Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i heart online shoping

My first online purchase was from a fellow mummy blogger, and I love shopping online since then. It's easy to browse online, make payment online and I receive my purchase right after that! No need to go through massive jams, pull my kids along (at the same time feeling guilty that I'm taking up their time - kiddos' time is also very precious, you know!), and then queue to make payment at the counter. All very time consuming!

Now I'm converted into an online shopper :-). Really hassle free and I can enjoy my sweet time browsing while sipping on my iced Coke :-).

I was just browsing for a dress to wear for my friend's engagement party next month. And I chanced upon this! By Irenelim Fashion! Doesn't it look so sweet and beautiful? I think this maxi dress will go very well with ankle boots, thick wooden bangles and some dangling earings. All so beautiful and feminine... i likey very much!

Besides having a wide range of beautiful outfits, I discovered that there's a free dress promotion running for bloggers too! Absolutely FREE brought to you by Irenelim Fashion! Click here for more information.
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Kancilbiru said...

yes, i did browsed thru irenelim few times..baju dia cantik2 tau..tapi selalu sold out baju yang i nak..hehe. btw, the one u choose is nice...:)

Mummy Moon said...

oh, you also like this dress!! But I didnt choose this, yan Yan helped me to choose a pink dress. :P

the little prince said...

Wah!! I must do this too!!


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