Friday, September 17, 2010

at their favourite breakfast place

Where else? McDonald's la...

And yes, QQ just got her fringe trimmed and it's EXTREMELY short! She sometimes looks very blur in this haircut, but still cute nonetheless! :-D.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

QQ loves writing

Backdated post: QQ was 3yo at that time .

Nowadays when HQ does homework at Popo's home, QQ wants to do the same too. Initially she did only colouring. Popo drew, QQ coloured. Look at my mum's cute drawings. QQ's coloring (with crayons) was quite neat for starters. These are her early works :-)HQ drew these bugs for QQ to colour... do you know what are they? :-). Then she started drawing... this is her first self portrait. She drew the face and hair with our directions, and I drew the body and limbs :-).
After awhile, she begin requesting to do writing as well. So, Popo wrote some numbers with pencils for her to trace using magic pens. Popo was very surprised that she followed the markings well. I must say she has a very good control over her pencils. Not bad for a first timer!

Mum said QQ can even loop the number "8" correctly. When mum told me, I just had to see it for myself. Here's a little video that I captured, taken on 21 August 2010. (Please ignore the background voices)

Right now, she can recognise all alphabets except J. And she writes 1, 0, A and C on her own (without tracing). I just hope that her interest in colouring and writing will last.

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I do dream funny dreams, but lately I dream them even more often (and some scary ones too, but I'll just share the funny ones). They're lengthy too... so by the time I wake up at 6am or so, I'm still exhausted.

There's one dream where I was back in my school days with my old school friends. We're not as little anymore, but all grown up. Guess who was our teacher? My hubby *hahahahahahaha!* The scenes of my dream were in the classroom, and snowy mountains when we had a school excursion. (Snowy mountains... hahaha). And... get this... my hubby and I had this secret teacher-student relationship, where we HAD to keep secret from the rest of the students. So the feelings were we really cared about each other, and everytime we accidentally brushed our hands and shoulders together, we had to take a very good amount of control to refrain ourselves (from going crazy over each other in front of other students). It was funny... hahahahaha.

Another dream was my hubby's boss came to stay for the night, before he and hubby leave for overseas together the next morning. So we were preparing to go out for dinner, and I suddenly announced that I needed to HANDWASH a big load of clothes first before I can leave for dinner. And so they all waited for me in hubby boss' car while I did my washing. Weird.

And the other night I dreamt that my sister's father-in-law and mother-in-law were inside a glass section of OUR house... sunbathing. At night. (As if we have a glass section in our house, and sunbathe at night?) They had a maid guarding the entrance of that section, not allowing anyone to enter. In my dream, I told HQ that they were... n a k e d. o.O"
(It's just a dream ok. In real life, I can assure you that my sister's parents-in-law are not so... umm, what's a better word... they're very decent people :-))

And lastly, I'm in a run-down building, which I believe is a shopping mall. Although there's no shops or nobody around. It's just corridors and pillars, lifts and carparks. All very cramped and dingy. But there's one foyer that's quite spacious and airy. In the dream, I was often looking for something; moving from the carpark to lifts, various corridors, to that foyer, and start all over again. My mood in the dream was not rushed, I was just feeling very puzzled going through those places. I often have this dream... always the same place and the same mood. Kind of deja-vu. It's not a scary dream, just very strange.

I know my dreams are very weird lately. And it's getting weirder now, because I blog about them... hahaha. Do you think they mean anything?

Hubby doesn't dream weird dreams. So I really want to know, do you have weird dreams too?

(I can really do with some humor here... so laugh with me, ok?)

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Monday, September 13, 2010

smile baby, smile :-)

Smile and the world smiles with you :-).

Do you know that it takes 17 muscles to smile and a whole lot of forty-three muscles when we frown?

Smiling makes us more attractive
Smiling can change our mood in an instant
Smiling is infectious
Smiling can release stress
Smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin (WOW!!!)

So smile away, peeps! :-D

Info source:

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Friday, September 10, 2010

an effective remedy for joint pains

My mum, who is in her mid sixties often complains of joint pains, especially on her knees. This condition is named as osteoarthritis, whereby the cartilage, or the rubbery material that cushions joints, becomes stiff and loses its elasticity. This condition progresses with age. Although her pains are not severe, they were more apparent early in the morning when she wakes up and towards the evening. Initially, she was taking gamat, a traditional remedy consisting of pure sea cucumber paste which is rich in collagen. It tasted awful, the texture was off-putting and it's foul-smelling.

