Friday, October 29, 2010

magic things

On our drive home from mum's house each night, the kids entertain themselves with songs, games and made-up stories. Though the drive is only about 20 minutes long each night, it's a time where we spend as a family. Shortly after we reach home, it will be time for the kids to sleep already. So, I really enjoy these short drives and they are precious to me :-).

Recently, HQ has introduced a game, whereby he is a cook and serve yummy food to us. What made the game funny was, QQ would wallop everything, including exotic and yucky stuffs like frogs, snails, grasshoppers, snakes and lizards. She would even go "Yummy!". We all went "Yuck!"

(So here, I hope she had forgotten this episode :-))

So, food moved to gifts.

And gifts moved to magic things.

Here's where it gets interesting. I'm very entertained by the magic things that HQ comes up with. Here's the few that I remembered:

Magic shoes that fly you up to the moon. And enlarge into the size of boats for you to ride across rivers. When you do not need them anymore, they shrink into little shoes that you can carry in your pockets.

Super Magic Cockroaches which can bite through anything, including iron! So if you're caught by any baddies, you can use your cockroach to help you escape. And of course the cockroach can grow big enough to fly you off to safety.

Super Mighty Shark that helps ostriches pull up their heads up from the ground. Haha! This one is funny :-).

Magic Toy Car that can be a real car to be driven around. When you need it no more, it will shrink back to the size of a toy and you can play with it.

Magic Toy Diplococus that can suck in air and become big to protect you. After which, it will shrink into a toy dinosaur again. Magic Triceratops that uses its horns to spark enemies with electricity. And Magic Tyrannosaurus which can spew fire out of its mouth to barbeque the enemies.

So eventhough we're always rushing (in the morning to school and work, at night back home to go to sleep), we are able to have short family time together :-). From how the kids responded, I think they enjoy these moments as much as we do :-).

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

time flies...

The other Sunday, while hubby and I were busy with our usual chores; cooking, washing, cleaning, ironing, working on his laptop (yes, that's my hubby), QQ was having her nap while HQ was busy doing his own stuffs.

HQ was seated on the sofa, flipping some books and reading softly to himself. Out of curiosity, I peeped over his shoulder. I was very surprised to find that he's reading a Mandarin story book! And his pronunciation was perfect too!

From a non-Chinese speaking kid, he's now reading and communicating fluently in Mandarin. Just the other day, when I was chatting with his Mandarin teacher, I found out that he's one of the best readers in Mandarin among his peers. I'm so proud of him :')

But on the other hand, I feel that I fall short as a parent. I knew precisely he was weak in Mandarin early this year, and I did not nothing about it. His days are filled with him doing his own stuffs and finding his own entertainment. He's independent and do not request much from us. If he does make a request, it will be asking us to read to him (eventhough he reads well on his own), watch tv with him, or to play with him.

We are busy everyday, and the weeks passed by so fast. He's already reaching my arm and he's going to be 5 and a half! How did he grow so fast?!? I sometimes feel real bad that the time that rolled by is wasted? We do not enrol him for any enrichment class after school or during weekends. Are we wasting his time? Will he feel left out among his peers? Am I a bad mother?

I tell him that I love him everyday, and show it as much as I could. But there's so much more I wanted to show him, teach him, expose new things to him... looks like I'm not doing all that much...

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Monday, October 25, 2010

lovely blog friends :-)

back-dated post: 18 Oct 2010

Last Monday, Elaine and I met up for lunch. We were to meet at Madam Kwan's, and as I walked towards her, she exclaimed:

"You look exactly like how you look like in your blog!"

So sponteneous :-P

I liked her already :-).

And yes, I found her looking exactly like how she looked like in her blog too :-D.

We yakked over lunch; about kids, work, her wonderful baking, sewing, and many other things.

At the end of the lunch, Elaine surprised me with some gifts for my QQ. Elaine, together with Barb and Annie had learnt that QQ was having a stubborn fever due to some infection (blogged earlier), and they were so thoughtful to get gifts for her, to cheer her up :-).

We have only "met" over our blogs and FB, and they are so kind and showed that they sincerely care for QQ. I am so touched :').

This huge doll set with a super wardrobe of cocktail and party dresses is a gift from Elaine and Annie. I tell you, QQ was over the moon when she saw this! I would too if I'm her :-D.
"Thanks, Aunty Elaine and Aunty Annie!"

