Tuesday, June 29, 2010

eating habit II

During our short break at Avilion last school holiday, we ordered a plate of fish & chips for the kids to share for lunch. This was after their play at the swimming pool and we reckoned they will be hungry after the exercise.

While HQ was looking disinterested, QQ was chomping away... Looking at her eating, I feel like having a plate of fish & chips right now... YUM! When she had finished her share, she didn't mind nibbling on her korkor's share :-). Which means 60% of the dish is kau-timmed by her. LOL!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

a little science experiment

The other day when I was cleaning out my kitchen drawers, I discovered many of my baking goods have expired... cocoa powder, soda bicarbonate, baking powder, and a brand new pack of chocolate chips. Sigh... that shows how often I bake :-(. I love baking but just too lazy could not find the time and energy.

So hubby saw me throwing out these items and he snatched the soda bicarbonate up. I was wondering what he's going to do with it. He excused himself and drove off with HQ; said he wanted to get something from the neighbourhood grocery store.

They came back with a small bottle of vinegar, and proceeded to the store room to rummage for more things, while talking excitedly. QQ was there too... just to enjoy the excitement.

They then went to the car porch; QQ following them like a puppy. Hubby set my old saucepan on the floor, looped off the top of an empty plastic bottle, and set this up with the help of ciplak playdough, which was already drying up. The kids were never allowed to play with these, as I'm not sure about its toxicity. They have their own set of safe Playdough to play with.
By now, everyone would have guessed what they are up to, right? ;-) I was hoping that the expired bicarbonate would still work.

Hubby threw rocks of bicarbonate soda into the opening of the bottle... And poured in some vinegar.
Bubbles started foaming very quickly...
a "volcano" has errupted! "Lava" flowing down the sides... would be cool if we added some red colouring. Simple experiment. But the kids were entertained enough :-).

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

"no rice when having fever"

I often hear this advice from the old folks - "don't give your children rice when they are having fever". Best to take bread or noodles. The old folks said it's because rice or porridge will fuel the fever.

I never understand the rationale behind this and previously, I gave porridge to my kids when they're having fever. Until I saw the fever coming back again and again, right after having rice or porridge. Now, I'm a believer.

Last Sunday, when QQ was still recovering from her very stubborn fever, I gave her bread with cheese and fruit spread for breakfast. I cooked this for the kids for their lunch: pasta, panfried mayau fish and sieved ABC soup added with spinach. (that's QQ's impatient hand *shake head*)
Love this tiny shaped pasta with ridges... tiny and cute!
QQ's serving.
We went out for Father's Day dinner and she had only the dishes minus the rice. While waiting for our food to arrive, she had a slice of bread. This is how she ate her bread... made a hole in the middle and stuck her thumb in... nibbled nibbled nibbled around the edges of the bread till she reached her thumb :-). Have you heard of such advice from the old folks - no rice when having fever? My only explanation is, I think it's because rice is a complex carbo and requires more energy to digest, thus raising the body temperature. And bread and pasta are alright for fever being simple carbo and easier to digest. Is it true?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

heart attack II

QQ's measurements on 18th June 2010:
Age: 2 years 10 months old
Height: 100.5 cm
Weight: 15.7 kg

Last Friday, QQ was complaining about having a headache and was lethargic the whole morning. And when mum discovered that she had high temperature at 2pm, hubby and I quickly rushed home from work to bring her to see the Pead. Worse was, we thought her knock on the head that morning could have something to do with the headache and lethargy. (QQ's and HQ's heads knocked together while playing :-S. HQ was ok though).

On the way there, she projectile-vomited and soiled her carseat, the car and my skirt; her outfit was totally soaked. There was so much vomit *shudder*. She had a change of outfit; I didn't :-(.

While waiting to see the pead, we watched The Incredibles for awhile and she seemed to be back to her normal active self. When we met the Pead, he ensured us that that minor knock on the head should not be something serious. True, the headache, lethargy and vomit are symptoms of head injury, but in this case are most probably caused by a virus and totally unrelated. We just have to take care of the fever and keep watch. *relief*

While yakking away, we heard this little missy guffawed loudly while covering her mouth with her hand. All of us looked at her in surprise and she exclaimed "I laugh(ed) because Doctor sound very funny!". So, she's back to her cheeky self :-).

We thanked the doctor and when I asked QQ to wave bye bye at the Pead, she whispered loudly "Doctor didn't give me anything one!!!"


The Pead laughed!

I was aghast!

Just for info:
The kiddos' usual Pead, Dr. Lim was on leave when we visited. So we seek consultation from the hospital's Pead in charge on that day, Dr. Tan. Dr. Lim always have little gifts for the kiddos when we visit, like stickers, little activity books or simple story books. So, QQ was expecting some gifts too when we visited Dr. Tan. Hahaha, no, she does not go around asking gifts from just anyone :-).

