Wednesday, July 21, 2010

birthday grandpa & birthday girl

Two of my favourite people celebrated their birthdays last Saturday. My dad and my little darling QQ :-). Dad's birthday was on that Saturday itself, 17 July 2010. QQ's birthday was yesterday, 20 July 2010.

These lego sets were birthday presents from hubby. We realised that it is meant for much older kids (7 and above), but QQ was very attracted to the set that we got for HQ, so we thought this house set will be a nice birthday present for her. The kids play together anyway, so we can assist HQ to build, and they can play together later. In our family, birthdays are often celebrated within the family in a small scale. We went out for dinner at a favourite neighbourhood restaurant and had cake afterwards. Food we had... fried mantis prawns, steamed fish, fish maw soup, sweet & sour meat and mixed vegetables stirfried in belacan sauce (only partly in picture). My brother, the kids' Kiu kiu treated dinner. After dinner, we went to mum's and while waiting for the food to go down, the kids had a drawing and colouring session. Colouring set was Kiu kiu's present to QQ :-). Here's Kiu kiu entertaining the kids with his drawing. Can you guess what is it? A Chinese dragon :-). Later, we got the cake ready... Dad's favourite Secret Recipe carrot and walnut sheet cake.
Blowing candles...HQ wanted to serve us, so he cut the slices, placed them onto plates and served all of us :-). Look how happy Gong gong was :-DI must say, he did a good job serving us one by one... no mess. But with a 5 year old, this is bound to happen... he licking the cake knife :-P... kids are so spontaneous :-D.
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Read QQ's last year birthday post

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eugene said...

Double happiness indeed but then again we should have posted this earlier, so we can wish them a Big Happy Birthday not as late as now ma,,,,

anyway Happy Birthday to the both of them especially QQ albeit a belated one,,

take care now and god bless

smallkucing said...

Can see the kids smile till cannot see the eyes.

Love the last photo. 3 generation eating cake together

LittleLamb said...

How to pronounce Qi Qing? is it like Cheng Cheng???

Anyway Happy Birthday again to yr dad and little precious :)

reanaclaire said...

Happy Birthday to the Young and The Younger! :p

So sweet and nice... esp the gong gong...sure very happy to be served by the younger generation..

ChloeRuoyi said...

We bought this same Lego set for Chloe's upcoming birthday too. This house design is quite rare. Glad that you found it too :) Can't wait to play with it! We have to wait for another 3 more weeks tho...

mNhL said...

Wow...double celebrations!

Haha...HQ licked the knife. Something I used to do too when I was a child!

Love the Lego set. Planning to buy 1 for my kids' b'day in Sept. :D

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ahhh...a nice celebration with loved ones. i love QQ's present :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Birthday To Grandpa and QQ!!! I love simple celebration like this especially with my family. Nice Lego set for QQ..yeah kor kor can play together too.

Kiu Kiu's dragon is sooo nice leh. Haha...the photo of HQ licking the knife make me laugh. :P

prince n princess mum said...

Double celebrations!

wenn said...

wow, such fun! wish i could do that too.

BoeyJoey said...

eugene: alamak, my dad's birthday was on saturday ma... saturdays are family days, i rarely go online one... so a belated one for my dad lo... thanks for the wishes :-)

smallkucing: haha... ya... typical chinese eyes :-)

LittleLamb: omg... i forgot to blur her name! takpe la, already published :-). her name is pronounced as Chi Ching :-)

BoeyJoey said...

reanaclaire: wah, Claire... you betul-betul got oily mouth la... young and younger... i like that! :-D.

ChloeRuoyi: now that you said it, i think i saw this lego set on your blog too :-). they are soooo happy with it... sayang to take off the house after built... haha! so Chloe's b'day is coming in 3 weeks? woo hoo! :-D

mNhL: ya, i recommend lego sets for kids... great hand-eye coordination and a long hour fun! haiz... how come i never thought of licking the cake knife when i was young leh? now missed the chance pulak :-P

BoeyJoey said...

Mommy to Chumsy: I also love lego sets... didn't have much chance to play with lego when i was young (parents can't afford)... so now i also play!

Mummy Gwen: my bro can draw very well :-). sometimes i envy him, haha!

prince & princess mum: yay!

wenn: wish you could do what? lick the knife? :-P

MeRy said...

Double happiness......Happy belated b'day to both of them..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi BJ, nice pics. Happy birthday to your dad and your kid.
Can see they having fun, and the food looks real delicious too.
Best regards, Lee.

Gargles said...

so so cute, little QQ in the first pic. belated hippy biffyday!

Alice Phua said...

Wow! Your son did a great job cutting and serving cake to everyone with no mess! That's really something for a 5-year-old!

slavemom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to QQ n ur dad! Wah... HQ did the cake cutting n serving. W/o mess samo. Impressive!


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