Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a round-up

Phew! Been busy with family, work and this little store :-)

A few not so typical things happened in this household, and as I have not been blogging and blog-hopping (sorry,peeps :-( ) for sometime now, I'll do a round-up of what happened.

26 Sept 2010 (Sunday)

I was away for some time (20 Sept - Monday) till (24 Sept - Friday) and did not have a chance to prim myself properly. When I got back home, I knew I needed to trim my eyebrows badly. On Sunday night when I took the eyebrow blade trimmer, I accidentally slashed my finger. Badly.

And it needed 5 stitches.

I didn't even think of getting any photos at that time. We went to a nearby clinic. Hubby was in the car waiting with the sleeping kids (it was already 10.30pm) and I was too chicken to look during the stitching. Too bad, no picture of the raw cut and no picture of the stitching procedure.

And here's my finger last Friday 8 Oct, when I went to remove 2 stitches (looks like 4 total stitches there ya, but the doctor said he stitched 5).Tonight I'm going to remove the remaining stitches. Will have a beautiful scar to show off to my kids later :-D.

27 Sept 2010 (Monday)
I came back to my office on Monday (with a bandaged finger) after a being away for a week. Surprise! Our company has been bought over by another sister company. There's changes to the direction, office location, and responsibilities. And there's a new product portfolio, launching in mid November... so exciting! I'm sorry I can't share much on this, but my days and nights now are very very busy!

7 Oct 2010 (Thursday)

QQ was having fever since 21 Sept 2010, which was successfully curbed by Progesic paracetamol, suppository and antibiotics. After two days of fever-free, her fever came back again, with vengeance. We brought her back to her Pead on 7 Oct, who called for blood tests, urine test and an ultrasound. As expected she had an infection. And was given another round of antibiotics. Poor girl :-(. But she's on the mend now :-).

8 Oct 2010 (Friday)
I was driving home from work; it was 8+pm. Thinking of swerving to McD by the highway to grab my dinner. I was driving 2 cars distance from the car in front at about 100km/h. The car in front suddenly hit the brake, and I hastily stepped on my brake pedal, swerving left and right to reduce the momentum. I managed to brake in time and did not hit the car in front. Phew!

But I heard a laud B A N G !!!

I was hit from behind! And the car behind was hit by another car behind it!


So it's a 3 cars pile. The 3rd car was total KO with damaged radiator and engine. Luckily the damage on my car is not too bad... just scratches and a dent on the right side of the back bumper.

Sigh... so troublesome :-(
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reanaclaire said...

peiyi!!! that was gross! just bec of the eyebrow grimmer, u needed 5 stitches?? gosh!! what a trimmer.. u better be more careful..
about the car bang bang, i kena two times before.. you are more fortunate, only scratches.. for me, the bumpers need to be changed..
but thank God, we are alright though i had few stitches stitched up at my right small toe.. :)

Kancilbiru said...

wahhh ngeri sungguh! huhuu

VanessaJezamine said...

I hope QQ is now fine, and I hope you get better soon!

I cut myself in the swimming pool when I was 13 (leg went behind the railings of the stairs and I yank real hard...) and I needed 8 stitches. I witness everything the doc did... including the 3 painful numbing shot. XD

experience, never used the stairs out of the pool again. XD

smallkucing said...

Looks like not a good month for you.Hope everything would go smoothly for you hereon. Glad you didnt snap photo of the raw cut. May your finger heal soon

Kelvin said...

I remember I took some photo where the sink and floor covers with blood....

Angeline@安琪琳 said...

Take care dear! How;s is ur finger?

MyBotanG said...

Oh gosh.. terrible incidents one after another.. 5 stitches for a cut from a blade.. yikes!!! I'm glad you didn't have any raw bloody pic.. even this one is making my tummy churn.. get better soon!! same goes to QQ.. Odaijini darling!! (get well soon in japanese)

BoeyJoey said...

reanaclaire: yeah... it was quite a deep cut. adui... and the thing is right after the accident, 3 guys ran out of no where and started promoting their tow and car repair services *shake head* your poor right small toe... due to the car accident?

Kancilbiru: heh... loya i...

VenessaJezamine: QQ is fine; thanks :-).
8 stitches on your leg??? wow... you're one tough cookie eh, can witness the whole process.

BoeyJoey said...

smallkucing: i'm not as cool as some bloggers who can think of snapping everything when they get a chance :-). Yes, hope everything will go smoothly hereon.

Kelvin: I saw! Yuck, looks like someone just commited suicide there *shudder*

Angeline: Much better! Thanks, dear :-)

MyBotanG: Thanks, dear!

Annie Q said...

aiyoo...that is bad cut! Hope it heal soon and won't leave behind any scar. Next time go for eyebrow threading, much more easier. no need to trim ourself. heehhehe

*shoo shoo shoo* Hope all the bad luck go away from you, and good luck coming the way. :) Take good care

Wish QQ speedy recovery!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

aiyo...so many things happened. sorry to hear about your lil finger. look pretty bad :( Good to hear that QQ is better. I hope this will be a better month for everyone ;)

Wonderful Life said...

Ouch! Hope your finger getting better now.

MeRy said...

Oh...sorry to hear that your finger needed 5 stitches because of the eyebrow trimmer...Oh gosh,be careful next time.

How is QQ today? Hope QQ is recovering now.

BoeyJoey said...

Annie Q: Think by next week no need bandage already. Nevermind if got scar, finger only ma. The scar can remind my kids not to play with knife :-).
QQ is much better now, in fact, my mum brought her to the hair salon today!
Yeah... shoo shoo, all bad luck go to the longkang!

Mommy to Chumsy: Yes, much better month for everyone!