Fortunately, a friend recommended Glucosamine to my Mum. When my sister was travelling to UK last year, she bought a huge bottle for my Mum to try. Glucosamine is a compound found naturally in the joints and muscles where it is largely responsible in the mobility and smooth working of connective tissue. Glucosamine supplements are manufactured from chitin, a pure substance derived from shells of shrimp, crab, lobster and other sea creatures. These tasteless and odourless tablets are easy to consume. My Mum definitely prefers these easy tablets than the unpleasant gamat.

When my Mum's bottle of Glucosamine ran out, we did a Google search and discovered that it is easily available online; purchasing is a breeze. We would like to try Nature's Best as it produces one of the best quality Glucosamine Sulphate supplements available in the market, and is among the very few brands that meets the pharmaceutical standards.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

baby seafood restaurant

We all went to Baby Seafood Restaurant, Klang, for lunch last weekend. We were a bit early so we got a table easily. Heard from reviews saying that it's difficult to get a table at this restaurant. It's understandable as the dining area was not exactly big, and the food was delicious (well, delicious for most of the dishes that we ordered anyway).

First dish we ordered was their signature Thai Style Charcoal Steamed Fish. This dish must be good as we noticed it was on every table. Depending on availability, the diner can order either a garoupa or red snapper. We had red snapper, which was priced at RM 39.00.
A huge bowl of sourish spicy gravy accompany the fish. As the fish cooks and the gravy evaporates above the charcoal, this sourish spicy gravy is laddled on the fish. Even the kids got to enjoy big chucks of the fish meat without the gravy. The taste was rather like Teochew steamed fish, but the spiciness in the gravy made the dish even more appetizing. Good to whet one's appetite.The aftermath... see, we sapu-ed all, including the gravy. Really yummy! :-)Another of their popular dish is pandan chicken. As I peeled off the pandan leaves, a waft of fragrant aroma escaped, revealing pieces of lean and well marinated chicken. Moist and flavorful, with a tinge of curry powder and lime juice. This dish is also kid friendly. Delish at RM 1.60 a piece. Braised tofu with crabsticks. Kid friendly, with lots of gravy, but this is rather common; not a dish that we will order again.Vege. And of course HQ's sweet sour meat. The meat is lean and the dish is tasty. Even we adults enjoyed this dish. The bill came up RM 108++. Very reasonably priced for 5 adults and 2 kids. The dishes were tasty too. For the fish alone, I don't mind coming back here to dine again. I think my little munchkin here agrees with me :-). Baby Seafood Restaurant
186A-1, Jalan Sungai Putus,
Batu Belah, 40150 Klang
Tel:019-213 5807
Opens from 12pm to 230 pm, 6pm to 1030pm
Closed on Monday

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

if i have a garden

The first six years of my life was spent either at my late paternal grandfather’s village house or at my maternal grandmother’s house in Bukit Timah, Singapore. My carefree childhood days were spent running and playing in the large gardens of both homes.

My grandmother’s garden was neat and tidy with stone slabs as walkway and beautiful potted plants, but it was my grandfather’s village home garden that captivated me. Red bricks wall covered with soft green moss and purple morning glories, stone stairs leading to an old crumbly well, shady fruit trees, lush flower bushes and a set of cool marble table and stools. My grandfather often sat with us, his grandchildren, at the marble table, telling us tales of his childhood.

I love gardens. With the right landscape design and garden furniture, each garden has a potential to be very charming. If I have a garden of my own, I would construct it to be like an ancient Greek garden. A beautiful archway adorned by creeping plants with pink blossoms will welcome all visitors. Small stones embedded on the ground serve as walkway. As the visitors walk along, there will be small interesting alcoves, whereby visitors can stop to rest and have little conversations. Wooden garden benches, sundials, bird baths, and little fountains. Armillary sundials will be interesting. When everything is still blanketed with morning mist, it will even be surreal. That would be my dream garden :-).

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

how do you spell viking?

