Monday, August 16, 2010

QQ *slap forehead*

I was in the kitchen when I realized QQ was in the bathroom for a very long time. I went in to have a peek and saw her standing on a low stool, scrubbing her hands feverishly with soap, water running.

Mama: Meimei, what are you doing?
QQ: I washing my hands.
Mama: I think your hands are very clean now; you can stop washing already.
QQ: No la... see? This magic pen ink on my hand... koko draw one. Koko is sooooo naughty ya?!?!!

Koko was in near vicinity and heard what QQ said. And quickly exclaimed:
HQ: Hah??? Meimei, what did you say? Who naughty?

Upon hearing what Koko said, QQ's story took a 360% turn...
QQ: No no!! Nobody naughty!! I think I accidentally draw on my hand only la... hee hee hee


Like that also can!!! My goodness!

*slap forehead*

QQ is so different from HQ. Where HQ will tell the truth or just keep mum when he did something wrong, QQ will:
- say it's not her fault
- effectively use her tears
- or change topic, most of the time saying irrelevant things like "I like you very much, Mama", with a sweet smile and a gentle hug
- and refuse to say sorry

*roll eyeballs*
I think with guidance, she'll turn out well as she grows older, but right now, she has proven she is the more mischievous sibling!

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Mummy Gwen said...

She is witty lah. I think she will be a strong girl. Won't get bullied by others so easily.

Mamapumpkin said...

Kids are VERY smart.....and sneaky. LOL

reanaclaire said...

Siblings normally have some characteristics from their parents.. so which child takes after u? :)

BoeyJoey said...

reanaclaire: I'm a hoarder of all things pretty, and HQ is a hoarder too. HQ has my eating habits and QQ has hubby's.
Me and hubby do not shed crocodile tears and other of those QQ's characteristics. So don't know where those came from :-).

smallkucing said...

Nevertheless, she is cute. Her brain move very fast :D

BoeyJoey said...

smallkucing: Yes, other than those little things, QQ in general is very sweet :-). Guess it's just her way of protecting herself.

wenn said...

she's so cute!

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

HAHAHAH!! The tears are to protect herself coz she knows no one can resist a crying QQ...too ke lian :D

MeRy said...

Smart girl...

Broccoli Ginger said...

hahaha... QQ is the improved version! ;)

2ma said...

QQ is so smart!!!

Alice Phua said...

LOL, about QQ shedding tears and changing topic by calling you and giving a hug....that sounds like my son too! He does the same things too whenever I start scolding like a mad woman ^_^ Only thing is my son is still not verbally developed enough to say it's not his fault.

A Mom's Diary said...

I've heard from many that the 2nd child is typically more "spicy" than the firstborn. Looks like it's proving true for you with HQ and QQ. Bracing myself for when Yan Yan grows older too :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Girl ma, girl is more pampered one! So normally they will shed tears when did something wrong:-) (Same goes to Sarah)


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