Monday, July 26, 2010

QQ's birthday outfit

It's my practice to make a birthday dress for QQ for her birthday. You can see her 1 year old dress here, and 2 year old dress here.

I made an outfit for her recent 3 year old birthday. The t-shirt came completed with dainty puffed sleeves ala princess... perfect for the princess tee that I wanted to make for her! I customised the t-shirt with a hand-sewn princess crown, little diamonds and QQ's initials. Her skirt is a tiered twirly skirt. Also handmade :-). She has a hairclip to match too, but she's not wearing it in the picture above because she left it at home (we're at my mum's).
And I have added the skirt into the shop! You can click here to see more details.
In conjunction to nivniv launch, we're having an opening sale till 8 August 2010. Do drop by and check them out ya :-).

See my other handmade projects.

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smallkucing said...

QQ real lucky gal. Her dresses and outfit is always unique.

MeRy said...

Nice Nice outfit.

mNhL said...

Lovely shirt. Bet QQ loves it to bit. Mummy is so talented. Btw, congrats on the grand opening of nivniv.

prince n princess mum said...

Nice outfit, QQ!

reanaclaire said...

Home made dishes are delicious.. home made dresses are unique.. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Very pretty. QQ is so lucky to have a talented Mummy like you.

Blessed mum said...

u are so talented!! QQ is so lucky to have all the made to order clothes!

Zooropa said...

Nice custom-made apparels! Hey BoeyJoey, congrats for the opening of your online store :-)



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