Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cheap thrills

QQ latest game is playing pretend. Not the usual pretend of being a royal queen, a tame rabbit or Tinkerbell. These days, she gets the trills pretending to be a grown up... a naughty grown up :-S.

And we, as actual grown up, get pulled into her little game as well. But of course, she gets to be the "director" on our speech. *roll eyeballs*

A typical planned conversation goes like this:

QQ: Mama, say *gasp*
Mama: *gasp*
QQ: *giggle* Say "Don't drink beer, don't drink beer!!!"
Mama: Don't drink beer, don't drink beer!!!
QQ: *giggle and proceed to drink her "beer"*
QQ: *grin* Now say "Oh my gosh!!!"
Mama: Oh my gosh!
QQ: *giggle gleefully*

Sometimes her "Don't drink beer, don't drink beer!" is replaced with
"Don't eat chilli, don't eat chilli!!"
or "Don't smoke, don't smoke!!!"
or "Don't drink coffee, don't drink coffee!!"
or "Don't drive so fast, don't drive so fast!!!"


But everytime, the conversation ends with her pretending doing just the opposites.

Is this purely for fun or does this means she has some rebellious streaks in her? Or am I being too analytical?

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Cynthia said...

so cute of her.. I think she is just want come 'action' going on... another phase of her 'pretend' and also, at least she knows the 'final' part of doing the adverse..

reanaclaire said...

how cute!! when i was young, i played "Big Family" with my neighbours, all of us pretended to be father, mother, abang, kakak.. so nowadays kids play these... :p better to play this than on the pc all the time, yes?

Wonderful Life said...

she's so cute... :)

smallkucing said...

Then if say Dont go to sleep, dont go to sleep...?

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahahahhahaa...this is so much fun eh? she's so cute :D

wenn said...

cheeky but cute!

Ann said...

hahaha....think too much!!! I have that problem too.

Maybe at this stage it is fun....but keep a check out when it does get rebellious!

Mother's instinct is the BEST!

coffeesncookies said...

really cute. at this age, they like to imitate our speech.. and pretend to talk like an adult.. but be careful that she don't learn to scold like an adult. Mine did.

mNhL said...

she is so cute.....and good bonding time.

BoeyJoey said...

Cynthia: That's the problem... she likes to do the naughty actions. Hmm... hope she doesn;t grow up being rebellious.

reanaclaire: I played Big Family too! Haha, we same era one :-). Yes, better than playing pc.

Wonderful Life: :-)

smallkucing: Tried. tak jadi one :-(

Mommy to Chumsy: Hee hee

BoeyJoey said...

wenn: Oh yes, she's really cheeky :-).

Ann: Yes, I think too much. Says my hubby, mum and everyone else :-).

coffeesncokies: Oh yes, she did learn to scold like an adult. More like learnt it from her korkor. But coming out from her mouth + her expressions, it's so much cuter! Hahaha

mNhL: Yup yup :-)


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