Wonderful Life: Think can remove bandage in a week gua. It's ok, only more troublesome :-)

BoeyJoey said...

MeRy: She's feeling much better. Thanks :-)

LittleLamb said...

OMG...r u ok? Very dramatic week you got and I can "feel" ur tiredness too?? Do take lots of rest ya....

Alice Phua said...

Poor you that you got your finger 'trimmed' instead of the eyebrow...be more careful next time. After reading this blogpost, I'm reminded that I have not been trimming my eyebrow for I think 6-7 months already! Ever since I'm in my current job and shifted to my own house, I have been struggling to find time for myself. After the car pile-up, I agree it's very leceh one, I shudder to think about it as I experienced something like this before, but it's not the pile-up type, but it's still a hassle to have to deal with it. Hope your child has recovered fully by now.

Sun Sun said...

Pei Yi.. the 5-stiches photo is scary!

BoeyJoey said...

LittleLamb: I'm ok, Rachel. Still holding up :-D. Thanks.

Alice Phua: Me too, me too... couldn't remember when I had my last facial :-(. QQ is ok; thanks. Ya... for some scratches and a dent, so ma fan.

Sun Sun: Hee hee... I can remove the bandage and show you :-P

Mummy Gwen said...

Aiyo...what kind of trimmer is that. I didn't know got such thing one..I use tweezer only. My gosh the wound is so deep. Be extra careful next time ya.

Oh my so many things happened. Glad to know QQ is recovering from the fever. I hope she has recovered by now.

Our car was hit by a lorry last week when we were in Melaka for a one night stay.:(

mNhL said...

Oh dear....so many things happening... hope your finger will heal soon... and your car...just get it repaired. Luckily no casualty. That's more important. But I can understand all the hassle and frustration.....hang on there.

Health Freak Mommy said...

OMG, I felt so geli looking at the pic, eeeeesh!! Poor poor you.. be very very careful next time. Both also claimable from insurance right? :)

CH Voon said...

wah it look a bit dasyat ni. take care and wish ur finger recover soon.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Ouch!! Never knew that "cosmetic tools" can be so hazardous. My heart was thumping real fast while reading your mishaps. Be more careful next time ya!

Alice Law said...

OMG! I would recommend you to pluck your eyebrows with tweezer instead, the injury must be terrible to the extend you needed so many stitches! Ouch~!

All the best to QQ and you take care too!
p/s: Sorry to hear the bad news about your car, cheers!

UmmiRosma said...

Oh my....I hope you will recover soon. Be extra careful next time ya.

The big bang on the bumper??? Lucky you are ok..

Take care dear :)

wenn said...

oh my goodness, such deep cut..I would faint for sure.

BoeyJoey said...

Mummy Gwen: I bought the blades from Watson... 4 in a pack, comes with cover for the blade. I cut my finger when I yanked the cover out. Threw the blade away right after that :-S.

QQ is better, thank you :-). Just hope the fever doesn't come back after she stops her antibiotics.

Adui... your car also kena hit? By lorry some more? So troublesome ya?

BoeyJoey said...

mNhL: My finger is much better now. Just take more time to do things. Will take care. Thanks for your concern ya :-D

Health Freak Mummy: Hee hee... geli hor. The finger is claimable. The car... actually according to the adjuster, very "sap sui" only wor. So, maybe can claim a small amount only.

CH Voon: Thanks, Voon :-).

BoeyJoey said...

ChloeRuoyi: No major casualty, so it's ok! Will be more careful next time. Thanks! :-).

Alice Law: Tweezer very slow leh... but now really no choice use tweezer. I'm paranoid of those blades now. QQ is much better now, thanks :-)

UmmiRosma: Thanks, dear :-)

wenn: I was feeling "jelly" all over too... haha!

coffeesncookies said...

omg.. that reminds me again to be careful with those shavers. or throw it away just in case you-know-who gets her hands on it. perhaps you should get a electric shaver.. watsons has it .. not v expensive.

i think QQ's immune system is constantly at test now, after the ops and rounds of antibiotics. Perhaps you can put her on probiotics ? very effective in boosting immune system

take care !

A Mom's Diary said...

5 stitches is pretty bad. It's been a really long time since I trim my own brow - normally will ask the facial lady to do it for me :-)

Luckily your car escaped with only minor dents and scratches. I also kena recently. The car in front got into an accident at the junction, and as the car was blocking the road, she reversed into me...aarrgh...so 无辜 I could only watch as she hit my car.

Mummy to QiQi said...

OMG, i wanna faint when i saw your stitches. Luckily u did not slashed your eyes man!

Mummy Moon said...

Oh no... Just see the pic I can feel the pain , The trimmer is indeed so sharp. I think I use some kind of same trimmer too.. Now I place it very very high ( cant reach by kids ) after an incident.. YAn Yan once took my trimmer and try to open the cover which I keep in my drawer. She got a cut on her finger and bleeding quite a lot ( for a lil girl ) . Lucky the cut wasnt that deep just a plaster to be placed on the cut will do.. She never never want to play my stuff any more..

BoeyJoey said...

A Mom's Diary: I don;t know when's the last time i went for a facil :-S. My eyebrows grow quite fast, so got to trim every 2 - 3 days. Sorry to hear about your car, luckily everyone is alright.

Mummy to QiQi: That happened before I started to trim. Thank god!

Mummy Moon: Oh dear, so sorry to hear what happened to Yan Yan. Luckily her finger is ok. If the cut is as deep as mine, I think for a little child, the finger would have been severed. *shiver*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ai yo yo, I am sure it is pain the moment your hand get cut!
Tk care yeah.


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