Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I do dream funny dreams, but lately I dream them even more often (and some scary ones too, but I'll just share the funny ones). They're lengthy too... so by the time I wake up at 6am or so, I'm still exhausted.

There's one dream where I was back in my school days with my old school friends. We're not as little anymore, but all grown up. Guess who was our teacher? My hubby *hahahahahahaha!* The scenes of my dream were in the classroom, and snowy mountains when we had a school excursion. (Snowy mountains... hahaha). And... get this... my hubby and I had this secret teacher-student relationship, where we HAD to keep secret from the rest of the students. So the feelings were we really cared about each other, and everytime we accidentally brushed our hands and shoulders together, we had to take a very good amount of control to refrain ourselves (from going crazy over each other in front of other students). It was funny... hahahahaha.

Another dream was my hubby's boss came to stay for the night, before he and hubby leave for overseas together the next morning. So we were preparing to go out for dinner, and I suddenly announced that I needed to HANDWASH a big load of clothes first before I can leave for dinner. And so they all waited for me in hubby boss' car while I did my washing. Weird.

And the other night I dreamt that my sister's father-in-law and mother-in-law were inside a glass section of OUR house... sunbathing. At night. (As if we have a glass section in our house, and sunbathe at night?) They had a maid guarding the entrance of that section, not allowing anyone to enter. In my dream, I told HQ that they were... n a k e d. o.O"
(It's just a dream ok. In real life, I can assure you that my sister's parents-in-law are not so... umm, what's a better word... they're very decent people :-))

And lastly, I'm in a run-down building, which I believe is a shopping mall. Although there's no shops or nobody around. It's just corridors and pillars, lifts and carparks. All very cramped and dingy. But there's one foyer that's quite spacious and airy. In the dream, I was often looking for something; moving from the carpark to lifts, various corridors, to that foyer, and start all over again. My mood in the dream was not rushed, I was just feeling very puzzled going through those places. I often have this dream... always the same place and the same mood. Kind of deja-vu. It's not a scary dream, just very strange.

I know my dreams are very weird lately. And it's getting weirder now, because I blog about them... hahaha. Do you think they mean anything?

Hubby doesn't dream weird dreams. So I really want to know, do you have weird dreams too?

(I can really do with some humor here... so laugh with me, ok?)

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mNhL said...

oh yes....i have weird dreams but I can't really remember them. When I woke up, I knew I had weird dreams but really cannot recall what they were.

goolypop said...

waiyo! Hamsup dream man.....I got also, about me and a korean boy loving each other since 5 yrs old wor....So roman....

BoeyJoey said...

goolypop: wooi!!! hamsup your head la! :-D . i didn't see any more-than-necessary skin ok! vely innocent one...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahhhha...your dreams are funny. i have lots of weird dreams too and i dream every night. must be stress!

Mummy Gwen said...

Maybe alot of things on your mind lately? I don't remember what I dreamt of...haha..I have poor memory. @_@


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