Friday, September 10, 2010

an effective remedy for joint pains

My mum, who is in her mid sixties often complains of joint pains, especially on her knees. This condition is named as osteoarthritis, whereby the cartilage, or the rubbery material that cushions joints, becomes stiff and loses its elasticity. This condition progresses with age. Although her pains are not severe, they were more apparent early in the morning when she wakes up and towards the evening. Initially, she was taking gamat, a traditional remedy consisting of pure sea cucumber paste which is rich in collagen. It tasted awful, the texture was off-putting and it's foul-smelling.

Fortunately, a friend recommended Glucosamine to my Mum. When my sister was travelling to UK last year, she bought a huge bottle for my Mum to try. Glucosamine is a compound found naturally in the joints and muscles where it is largely responsible in the mobility and smooth working of connective tissue. Glucosamine supplements are manufactured from chitin, a pure substance derived from shells of shrimp, crab, lobster and other sea creatures. These tasteless and odourless tablets are easy to consume. My Mum definitely prefers these easy tablets than the unpleasant gamat.

When my Mum's bottle of Glucosamine ran out, we did a Google search and discovered that it is easily available online; purchasing is a breeze. We would like to try Nature's Best as it produces one of the best quality Glucosamine Sulphate supplements available in the market, and is among the very few brands that meets the pharmaceutical standards.

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smallkucing said...

I heard of this too. Cosway have this also. Bought some for my parent-in-laws. they took and said quite effective.

A Mom's Diary said...

There are many many brands of glucosamine but if you ask the rheumatologists (I've worked closely with them in the past), by and large, they would recommended Viatril-S. It's the brand with most extensive and established clinical data. I don't have any interest AT ALL in the company that markets Viatril-S but since most brands of glucosamine are quite costly, just thought that this might be a useful piece of info.

lil' bulb said...

My father also take this as and when he feel needed. He said too costly to take it everyday.....

BoeyJoey said...

A Mom's Diary: Thanks for the info :-)


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