The little missy has recovered from fever and headache as of writing :-).

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i heart online shoping

My first online purchase was from a fellow mummy blogger, and I love shopping online since then. It's easy to browse online, make payment online and I receive my purchase right after that! No need to go through massive jams, pull my kids along (at the same time feeling guilty that I'm taking up their time - kiddos' time is also very precious, you know!), and then queue to make payment at the counter. All very time consuming!

Now I'm converted into an online shopper :-). Really hassle free and I can enjoy my sweet time browsing while sipping on my iced Coke :-).

I was just browsing for a dress to wear for my friend's engagement party next month. And I chanced upon this! By Irenelim Fashion! Doesn't it look so sweet and beautiful? I think this maxi dress will go very well with ankle boots, thick wooden bangles and some dangling earings. All so beautiful and feminine... i likey very much!

Besides having a wide range of beautiful outfits, I discovered that there's a free dress promotion running for bloggers too! Absolutely FREE brought to you by Irenelim Fashion! Click here for more information.
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teacher apreciation gifts

back-dated post: 4th May June 2010 (thanks, Mummy Chloe for pointing out! :-))

HQ's kindy celebrated Teacher's Day on 4th May June 2010, which was the last day of school before the 2 weeks school break started. Today is the first day of the new school term.

A day before Teacher's Day, mum called me at work to remind me to get something for the teachers and for the party. Oopppsss! I have totally forgotten about it; luckily mum called me to remind me :-S. So I have half a day to decide what to prepare... oh dear!

HQ has been telling his teachers that he will buy strawberries for them, so I thought, yeah... why not? Save me thinking of what to get them. During lunch, I went Daiso to shop. After work, I went to Isetan. All done in a rush.

I wanted to get Korean strawberries as they are sweeter, but can't find any at the fruits section this time. But I saw big, succulent strawbies from the States! I googled and found this photo... no kidding, they're that big (jakun).
Picture source: Google

I bagged them up and left them in the fridge... Cut and stamped some coloured papers for simple cards... And get HQ to write on them... he signed the cards with his name in both English and Mandarin. In the morning, we bagged them up. A simple gift for the teachers. Only cost me less than RM55 for 11 gifts... including for Popo and Gong gong; HQ said Popo is his Teacher too and Gong gong his Sifu :-). Ready to go! HQ was all smiles wishing his teachers Happy Teacher's Day with these simple little bags of goodies.
Coincidently, hubby just got back from Jakarta the day before and brought many packets of these sweets. Not too sweet and tasted genuine; I thought it's a good replacement for normal sweets. So we sent 3 packets of Milkita and 5 rolls of Tiger milk biscuits for HQ to bring to kindy (parents were asked to prepare snacks for 5 kids only).

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Monday, June 21, 2010

happy papa's day

HQ: 5y 1m old; QQ: 2y 11m old.

Last Sunday was Father's Day. As there was nothing from school to mark this occassion (Father's Day fell on the last day of school break; HQ starts his new term today), I gathered the kids for a simple project on that morning.

They were seated at their little table and were given a freehand to write or draw whatever on the art paper. I did not guide QQ and just let her scribble anything that she wants... here's an "A", a "1" and an "O". And she said she drew fishes, birds and flowers (I can't make those out :-)). QQ holds her pencil perfectly since very young, but I would say HQ draws and writes better (compare apple to apple at the same age). QQ, on the other hand, dances and sings very well :-).
Sad to say, HQ has lose interest in drawing long long time ago, and will not draw more than hearts and stars on this ocassion. And a flag. I really missed his drawings.HQ insisted on writing "Happy Papa Day" instead of Happy Father's Day. He also signed off with his name in both English and Mandarin. He wrote this too - "Papa is a gooD man"... made me laugh :-D.
Later in the evening, we ferried mum, dad and my brother and we ate at a newly opened restaurant in the neighbourhood. Food was nice and too hungry to remember to snap any piccie... so, here's the aftermath of what we had (fish, pork, veg, venison and tofu).
Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to hubby! And to all the fathers out there, Happy Belated Father's Day!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

i laughed at QQ's misfortunes

I laugh at my 2+ year old daughter, QQ's misfortunes :-S.

Not intentionally, but I just can't help myself! Well, they were heart attack moments when the incidents happened, but right after ensuring everything was fine, I would be giggling silly to myself.

Incident 1:
(this is back-dated)

We reached mum's place in the morning on weekdays, and it's often a mad rush getting HQ ready for kindy and us to work. Mum just got back from the market that morning and placed her produce on the floor at a corner. She went and clean herself while I attended to HQ.

Suddenly we heard a "prik prak chiah" sound followed by QQ's loud wailing. We quickly went over to her. She was holding a free-range egg in her hands, egg shell broken into a million pieces, and slimy egg dripping down from her hands.