And Barb bought this pair of flats for QQ. So so pretty! This would be the perfect pair of shoes for QQ to wear for my brother's wedding next month! :-D (Do they have adult size???)
"Thanks, Aunty Barb!" And not forgetting Hui Nih's gifts too, when she came back to Malaysia for her last holiday. QQ loves the gifts, especially the pony!
"Thanks, Aunty Hui Nih!"
QQ is such a lucky girl :-). She's alright now, just need to improve her immune system and fatten her up a bit. Thank you all for your concerns and well wishes :-).

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

my 3-year-old is becoming a vegetarian

Mum was cleaning some fishes on Friday morning. She usually does her cleaning at the wet kitchen, over the low basin and water tap. QQ, as usual, came and keypoh. The basin and water tap were low enough for her to peep at the fishes in the basin.

QQ: *gasp* Popo, why are you cutting the fish head away?!?!
Popo: Because we won't be eating the heads.

What QQ was going to say gave mum a surprise.

QQ: Popo, don't cut the fishes! They are soooooo poor things!
Popo: But we have to clean them before we cook them for dinner!
QQ: But I don't want to eat the fishes! They are soooooo poor thing!
Popo: We must eat fish... fish is good for us.
QQ: But I don't want to eat fish! So poor thing! I want fish to swim... like my tortoise at home!
Popo: These fishes are already dead. For us to cook and eat. They can't swim anymore.
QQ: Popo! You kill the fishes! You cut the head and kill the fishes! Soooo poor thing *SOB*

Mum told me that she had a hard time cleaning the rest of the fishes. Made her feel like the worst person in the world :-S

And when dinner came, true to her words, QQ didn't want to eat the fishes. She told mum she didn't want to eat fish anymore. She said she wanted to eat tofu. o.O"

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

my little model...

I've been getting hubby to be my photographer, which he does happily and willingly. That is, if he's in Malaysia. And I've been getting QQ as my model too. Best to catch her early in the morning right after she wakes up, as that's when she is more cooperative. The downside however, is to shoot quickly, and most of the times, we compensate on the styling department :-(. As nivniv is not looking any boyish at the moment, QQ is my sole model :-). And I have some very lovely customers who shoot photos of their beautiful princesses wearing nivniv products... you girls are amazing! :-D Please bear in mind that the shots below are not studio pictures and not meant to be perfect. Main intention is to see how the products may look or size up to your little girl. QQ is wearing the Cherry Dress. She stands at 103cm tall and she's modeling size 100cm (height of the child) here. QQ looks skinny here, huh? I've sent this dress to Singapore yesterday for a customer :-). I have one last Cherry Dress at size 120cm. Click here to see details :-). Updated -> Sold :-) Here, my skinny minnie is wearing the Country Roses Sundress. She's only 3, but she's really tall for her age (103cm). This dress she's wearing is at Size 4T... fits nicely on her. Only one Country Roses Sundress is made, so it's one in the world :-). More photos here. Any takers? :-) Some of the older pictures - a more chubby QQ is wearing the Heart and Ribbon hairclip. I made many different colour combos; love that it is simple yet very chic! Available here :-).
Single Rose Hairclip. This is Orange from the Autumn colours range. Check out more colours here :-). QQ is looking very sunny here with the Electric Blue Fluttering Heart hairclips. I love this shot! :-DAnd here's QQ with our very durable thick cotton kiddo bag! The one she's holding is zebra and lion bag. Just nice for her little hands! It's reversible, so click here to see how the other side looks like! Do come visit my little handmade store for other handmade goodies. New items are added periodically, so come and visit often! Thank you, all! © Lee Pei Yi. All rights reserved. Originally published for All images and text cannot be republished without express written permission.

Friday, October 15, 2010

QQ writes 1 to 5!

She walks later than her brother, at a ripe age of 15 months old. As her health is not good since young, I have always thought my little girl QQ will be a slow learner. Whenever she is not able to do something, we will just leave it as it is. We have never push or encourage her, and we never expect her to follow her elder brother's footsteps. We accept that she is slow.

She has proven us very wrong :-).

She speaks fairly well for her age. She has a good memory and can sing many songs. Including some oldies that my mum thought her :-). Her body moves very well to the rhythm of music. She memorizes (not read) her brother's story books from school.

She is writing A, 0, C and 1 on her own. And recently at 3 years 2 months old, she has mastered numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 on her own without tracing :-).

