astro Boy (their fave movie at the moment) with Papa. For lunch, I wanted to treat hubby to a scrumptious meal in a nice restaurant near our house, but he went ahead and asked the kids what would they like to have. So, we went ahead with the kids' choice... yes, you guessed right... Mc D :-).

Look how happy they are? :-D We went right back home after lunch to enjoy more tv, some reading and we also trimmed QQ's fringe. How boring are we? LOL!

For dinner, I cooked hubby's favourite fried chicken which was marinated earlier with paprika, ground black pepper, Mc Cormicks' chicken seasoning, mixed herbs, a dash of tobasco and Worcheshire sauce, and an egg. It was crispy and yummy :-D. For the kids, there's steamed fish and steamed egg with ground pork (all steam one?). There's hubby's favourite "char choy", ribs with dried longan and wolfberries soup (this was HQ's portion in the picture) and blanched organic broccoli for all. After dinner and night baths for the kids, we went out for cakes at Secret Recipe (kids in their pajamas ready for bed!). I didn't want to bring home unfinished cake, which will undoubtedly ended up in my tummy, so we order only 2 slices - Black Forest (HQ wanted the cherry *shake head*) and Hazelnut Cheese (my favourite at the moment!)
The kids wanted these... not for eating, not for cake decoration but for playing *shake head* Kiddos and their Papa :-). HQ hijacked my appricot and orange slush, and QQ loved the hot chocolate too much to even bother with the cakes. Hubby too preferred his coffee. They ate very little cakes. In the end, who ate the most? Mama lo... cham, sure will grow fatter :-(. Whose birthday can be more simple than this? LOL! I felt like something is missing from this birthday, but hubby assured me that that's what he wanted... just a lazy day with me and the kids :-).

So guess who's the happiest on that day? The kids, of course :-D. But if they had known earlier that their Papa will be going overseas again, they wouldn't enjoy their Mc D as much :-).

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My Dad (Gong Gong) thinks that QQ is a very innocent child (he often passes that comment). Though cheeky and witty in her everyday speech and gestures, the moment she smiles or giggles, Dad will forget all her naughtiness :-D.

Does she look innocent to you? :-) When she smiles like this, all her faults are forgotten...
Her shrug and smile tell us that "I'm innocent"...
Okay la, here she looks keypo (busybody) but still looks innocent :-) I think if this picture has a name, it'll be "Innocence" Now take a look at this...
. Fuiyoh... 360 degrees change from the piccies above! Looks like an emo teenager waiting to crash a party, right! The glare, the pout, that stance! LOL!

I'm already feeling anxious about her looming teenage years! Wish me luck...

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

heart attack at work...

I received a call from home yesterday. A call from my 4+ year old son. In his panic voice he shouted:

Mama! Meimei fell down! Lots of blood everywhere! On her t-shirt, on her shorts, on the floor… EVERYWHERE!!! Mama, quickly come home!!!

And in the background I heard my mum yelling to the part-time maid to bring more handkerchiefs! Luckily I also heard QQ bawling her lungs out. (If there’s no crying, I’d have freak out)

HQ was also yelling on the phone, but I could not make out what he said in the midst of the chaos. My mind was speeding on the highway, imagining the worst…

Then the phone went dead…

I tried to dial back, but the line was engaged. After 3 tries, I gave up. I waited for about 10 minutes, which seemed like eternity, then Mum called me back.

Turned out that HQ slammed down the phone earlier to go and help his Popo. And the phone was not placed correctly.

Is meimei alright?
Mum: I think so… (sounded more like “I hope so”)
Me: How did she fall?
She just woke up from her afternoon nap and walked to the living room. I went to get a cup of water for her when I heard her crying very loudly. I think she tripped and bit her upper lip. She bled soooooo much. Blood was everywhere! Her clothes and 3 handkerchiefs were soaked with blood!

So, HQ didn’t exaggerate…

Is she ok now?
She has stopped crying, and the bleeding seemed to have lessened a lot. I think she’s okay.
Do you think she needs stitches?
Hah? Don’t scare me ok! Aiyo… I don’t know whether she needs stitches or not! Let me see, let me see!

See? How not to panic?

After about 1 minute of mumbling and meimei protesting, Popo came back and reported:

Stopped bleeding already wor… I think no need to stitch gua…

Phew! Relieved…

Later that evening, when I got back from work, meimei came to the door and greeted me like usual. I saw that her upper lip was swollen, and the cut though deep didn’t need any stitching. Thank goodness! She being the champ, did complained that it’s painful to eat, but polished her meals and drank her milk like usual. No problems at all! And no fuss at all! What a brave little gal :-D.

This shot was taken this morning... the swell had reduced and can see that it's healing. (C) Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. originally published for All images and text cannot be republished without expressed written permission.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

happy birthday, hubby

Today is my hubby's birthday. We have been celebrating his birthday together for more than 10 years now! Wow... how time flies! Yes, I've known my man for that long and everyday I still feel there's a lot more about him for me to discover! Either he's bloody good at giving me surprises or I'm a darn lousy sniffer. Either way, I'm glad :-).

He's the greatest Papa in this whole wide world who loves our kiddos to bits (I know there's many great dads out there, but on this special day, I'm allowed to be biased!). I appreciate his patience with me, always lending a hand whenever he sees me needing it. Still cooking breakfast for me every Sunday morning; although simple, they're yummy! And little things that he does like remembering to bring my lappie into my car, making sure I have a fresh bottle of water in my car every morning, squeezing toothpaste on my toothbrush morning and night...

And for putting up with my ridiculous obsession with fabric. Gosh, I am lucky! :-D.

Happy birthday, honey!

* picture was taken exactly one year ago.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

this happens...

when koko falls asleep before meimei :-).

Whenever the kids get hold of stickers, they will be bestowing stickers to each other, "I-stick-on-you, you-stick-on-me" manner. Save the best and biggest for last. It's one of their actions of affection :-).

So here, meimei is trying to say "I love you" to her sleeping koko :-).

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