Thursday, June 3, 2010

post birthday

Sorry for the lack of explanations on my previous post "3 days". Hubby has been away for business since May 3rd, and expect to be away for a whole month (he's coming home today!). During this month, I could not blog as often and sorry for not visiting your blogs as often (no Internet access at mum's place - more on that later). So 3 days is actually a countdown to the day he will come back home... and guess what? I actually miscalculated, supposed to be 4 days from the day I posted T.T
Now back to this "post birthday" entry, which is back-dated; waited so long to do this!)

Hubby has been away for business since May 3rd, and expect to be away for a whole month (he's coming home today!). As hubby was expected to be away during HQ's birthday, I planned to have a simple birthday celebration for HQ with Popo and Gong Gong, which fell on a Wednesday.

Little did we know, hubby has booked a flight home on the 15th May (Saturday), thinking of celebrating HQ's birthday with us a few days earlier :-). Hubby shared his little secret with me on that Wednesday (12th May) so that I can change the cake order to collect earlier.

On Saturday, after an early lunch, I rushed the kids to take their baths and chose some nice clothes for them to wear. HQ was quite surprised with the nice clothes and asked me whether I was planning to bring both kids out by myself... hahaha!

QQ was all done and pretty, when Papa reached home. HQ was bathing when we heard QQ calling excitedly "Papa come home already! Papa come home already!
" I quickly rinsed his soapy hair, wrapped him in a towel, and we went out to welcome his Papa. Oh, the looks on both kids' faces were pure joy! :')

Of course HQ had to continue his bath, which he did very quickly this time :-). After the hugs and kisses, hubby brought out the birthday cake. Lighting the candles on HQ's Ben10 cake. We sang Happy Birthday song to HQ. It was a very heart-warming moment :-).
Cropped from the video - HQ blowing his birthday candles while QQ clapped :-) Birthday presents from hubby and I. This lego set is his first lego set (shame on parents :-S). And more Ben10 merchandises for him (ciplak one... heehee). For dinner, we went to a nearby restaurant. What we had... free-range scallop chicken, sweet sour meat (a must for HQ), fish maw soup, and fried asparagus with prawns.
Mum and Dad ate with us too... Next morning, we went to HQ's favourite place for breakfast... Mc D la, where else! HQ ate 1/2 McMuffin burger and 2 hashbrowns, while QQ ate 1 pancake and 1 hashbrown. Both finished their Ribenas. At McD, we have no problems getting HQ to eat :-). After breakfast, we shopped for the kids snacks at a nearby supermarket before heading home. I quickly whipped up some simple home-cooked dishes with a soup for lunch. After we all ate our lunch, the taxi arrived at 2pm sharp. Only 26 hours in Malaysia, and it's time for hubby to leave for the airport again :-(.

Hubby hugged the kids good-bye and they waved to him when he left. Just as the taxi drove off, HQ broke down on my lap, sobbing that he missed his Papa... at that moment, I really felt for him... :'(. So how? I put Power Rangers DVD into the player and gave them chocolate lo...

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CH Voon said...

Happy belated birthday to HQ!

wish you grow up healthy and happy everyday.

Broccoli Ginger said...

sob sob.. feel for HQ.... :( hope his papa will come home soon..

reanaclaire said...

they are really so attached to their father.. so touching!
Happy birthday HQ.. i m sure your papa will miss u lots too!

Mommy Ling said...

Happy Birthday to HQ. Wow BEN 10..i bet all kids also love this ya..hehheh

goolypop said...

Awww..same like Gooly, climb on my lap when papah leaves.

Aww... papa so sweet, purposely come back to celebrate birthday

Aww.. Happy Belated Birthday HQ!..and QQ so cute in her dresssss!!

prince n princess mum said...

Happy birthday!!!~~~

Lots of ben10 goodies!~

smallkucing said...

Happy Reunion! :D

Everyone will be celebrating today ya :D

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to HQ. So sweet of your hubs to come back for just a while to celebrate HQ's birthday. The kids must be over the moon to see papa :D

Mummy Gwen said...

HQ misses Papa. *sob sob* It was a very memorable and great birthday celebration for HQ. Oh, another Ben10 fan..haha.

Mummy Moon said...

happpy belated birthday to HQ! My son loves Ben 10 cake too

A Mom's Diary said...

Happy Belated Bday HQ. Away for one whole month - that's tough. I'll be away for half of June intermittently so hubby will suffer :-)


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