I'm so proud of her. As I'm writing, my tears well in my eyes, as I am so so so grateful that she is who she is today :')

Here's a video for my record:

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

save the whales

Save the whales...

Everyone should lend a hand to preserve the environment and the precious animals that are going extinct. Including the whales. They are such magnificent mammals of the sea :-).
No matter how small, every act counts.

I'm doing my very small part too :-).

I saved HQ's handmade whale soft toy from a broken tail and spilling stuffing! Hahahaha!

Ahem... ok.

Jokes aside, there is an impressive organisation dedicated to this cause. You can get loads of interesting information from this site. Please visit :-).
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

featured on petit citron

Do you remember this refashioned skirt? I refashioned HQ's khaki pants into this skirt for QQ sometime back.
And I was delighted when Perrine from Petit Citron, left a comment to the post to feature this refashioned skirt in their blog! Petit Citron is a French sewing website and blog, featuring interesting sewing projects... all in charming French :-).

The khaki refashioned skirt was featured on Petit Citron back in April; you can see the article here.

Just in case you're like me (unable to understand French), I did a little search and found the translation from Webtranslation:

" They all saw in the course of a blog how transforming a pair of blue jeans into skirt and here, idea is a bit similar. It is a question of recycling a pair of trousers in skirt with steering wheels. It is really easy but I like this idea well because she allows to recycle boy's trousers in clothes of small girl, what can be practical when they want to delay the clothes of the elder to the sister! In two words, it is necessary to cut the high party of trousers (without cutting the posterior pockets) then to add one or two steering wheels down."

And recently in September, Petit Citron did a round up on clothes refashioning, and this little refashioned khaki skirt is featured again!

Thanks for the wonderful features, Perrine and Petit Citron! :-D.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a round-up

Phew! Been busy with family, work and this little store :-)

A few not so typical things happened in this household, and as I have not been blogging and blog-hopping (sorry,peeps :-( ) for sometime now, I'll do a round-up of what happened.

26 Sept 2010 (Sunday)

I was away for some time (20 Sept - Monday) till (24 Sept - Friday) and did not have a chance to prim myself properly. When I got back home, I knew I needed to trim my eyebrows badly. On Sunday night when I took the eyebrow blade trimmer, I accidentally slashed my finger. Badly.

And it needed 5 stitches.

I didn't even think of getting any photos at that time. We went to a nearby clinic. Hubby was in the car waiting with the sleeping kids (it was already 10.30pm) and I was too chicken to look during the stitching. Too bad, no picture of the raw cut and no picture of the stitching procedure.

And here's my finger last Friday 8 Oct, when I went to remove 2 stitches (looks like 4 total stitches there ya, but the doctor said he stitched 5).Tonight I'm going to remove the remaining stitches. Will have a beautiful scar to show off to my kids later :-D.

27 Sept 2010 (Monday)
I came back to my office on Monday (with a bandaged finger) after a being away for a week. Surprise! Our company has been bought over by another sister company. There's changes to the direction, office location, and responsibilities. And there's a new product portfolio, launching in mid November... so exciting! I'm sorry I can't share much on this, but my days and nights now are very very busy!

7 Oct 2010 (Thursday)

QQ was having fever since 21 Sept 2010, which was successfully curbed by Progesic paracetamol, suppository and antibiotics. After two days of fever-free, her fever came back again, with vengeance. We brought her back to her Pead on 7 Oct, who called for blood tests, urine test and an ultrasound. As expected she had an infection. And was given another round of antibiotics. Poor girl :-(. But she's on the mend now :-).

8 Oct 2010 (Friday)
I was driving home from work; it was 8+pm. Thinking of swerving to McD by the highway to grab my dinner. I was driving 2 cars distance from the car in front at about 100km/h. The car in front suddenly hit the brake, and I hastily stepped on my brake pedal, swerving left and right to reduce the momentum. I managed to brake in time and did not hit the car in front. Phew!

But I heard a laud B A N G !!!

I was hit from behind! And the car behind was hit by another car behind it!


So it's a 3 cars pile. The 3rd car was total KO with damaged radiator and engine. Luckily the damage on my car is not too bad... just scratches and a dent on the right side of the back bumper.

Sigh... so troublesome :-(
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Friday, October 1, 2010

QQ dancing on 28Sept2010

*pengsan* :-D

Background music is from Journey to the West, TV8.

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