Tuesday, November 30, 2010

here you go...

"Aunty Hoyoyi,

Here's a picture of me standing "guai-guai" wearing the dress that you saw in previous article.

So... where's my Christmas present? Hee hee

Love from,

Actually I took this picture together with the last batch. But I didn't upload it until Hoyoyi asked about it :-).

If you do not know, Hoyoyi makes very cute handmade booties and bibs for babies, which make great baby shower gifts. Go visit her at her blog here :-).

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hoyoyi said...

So, cute!!! Love it ^ ^

kindly send your address to hoyoyi@gmail.com ^ ^ She will received it before Christmas...hehe~

Small Kucing said...

very nice dress

MeRy said...

SO nice..

prince n princess mum said...

nice dress!

slavemom said...

Pretty girl in a pretty dress. Jes rmbr, dun go climbing on anything ok, QQ? :D


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