Wednesday, June 23, 2010

heart attack II

QQ's measurements on 18th June 2010:
Age: 2 years 10 months old
Height: 100.5 cm
Weight: 15.7 kg

Last Friday, QQ was complaining about having a headache and was lethargic the whole morning. And when mum discovered that she had high temperature at 2pm, hubby and I quickly rushed home from work to bring her to see the Pead. Worse was, we thought her knock on the head that morning could have something to do with the headache and lethargy. (QQ's and HQ's heads knocked together while playing :-S. HQ was ok though).

On the way there, she projectile-vomited and soiled her carseat, the car and my skirt; her outfit was totally soaked. There was so much vomit *shudder*. She had a change of outfit; I didn't :-(.

While waiting to see the pead, we watched The Incredibles for awhile and she seemed to be back to her normal active self. When we met the Pead, he ensured us that that minor knock on the head should not be something serious. True, the headache, lethargy and vomit are symptoms of head injury, but in this case are most probably caused by a virus and totally unrelated. We just have to take care of the fever and keep watch. *relief*

While yakking away, we heard this little missy guffawed loudly while covering her mouth with her hand. All of us looked at her in surprise and she exclaimed "I laugh(ed) because Doctor sound very funny!". So, she's back to her cheeky self :-).

We thanked the doctor and when I asked QQ to wave bye bye at the Pead, she whispered loudly "Doctor didn't give me anything one!!!"


The Pead laughed!

I was aghast!

Just for info:
The kiddos' usual Pead, Dr. Lim was on leave when we visited. So we seek consultation from the hospital's Pead in charge on that day, Dr. Tan. Dr. Lim always have little gifts for the kiddos when we visit, like stickers, little activity books or simple story books. So, QQ was expecting some gifts too when we visited Dr. Tan. Hahaha, no, she does not go around asking gifts from just anyone :-).

The little missy has recovered from fever and headache as of writing :-).

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CH Voon said...

wish recover soon :)

ur girl so cute and ask some very funny question. She still a kid ma hehehe

eugene said...

Let QQ take a lot of fluid and give her good rest ya.

take care now

Ann said...

Aaahhh....the innocence of kids when making comments ya! But a good laugh for the doc. Mabe next time the doc will also store gifts for the kids! :)

Glad QQ is alright.

coffeesncookies said...

lucky it's nothing serious.
I saw you on TV... Kiwi ad .. yesterday ~

reanaclaire said...

Hearing her jest means she is back to normal... hahaha.. praise the little oness.. they are so innocent and cute..

smallkucing said...

ya...where is the candy?

the little prince said...

Great that QQ is ok now!! My boy will do the same thing if seeing doctor, waiting for little candy from the doctor!! :-)

QQ is pretty tall at her age ya!! :-)

Broccoli Ginger said...

hahaha... QQ is so cute as usual! :)
Glad that she's ok now.

Sherry said...

now paed suggest injectino or not? I heard there is flu injection?

Sherry said...

scary lucky she is fine.

prince n princess mum said...

speedy recovery ya!

slavemom said...

Phew... luckily the head bump was nothing serious. Glad to hear QQ has recovered edi.

Annie Q said...

Lucky nothing serious and glad she had already recover from her fever and headache.

Mummy Gwen said...

Glad to know she has recovered already.

Why Gwen never receive any free stuff from her Paed geh. May I know which hospital your kids go to?

BoeyJoey said...

Yes, QQ is back to her old self and jumping like a bag of beans as usual. Thanks everyone for the concerns! :-).

Mummy Gwen: Sunway Medical Centre :-).

Mommy Ling said...

By now, hope she is fully recover.

Take good care.

mNhL said...

LOL ! Your girl is so daring. And the doc did not even quickly give her something?


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