Thursday, July 8, 2010

the art of war

This according to HQ was an army school.
(I think he meant army training centre or something like that :-))

A place where the soilders stay, train and do all their soldiers work.
(I was trying to figure out what soldiers work mean exactly)
He mentioned about alarm systems, some automatic lock systems and was describing how they work together. And nearby, QQ was building what she called a Princess Castle. HQ, the opportunist jumped to that opportunity and offered to protect the King and the Queen with his army.
QQ protested that it is the Princess Castle and not the King and Queen's.
HQ was rather disappointed. Where the army trained, HQ set up a little space with rows and rows of blocks and plastic cubes. He explained that these were soldiers arranged according to their different levels of "power" (or prowness). This was the position they assumed in case the enemy comes to attack.

(I think we shouldn't let him watch with us ancient war-themed movies; Red Cliff, 3 Kingdoms, etc. But that was soooooo long ago... how could he remember???) And this... was the spaceship, the strongest weapon (I assume it's an ultimate weapon). HQ was very detailed... according to him, the 3 blocks behind held down the spaceship and would be released when it takes off. The spaceship was very powerful and "will destroy all the enemies" or "can fly the King and Queen to a safe place even out to the outerspace". (I liked the architecture of the spaceship... but, again... I think he may have watched too much Star Wars too...)© Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. Originally published for All images and text cannot be republished without express written permission.


smallkucing said...

Starwars ah ? LOL

Gargles said...

oooh.. my little one is also building some sort of "mega architectural designer building" from these blocks as well. let me go and take pic and write story like yours too.

and yeah, I'm amazed with HQ's art as well. Very nice!

And these blocks are just wonderful. We painted some of them (those plain ones) together and it was fun, with rainbow colors, smiley faces, our initials...totally worth the buy.

eugene said...

It is always to good for the children to play with such building block and sometimes we can be surprised at their wildest imagination.. they just dont think like adults and that's the beautiful part of it and we adults have lost it..

hey thank you and you have a great weekend ahead and god bless

MeRy said...

I can't find this kind of blocks at Sibu...

Ur kids r having so much fun with the blocks.

Mummy Gwen said...

Both of them are so creative. Those weapons are amazing, I can't even do that..haha.

Jaanvi said...

First time on your blog... the formations out of theses blocks are amazing... superb way to fuel the imagination...

prince n princess mum said...

Wow! This is a fun war.. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi BJ, reading and seeing your pics here, if your kids are not....then get them to play chess.
You show, teach them about the Queen, King, knights and how to checkmate....they'll love it.

Have a friend, her daughter only 7 plays real mean chess. She beats older kids no problemos.
And we can't help laughing to see her head resting on her hands, and waiting impatiently for her friend's next move as she already planned how to ko her friend....
Age 7!

None of us adults dare play with her....can be embarrassing to lose to a 7 year old girl....cannot sleep nights, ha ha, Lee.
ps, few other friends too have kids below 10 good in chess.

Jenny said...

hello boeyjoey,

kids can be very crative eh? I don't think I can come up with these things anymore. I'm not as creative as I was when I was a kid. :)

I'm going to save you on my blogroll so I don't always have to go back to the comment :) You too feel free to save me too lah.

have a fabulous weekend!

jen @

Zooropa said...

It's good for the kids to play with blocks coz their imaginations flowing unlimited thru that!


BoeyJoey said...

Jenny: I think I can't make that spaceship too... and many other things that he made. I've added your link on my link list already! :-)

Jaanvi: Hi Jaanvi... welcome to my blog! Toys are a sure way to fuel kids imagination, besides boks and movies :-)


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