What happened was she went and rummage mum's produce on the floor earlier, found a free-range egg and squeezed it broken. I quickly brought her to the toilet to clean her up. And while I was cleaning her, she was still wailing.

Mama: Meimei, it's ok. We're not angry with you, don't cry already, ok?
QQ: But the egg broken already! I kill(ed) the chicken already!!! Uwah uwah wah wah wah!!!

So that's what she's crying about! She thought that when she squeeze the egg, a fluffy little chick will hop out. Instead she found slimy gooey egg sliding through her fingers. She thought she had killed the chick! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Incident 2:

This incident happened when we were camping in mum's place last month. While I was having my dinner at the kitchen (ate at mum's house for a whole month while hubby was away!), the kids were playing at the living hall. HQ was cycling and QQ was on the sofa; jumping, clapping and cheering.

QQ: Koko, jia you jia you! Cycle quickly! Qucikly! Quickly!

Suddenly I heard a laud "pliak!!!". I turned my head and saw QQ lying on the floor, face down!

All of us quickly rushed to her... by the time we reached her, she had started blaring! I carried her and sat her on my lap, and all of us peered closely at her to check if she's alright.

"Where pain?!?!" we asked.
QQ: Uwah uwah uwah wah wah wah!!! Here... and here... *hand placed on her nose and mouth*
Mama: Head pain or not?
QQ: *shook head* Uwah uwah uwah wah wah wah

All of us gave sighs of relief.

So she fell flat down on her face, bruised her nose and graced her upper lip with her teeth. Thank God she didn't fall backwards and knock her head. Or fall on the glasstop table *shudder*

It was really a hair raising moment when the incident happened, but right after that I started giggling. Even as I'm typing this down, I'm actually... still giggling... *bad mama!*

Incident 3:

Again, while we were camping in mum's place, one night QQ wanted to pee, and so I brought her out of the room (no detached bathroom). HQ tagged along. All the lights were already switched off as it's already 11-ish. Yes, the kids slept quite late at mum's place, whereas in our home HQ would have knocked off by 9.30pm every night, and QQ by 10.30pm latest.

So after getting QQ to pee, we were washing our hands when a cockroach jumped out of nowhere and scurried to hide under the floor mat. I thought of telling mum later, as I myself is very afraid of cockroaches (hubby takes care of the roaches at home).

I was already on our way to our bedroom, when I realised the kids were near the floor mat, HQ using his feet to push the mat, trying to see if the cockroach was there. Just when I wanted to call the kids to come in, the cockroach left it's hidding place and... most unfortunately ran across QQ's feet. Arrggghhh!!!

QQ reflects was so quick! She ran to me, screaming and practically jumped up on me... hands and legs wrapped tightly around my knees. And wouldn't let go! Sobbing in fear... poor girl!

HQ was just so cool about it... hahaha! QQ held on to me so tightly that I had to pry off her hands and legs to carry her to have her feet washed in soap. She had calmed down by then. When we were later in our room, I had a good chuckle. I felt bad laughing at QQ's misfortune but it was really funny! You just have to be there to find the incident comical :-).

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


HQ calls his little sister "Phillybambee", a name he made up
in a very endearing way

QQ calls herself "Princess Pretty"
in a very perasan way
note: it's Princess Pretty and not the other way around; she said her new name is "Pretty"
*slap forehead*

QQ calls her Papa "Fatty Bom Bom"
while playfully jabbing her little fingers on his tummy
*note to self: never never to give her a chance to view my bare tummy*

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a short break (part 2)

Avilion Port Dickson: 6 - 8 June 2010

Continued from here (part one)
The pool
All set to go to the pool!
The kids luuuuurrrve the pool! Needless to say, HQ went nuts over the big slide, and went again and again. He played water guns, beach balls and just splash around with other kids in the pool. It was cute watching him conversing in a meddly of English, Mandarin and Malay with them :-). He was especially fond of a sweet 8 year old girl, Jia Qi :-). QQ needed a little time to warm up to the water, but once she's ok, she went on her own around the pool :-). I noticed that QQ likes little girls more than boys. She talked to little girls elder than her, and later was chatting with them like old friends :-D. With one girl, she asked her to "Come and play with me! Splash water on me la! Do it again!". With another, she was asking lots of questions about her arm floats :-).

QQ also slided down the slide with HQ seated behind her, holding her. After the first time, she beckoned HQ to the slide again "This is fun! Come on, kor kor, let's do it again!" Hubby and I laughed at her gutsiness :-D. After 2 times with HQ holding her, she went all on her own on the big slide. Countless times! Look at her grin!
My big girl, she's growing up too fast... *big wet eyes*.