HQ: 5y 3mo We were watching "How to Train Your Dragon" last weekend, at home, and the kids enjoyed it tremendously. They have been watching this movie for many times now, but never get tired of it.

And of course, when later after the movie, the kids will play pretend... HQ being Toothless or Night Fury, QQ being one of the other dragon, which HQ has named "Blue Crystal". I will be given a role as well (although I don't play it actively)... either "Blue Sea" or "Two Heads". Yes, other than Toothless, these names were all made up by HQ. And the kick is, Papa is given a baddy role as usual, named as... "Big Head". o.O"

It's funny how he named these dragons actual words, whereas usually he would come up with funny and original names like Phillybambee, Black Min Bok, Rambuchoton, Mealibinibong, or the like.

We don't mind them watching this movie, as it's a movie about friendship, empathy and courage. And the kids do learn some new words too... like the word Viking, the tribe (is it a tribe or race??) where the young hero, Hiccup, originated from.

Having heard the word Viking said repeatedly on the show, but haven't seen it written, HQ tried spelling that word on his own:

HQ: Mama, I know how to spell Viking.

Mama: Oh... so how do you spell Viking?

HQ: Big Y, dot, big K, i n g.

Which if we put it down in writing, is... "Y. King"


Which is not wrong, isn't it? Viking does sound the same as Y. King... And although the meaning is different (Y. King is more like a name), in pronunciation, he did spell it correctly. And I liked that he thought of putting in the "dot" (full stop). :-D.

So that led me to explain the difference between Viking and Y. King.

Hahaha... my little boy... I find him so cute :-D.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

eating greens

When my kids were babies, I took great delight in steaming various types of vegetables, mashing and freezing them in covered ice cube trays. The frozen vege cubes were thrown into rice cereals, porridge or just heated to be eaten like desserts. I had a colourful stash of pumpkin, avocado, carrot, purple cabbage, broccoli, capsicums and cauliflower. Besides these, I did the same for fruits; apples, prunes, plums, pears. Bananas, mangoes, grapes, persimmons and tomatoes were eaten raw. My babies loved all of them!

But as they grow up, they begun rejecting vegetables. There was a point where they only ate spinach and potatoes!

I begun cooking my veges in different styles and took notes. After some trials and errors, I'm happy to discover that they do take some vege in certain ways of cooking. I'm really happy when they started taking these:And I'm really surprised that they loved these - lots of raw chopped onion leaves sprinkled into hot soupsEdamame too! Lightly blanched and salted

And even chomping down raw salad leaves like little rabbits!

These pictures were taken when hubby and I were the last to have dinner at mum's house on the Chinese Ghost Festival. The salad leaves were meant to wrap meat dishes before popping into our mouths. The kids had already taken their dinners, but came back to the dinner table to snack on raw salad leaves. They only eat the leaves dipped into some Chinese sweet sauce. Look how they loved them :-).
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baby shoes

When QQ was born 3 years ago, the first things that relatives and friends noticed were "Oh, your baby girl is a spitting image of Kelvin!" and "My... her feet are rather large, aren’t they?” All in a jest of course :-).

Yes, QQ was a mini Kelvin when she was a baby. As she grows older, she began to look more like me.

One thing never changed though, are her feet. They are still very large until today. When she was a baby, I had trouble searching for large sized baby booties to fit those meaty soles of hers. Unlike her brother, HQ, who made do with larger socks, I hand-stitched some baby booties for QQ. I reckoned, although her feet were nothing like Cinderella’s, being a girl, she deserved to be dressed up a bit :-). The handmade baby booties turned out pretty cute and served its purpose for the first 12 months.

After her first birthday, she started cruising (HQ was walking by 12 months; QQ's a late walker :-)). I knew then we had to look for early walker soft-soled baby shoes for her. With her large feet, it was almost impossible to find a pair that fitted her! We eventually found a pair after combing many shoes stores. I just hope that I will be able to find a nice pair of buckle up school shoes for her when she attends pre-kindergarten next year.

We are very aware of the importance of choosing correct shoes to keep kids feet comfortable at all times. Here's a very informative video that points out the important things to look for when fitting your daughters buckle up school shoes. The shoe store attendant was so attentive and careful with that little girl. So if you’re also looking for kids shoes, do watch this video for some useful tips.

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