Thursday, July 1, 2010

heart attack iii

My soon-to-be-3-daughter loves to give me heart attacks.

This picture was taken before tragedy struck, when we were having lunch at IOI Mall last Saturday afternoon. I love her chubby cheeks, cheeky smile and disappearing dimple. Although her hair was not perfectly straight (Papa and Mama DIY-ed), I still like the china-doll look that haircut gave her.

That evening, while I was cooking dinner, HQ ran in and urgently reported something that made me ran out to the living hall with him.

I took a look at my precious girl, and saw her holding her brother's kiddy-friendly scissors snipping her hair away!

Oh my God!

Look at this picture... this is only like 1/4 of what she has cut. The length that she cut was also very long... until her hair ends stood up on top of her head!
As I ran my fingers through her hair, there were still handfuls that she had cut! And when I washed her hair later, there were even more!

*wipe sweat*

You think this is bad? You haven't seen the back of her head yet...
the back of her head looks like this rag doll's short unruly hair! Nah... kidding :-).

But if we didn't stop her in time, she will look like that. HEART ATTACK.

* picture source: Google

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the little prince said...

Thought there will be the real photo!!

goolypop said...

omgourd!!! hahaha.. some more can smile like that! She is so geram-ly cute!!

smallkucing said...

ya can see tiny hair standing behind. Pengsan

Kancilbiru said...

omigod...buat muka tak bersalah..hehehe

reanaclaire said...

*heart attack* lol... so innocent...

KittyCat said...

Hahaha she still looks very happy! I think I did that too when I was at that age...

Luckily she didn't cut herself, ya? Sorry, I'm so sleepy can't think what else to write LOL

Mummy Gwen said...

OMG! *speechless*

2ma said...

alamak!!! but she look so happy wor... still can smile!! luckily you managed to stop her before she cuts away more hair. time to lock up any kind of scissors!!

coffeesncookies said...

LOL !!!! all little girls go thru this stage.. must take more pics n show her next time.

Serene said...

OMG!!! She really give you heart attack!! She can smile somemore huh... haha.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

muahahahhahahahahahha...this is too funny :D she's such a cheeky girl. Luckily kor kor managed to inform you asap :D

Broccoli Ginger said...

hahaha! maybe you can give her a shorter haircut :D I think she will still look cute :)

p/s: You will need more cardiac exercise to have healthy strong heart! :)

Mommy Ling said...

She still gave u a cheeky smile there...haahha

LittleLamb said...

show the pic

Annie Q said...

*wipe cold sweat*

Lucky you got 'strong heart" ya, always get this kind of suprise!

hahahhahahahhaa, but it is funny!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Oh dear! A lot of kids have done this too. Hope C doesn't discover this cut-hair "activity" haha.

CH Voon said...

heheheee why she cut her own hair?

Mummy to QiQi said...

adoi...luckily is not a sharp scissors. as for the hair, no choice but to wait for it to grow back.


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