Petting farm
Everytime we go to the pool, the beach and for meals, we walked pass the petting farm. And everytime, the kids will sure go goo-goo gaga over the animals. The farm has a feeding time at 10.00 am every morning, and we went both mornings. HQ is accustomed with handling little animals and is gentle with them. With QQ, I needed to remind her to be gentle now and then. HQ looked very happy here holding a rabbit, while QQ tried to catch one. Got one! She really loved them :-) When the tortoises didn't come to him, he went ahead and lifted them up from the pond *no eye see* There's also guinea pigs and chicken in the farm. Here's one very beautiful cock :-)Dining
Breakfast was complimentary. For other meals, we dined in the resort restaurant as well as drove out to PD town to eat Chinese tai chou. Service at the resort restaurant was slow, food doesn't arrive at the same time, and from the two meals we had there, food was only ok.

Setting out to PD town for lunch...
We looked so pink here :-). Notice that flask in my hand? I brought a handy-dandy mini double boiler and double-boiled soup throughout the night for my kids :-D. We ordered rice and dishes and the kids had warm soup after lunch. At least I'm rest assured they get something nutritious... heehee For one of our dinners in a restaurant, one of the dishes that we ordered was crab strifried with lots of ginger and spring onions (non-spicy). The kids walloped 6 huge meaty claws! We could not finish all the crabs, so we tapau-ed back to the resort. After the kids slept, I heated the crabs in my mini double-boiler and hubby and I had crabs for supper. Totally yummy!
All of us enjoyed this holiday very much; we love the resort! HQ is talking about going back already! :-D.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a short break (part 1)

Avilion Port Dickson: 6 - 8 June 2010

We signed up with the kiddies treat package for a much needed break at Avilion Port Dickson. The place fitted our requirements nicely... beach and pool, not too far from the city, and totally relaxing. The kids had always loved swimming pools but this would be their first time going to the beach! (Yes, HQ at 5 already! :-))

We alternated between the beach, the pool and the petting farm. Only these few places of attraction but the kids totally loved them. What made it so easy was these were all within walking distance. And the weather was perfect for the 3 days we were there!

We arrived at 11-ish. HQ with his water bottle and own small luggage (bag was a recycled chocolate bag... QQ has one of her own too :-)). Our chalet.
Our chalet was airy and comfortable; just nice for the four of us :-).
QQ resting on our bed while HQ looked at the sea from the pangkin bed.
Since the kids sleep like a clock's hand, for safety sake, we put them on the pangkin daybed. We placed two bedside tables and a chair at the side, lined with cushions, to prevent them from rolling over. Even so, on the first night, poor QQ rolled over HQ AND the cushions and fell right on the floor! Luckily the floor is made of wooden planks and not concrete. When we quickly picked her up, she bawled but quickly quieten down and went back to sleep. On the second night, we placed even more pillows on the tables to create a higher barrier; luckily no more sleeping stunts from her.

Having a morning chat with Papa on the pangkin bed. I really loved their spacious bath area and open air shower. Us at the room balcony. The kids were amazed to find that the sea under our chalet "disappear" in the late evening (low tide), and "appear" again in the morning (high tide). LOL!
Kids chilling out... The beach
The garden pathway leading to the beach. Along the pathway, the kids spotted butterflies, a gecko (huge one)and enjoyed the beautiful scenery among the greenery.
We were lucky to spot a proud peacock, albeit a bit senget... must be the heavy tail :-).
Beautiful scenery along the way...The view at the Tumasek Beach was beautiful, and the sand very very fine... we went at two different times, once in the morning and once in the evening. Both times were delightful. The weather was fine too, not hot at all and breezy. HQ was talking about building sandcastles, but didn't get around to do that... maybe next time when we come again :-). The kids had no problems with the sand, but the first time when HQ encountered the waves, he gave a squel and ran quickly up the shore, laughing hysterically. It was so funny to watch :-D. He was happily running around, exploring, feeling the breeze in his hair... seeing him feeling so carefree made me happy too :-). While QQ was rather cautious...
this is how she reacted to the waves... LOL! HQ spotted a young man digging; he was curious and went over to kepoh. His curiosity overcame his shyness, and he asked the young man what he was doing. The young man just smiled and ran off to join his friends. HQ, being the thoughtful citizen (or kepoh fella) went ahead to cover up the hole, saying "In case someone fall inside." How thoughtful :-D. What's this? QQ's hair standing. QQ emits (or absorb?) the most static, ever! Look at how her hair stands! On related static topic, whenever we go to supermarket to shop for groceries, QQ will sometimes obediently choose to sit in the shopping cart. Shortly after that, she's like an electric eel, giving all of us electric shocks! When we were leaving the beach on one morning, we saw a Malay man bringing his catch back from the sea. He said he set up a net to trap unsuspecting fishes or crabs swimming by. It seemed so easy to reap the benefits of Mother Nature. They are all just there... you just have to go and get them. Best of all, these are the freshest, not to mention free :-).
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