Wednesday, September 1, 2010

baby shoes

When QQ was born 3 years ago, the first things that relatives and friends noticed were "Oh, your baby girl is a spitting image of Kelvin!" and "My... her feet are rather large, aren’t they?” All in a jest of course :-).

Yes, QQ was a mini Kelvin when she was a baby. As she grows older, she began to look more like me.

One thing never changed though, are her feet. They are still very large until today. When she was a baby, I had trouble searching for large sized baby booties to fit those meaty soles of hers. Unlike her brother, HQ, who made do with larger socks, I hand-stitched some baby booties for QQ. I reckoned, although her feet were nothing like Cinderella’s, being a girl, she deserved to be dressed up a bit :-). The handmade baby booties turned out pretty cute and served its purpose for the first 12 months.

After her first birthday, she started cruising (HQ was walking by 12 months; QQ's a late walker :-)). I knew then we had to look for early walker soft-soled baby shoes for her. With her large feet, it was almost impossible to find a pair that fitted her! We eventually found a pair after combing many shoes stores. I just hope that I will be able to find a nice pair of buckle up school shoes for her when she attends pre-kindergarten next year.

We are very aware of the importance of choosing correct shoes to keep kids feet comfortable at all times. Here's a very informative video that points out the important things to look for when fitting your daughters buckle up school shoes. The shoe store attendant was so attentive and careful with that little girl. So if you’re also looking for kids shoes, do watch this video for some useful tips.

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Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sarah has huge feet too, just like me!


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