Thursday, September 2, 2010

how do you spell viking?

HQ: 5y 3mo We were watching "How to Train Your Dragon" last weekend, at home, and the kids enjoyed it tremendously. They have been watching this movie for many times now, but never get tired of it.

And of course, when later after the movie, the kids will play pretend... HQ being Toothless or Night Fury, QQ being one of the other dragon, which HQ has named "Blue Crystal". I will be given a role as well (although I don't play it actively)... either "Blue Sea" or "Two Heads". Yes, other than Toothless, these names were all made up by HQ. And the kick is, Papa is given a baddy role as usual, named as... "Big Head". o.O"

It's funny how he named these dragons actual words, whereas usually he would come up with funny and original names like Phillybambee, Black Min Bok, Rambuchoton, Mealibinibong, or the like.

We don't mind them watching this movie, as it's a movie about friendship, empathy and courage. And the kids do learn some new words too... like the word Viking, the tribe (is it a tribe or race??) where the young hero, Hiccup, originated from.

Having heard the word Viking said repeatedly on the show, but haven't seen it written, HQ tried spelling that word on his own:

HQ: Mama, I know how to spell Viking.

Mama: Oh... so how do you spell Viking?

HQ: Big Y, dot, big K, i n g.

Which if we put it down in writing, is... "Y. King"


Which is not wrong, isn't it? Viking does sound the same as Y. King... And although the meaning is different (Y. King is more like a name), in pronunciation, he did spell it correctly. And I liked that he thought of putting in the "dot" (full stop). :-D.

So that led me to explain the difference between Viking and Y. King.

Hahaha... my little boy... I find him so cute :-D.

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smallkucing said...

the dot com generation hahaha

Uncle Lee said...

Hi BJ, kids can be hilarious. They give you laughter most of the times, sometimes stress, sometimes panic, but whatever, kids are fun. And they in their own way teach us life's lessons.
You have fun too, Lee.

reanaclaire said...

clever boy!! :)

the little prince said...

hahahah!! Interesting!! The kid really are good in their creation!

Mummy Gwen said...

He is so clever. :)


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