Wednesday, November 3, 2010


having hurried lunches of sandwiches in my car. while driving. 3 days in a row. i'll puke if i see another sandwich *bleah*
practically running under the scorching sun for a canceled meeting. 2 times. don't people have the courtesy to call?
breaking one of my high heels in a public toilet. male toilet. don't ask.
my eldest announcing that he just had his exams. *gasp* i had totally forgotten about it *feeling really lousy now :-(*

totally not enjoying the nows.

when will it get better? *sigh*


mNhL said...

Shoe broken can buy a new one. Good that you did not hurt yourself. Relax. Good things will come to you soon.

Shireen Loh said...

oh dear. take a deep breath. i know it's easier said than done becos i know what it feels like when there's lack of courtesy whatsoever with people. I used to hate it when people leave things on my desk without a note. DOn't even know who left them there and what they wanted me to do with it. Just one of those things. beathe in and breathe out. As for ur boy, I don't know how old he is but just the same, try not to stress yourself up. I'm sure he'll do just fine.

BoeyJoey said...

mNhL: Feeling better now; thanks :-). Just felt really lousy yesterday.

BoeyJoey said...

Shireen Loh: Ya man... some more involved so many people. I'm sure the person who organised the meeting will have very itchy ears for many days. Worse is, many are coming from outside offices.

My eldest boy is 5. sigh... i felt that i have neglected him. my family should be my priority but looks like work has taken over everything else :-(.

prince n princess mum said...

When? soon!

smallkucing said...

soon soon...sabar

Ally said...

*Hugz* Okay, that's surely the end of it, lady luck is coming your way!!! :)


Mummy Gwen said...

Oh dear. It's patient ya.

LittleLamb said...

hey...we all go thru this kind of shit on n off. just hv to think positive n take it easy.

slavemom said...

Hope the not-so-enjoyable nows r past tense edi. Sunny days ahead. ;)


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