Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a short break (part 2)

Avilion Port Dickson: 6 - 8 June 2010

Continued from here (part one)
The pool
All set to go to the pool!
The kids luuuuurrrve the pool! Needless to say, HQ went nuts over the big slide, and went again and again. He played water guns, beach balls and just splash around with other kids in the pool. It was cute watching him conversing in a meddly of English, Mandarin and Malay with them :-). He was especially fond of a sweet 8 year old girl, Jia Qi :-). QQ needed a little time to warm up to the water, but once she's ok, she went on her own around the pool :-). I noticed that QQ likes little girls more than boys. She talked to little girls elder than her, and later was chatting with them like old friends :-D. With one girl, she asked her to "Come and play with me! Splash water on me la! Do it again!". With another, she was asking lots of questions about her arm floats :-).

QQ also slided down the slide with HQ seated behind her, holding her. After the first time, she beckoned HQ to the slide again "This is fun! Come on, kor kor, let's do it again!" Hubby and I laughed at her gutsiness :-D. After 2 times with HQ holding her, she went all on her own on the big slide. Countless times! Look at her grin!
My big girl, she's growing up too fast... *big wet eyes*.

Petting farm
Everytime we go to the pool, the beach and for meals, we walked pass the petting farm. And everytime, the kids will sure go goo-goo gaga over the animals. The farm has a feeding time at 10.00 am every morning, and we went both mornings. HQ is accustomed with handling little animals and is gentle with them. With QQ, I needed to remind her to be gentle now and then. HQ looked very happy here holding a rabbit, while QQ tried to catch one. Got one! She really loved them :-) When the tortoises didn't come to him, he went ahead and lifted them up from the pond *no eye see* There's also guinea pigs and chicken in the farm. Here's one very beautiful cock :-)Dining
Breakfast was complimentary. For other meals, we dined in the resort restaurant as well as drove out to PD town to eat Chinese tai chou. Service at the resort restaurant was slow, food doesn't arrive at the same time, and from the two meals we had there, food was only ok.

Setting out to PD town for lunch...
We looked so pink here :-). Notice that flask in my hand? I brought a handy-dandy mini double boiler and double-boiled soup throughout the night for my kids :-D. We ordered rice and dishes and the kids had warm soup after lunch. At least I'm rest assured they get something nutritious... heehee For one of our dinners in a restaurant, one of the dishes that we ordered was crab strifried with lots of ginger and spring onions (non-spicy). The kids walloped 6 huge meaty claws! We could not finish all the crabs, so we tapau-ed back to the resort. After the kids slept, I heated the crabs in my mini double-boiler and hubby and I had crabs for supper. Totally yummy!
All of us enjoyed this holiday very much; we love the resort! HQ is talking about going back already! :-D.

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Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh..Ashley had lots of fun at the pool too. what a world of difference when i see your photo because when we were there, the resort was packed. the swimming pool was full of ppl *shake head* wow, you are really a good mommy - boiling soup for the kiddos :) we ate at the resort too and didn't want to go out :D we want to go back to Avillion :)

Zooropa said...

Avilion is a very nice resort for vacation. Can see u guys had a wonderful time there!


2ma said...

the double boiler is really a great idea!

LittleLamb said...

makes me want to go there. i brought philip there when he was 2 months old...

ur gal very daring to go on the slide. i think philip will chicken.

Broccoli Ginger said...

Nice trip!! Seeing QQ on the water slide remind me of my girl on the slide for the first time last weekend. She was like QQ too.. after first and second time sliding down wt brother.. wanted to go for more! :)

Annie Q said...

Ah! I heart this place! Barb also went to Avillion, looks like everyone go to Avillion during this holidays. Even my bil's and family also went there, i think same date as you.

Wah! You bring the double boiler too. Geng!

Nice trip. Next time we should arrange to go together..

goolypop said...

oooh! You is 4-ngan-kwai. hehe.

As usual, so happy to see the kids happy :D

prince n princess mum said...

super fun time wor...

Mummy Gwen said...

You are so smart to bring the double boiler along. Gwen likes girls more than boys too. After reading your posts, I feel like going there too!

BoeyJoey said...

Mommy to Chumsy: Heehee... cos I have one really fussy pot. at least with soup, HQ will eat better :-). We're thinking of going back too :-)

Dora: Yeah, it was fun :-)

2ma: For a fussy pot like HQ, yes, it's very handy!

LittleLamb: 2 months old! wow, you're very eager to celebrate your confinement eh? ;-P

BroccoliGinger: Wah, Ginger is so brave ya! QQ has no problems with the playground slide... but this one here is very long and slippery :-).

Annie: Hey, good idea! I'm sure it's gonna be lots of fun! :-D

goolypop: Ya lor... i'm a 4 i tortoise :-E

prince & princess mum: :-)

smallkucing said...

wow they let u hold the rabbits ah? So syok

reanaclaire said...

oh u also went to PD.. yes, kids will enjoy the most there, right?

CH Voon said...

nice... family day!

it is a happy moment for your children!

ChloeRuoyi said...

This sounds like a super fun place! I've been "chasing" after yours and Barb's posts on this trip hehe.

Can the adults play on the water slides as well? Cos I don't think C will dare to go on it alone. (actually we, the mum & dad, love it too haha)

UmmiRosma said...

What a lovely and stress-free vacation...I love the breath-takingly fabulous. How much was it per night staying at the chalet dear?

BoeyJoey said...

Mummy Gwen: Go go! I'm sure Gwen will have loads of fun :-).

smallkucing: Yes, but of course must be gentle lar...

reanaclaire: Yes, we enjoyed this trip very much.

CHVoon: Yay!

ChleoRuoyi: I was chasing Barb's too! There's one more installment for the 3rd day on Barb's blog!
There's many adults in the kiddie pool (naturally) and some Indon maids even clad in jeans. When hubby was not swimming in the adults pool, he was also at the kiddie pool playing with the kids! Hahaha!

UmmiRosma: Yes, it's a nice place :-). You can get info on their packages on their website

mNhL said...

Your kids are so brave!!! Dare to try the slides and carry the rabbits.

And you are such a dedicated mum! Boiled soup for them somemore.

Never tried crabs with ginger and onions. Crabs are my favourites!

Alice Phua said...

Your kids love the slides, but mine is so afraid of long windy slides! Don't know why! And very hard to persuade him to go on the slide also! Sigh! Anyway, can see you all enjoyed yourselves very much...nice and quality ffamily time! Ooohhh....I love eating crab too!

Mommy Ling said...

Nice vacation. I havent been to Avilion before. Hope to get a chance there one day.

coffeesncookies said...

you so rajin, bring double boiler to avilion and make soup.. gosh.. I just feed my kid cereal ! LOL !


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