Thursday, May 20, 2010

"where is the north pole?"

my soon to be 5 year old asked me.

HQ : Where is the North Pole?
Mama: Ummm... you know the globe? The world? North Pole is right on top.
HQ: How to go to North Pole?
Mama: You can take the cruise or ship. Or you can board a plane to fly there. The plane will fly across many countries - China, Mongolia, Canada and Greenland before reaching there. (Note to self: go check accuracy later!)

HQ: The God stay in the North pole?
(Now, where did he get that?)

Mama: God? No, Eskimos stay at the North Pole.
HQ: Then, where the god stay oh?
Mama: God is invisible. We can't see him.
HQ: But where the God stay?
Mama: Ummm... maybe in the outer space (Gosh! Why did I say that???)
HQ: Where is outer space?
Mama: Outer space is out of this world. In the orbit. Where there's others planets, the sun, and stars.
HQ: Floating? Like a(an) astronout?
Mama: Ummm... yeah, maybe. But I'm really not sure.

And so, he sat on his own frowning and definitely thinking. After a short while he came back and said:

HQ: I think God is everywhere. He is invisible; we cannot see him. But when people need help, God will quickly fly over, "wooosh! like that" and help them.


Now, what I really like about him:
- he knows I'm unsure so he did not redicule my answers, and he did not press further
- he came up with his own conclusion, which I think is fitting
- and because he too was unsure, he said "I think" :-)

But what he's sure of is, God is mighty and powerful, and looks over us :-).

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smallkucing said...

Go north pole have to ride a reindeer :p

mNhL said...

clap clap clap....impress with HQ's Q & A.

reanaclaire said...

His answer is very correct! God always love these little ones, He said they belong to His kingdom Of Heaven.. :()

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Boey Joey, interesting conversation.
By the way, the namw, 'Eskimos' no longer in use, reason being it means, 'meat eaters' they are known as Inuits.
We are close to the North Pole, ha ha....
Best regards, Lee.

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Wow... at such a tender age, he is SMART!!

prince n princess mum said...

Oh! I like his conclusion!!! :)

Mummy Gwen said...

I like how he thinks. HQ is indeed an intelligent boy. Mummy, you did very well in the Q & A. :)


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