Friday, December 31, 2010

movies for the kids

back-dated post.

This lovely lady is always ahead where kiddos movies is concerned. Every movie that she brings her nephews to appeals to my kiddos as well :-).

So, we went to watch Megamind. Which was a great movie. As usual, before they even started watching the movie, the kids chose their favourite characters. HQ chose MetroMan and QQ chose Tighten. Turned out the real hero was Megamind... haha! So both were disappointed :-). Even so, they did enjoyed watching it.

Next movie that we went to was Rapunzel, A Tangled Tale. Which was a blast! All of us enjoyed the movie! It has an interesting twist to the story, it was funny and really touching. Tears rolled down my cheeks at a few scenes. So here, the kids were mimicking two of their favourite characters... can you guess who they are? :-).

(I was kind of expecting QQ to choose the horse as her fave character! *phew!*)

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

a simple birthday celebration

Back-dated post: 22nd November 2010

My 34th birthday fell on 22nd November 2010, which was a Monday.

We didn't do much of a celebration. After work that day, hubby packed KFC and a carrot sheet cake from Secret Recipes.

Already full with dinner, the kids had a mashed potato and a drumstick each for supper. Due to this supper, they were allowed to sleep very late that night :-).
Followed by cake cutting. QQ is most happy whenever there are birthdays, and always insist to blow the candles, cut the cake, take photos, as if it's her birthday :-). HQ on the other hand, is at a stage where he will participate readily in everything... except when taking photos *slap forehead*. He just wouldn't smile, look somewhere else, make a cheeky face, or worse, he'll shy away *shake head*. Except, of course, if it's taking photo with his favourite cousin, G :-).

Just a simple post to take note of the ocassion where I turned one year older :-).

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singapore trip: sentosa

day 4: 6th December 2010 (Monday). You can read Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 entries by clicking the links.

We dedicated a whole day for Sentosa, as we know there's much to see and do. In the morning, BIL drove us all to Grandma's place to fetch Mum. Although it was quite a distance between Sis' place and Grandma's, moving around Singapore for these past few days was a breeze, thanks to BIL's 8 seats MPV :-).

It was already lunch hour when we reached Sentosa. Quickly took the tram to cari makan (Malay: look for food).

In the tram. The boys; boisterous as usual! :-D.
Me and my pumpkin :-D. After lunch, the fun begun :-). First we checked out all the activities that we wanted to partake in. There were packages for combined activities, but we knew our time was short, so we bought the activities tickets separately.

First, was the Segway Funride. This was the picture taken by the Funride employees of the gang. Of course the background was photoshopped, but cute right, especially the kids :-PHQ enjoyed the ride so much, that he went twice! With G!I was rather afraid that my little girl may not be able to handle the bike on her own. But I heard from hubs that there were employees leading the little ones, and my little tomboy did just fine! Sis and the kids. I just love this photo so much! HQ was making some monkey face there, but this photo still looks perfect to me. My Sis looks really cool too, yeah? ;-)Mum, baby R and myself did not go for the Funride, and we sat at a nearby outdoor cafe to wait for the rest. And I must say, baby R is definitely a dream baby to look after! Although baby R was not familiar with Mum and I, he did not utter a peep or look for his Mummy. While Mum and I chatted, baby R kept himself entertained by looking at passing trams, birds pecking on crumbs, played with my rubberband, and occasionally called the lamppost "ball!". He was also very cute with his giggles, showing off his few small teeth. Such a precious baby! :-D

Our next activity was to go on the Luge! I went with the gang this time, while Sis and Mum looked after baby R.

The Luge comes with the Skyride to the peak, as the Luge is riden on a slope. Here we are on the Skyride; this photo was taken by the automatic camera on a pole while we whisked by. The kids enjoyed the ride; though it was sunny, it was very windy too. QQ just reached the height to ride the Luge with an adult. And the boys, HQ and G, just reached the height to ride on their own. We bought single tickets for the boys, and for QQ and I, we had the double tickets as we were to ride together.

It's a pretty simple "vehicle". You pull the handles to stop, and let go when you want it to move. Swerve left and right as we go down the windy slopes. Although you got to sort of pull the handles back the whole time so that it won't zoom too fast on the slopes. HQ and G tried out on their own for awhile, but once they stopped, it's difficult to get started again. They hopped on to join their fathers. Even I find it difficult to maneuver the Luge; really sore for the arms. But it was VERY fun, so we went a few rounds :-D.

Here's hubby and HQ; picture taken by the automatic camera. QQ and I; we went "woah!!!..."
After the Luge, we had Old Chang Kee currypuffs, fried squids, and fishballs on sticks for tea; they even have a website! Bottles of Pokka fruit tea as drinks. Both originally Singapore :-P

After which, it's already 5-ish. We knew that there won't be enough time for other attractions, so asked the kids what else they wanted to do... G wanted to ride the tram, HQ wanted to hit the beach. So we did both. Beach and then tram.

We didn't bring any swimwear or sand castle tools. So it's just kids in their underwears playing by the shore :-). There's something about sea, sand and kids. I don't know whether it is the vastness of the sea and beach, the soft sand between the toes, the light breeze on the face, or the lapping waves, when kids go to the beach, they're always very content :-).

The boys challenging each other to go further to the sea, and QQ squealing at the slightest touch of the waves :-D. QQ is just happy building her sand castle for her dinosaur, with her palms and fingers. The castles that she built were merely sand dunes with holes for doors. They're also slopes that she dug out for slides :-). HQ and G came to check on her now and then, to instruct her to build more castles for their dinosaurs :-P The kids were of course reluctant to leave, but when big drops of raindrops started pelting and creating large holes on the sand, we were forced to leave. We washed our kids at the nearby small fountains, and hop on the tram to go get BIL's MPV.

We stopped at Vivocity nearby for dinner, and Sis recommended a fabulous place, Soup Restaurant. We ordered a set dinner consisting of samsui chicken (steamed chicken with ginger dip), salad prawns, steamed fish slices, ABC soup in teapot, fried potato leaves, braised homemade tofu with sea cucumber, and braised pork slices. I just love the homecooked style; although they claimed that there's no MSG used, the food was very tasty. Sorry no picture again. In fact, we were so hungry at every meal, pictures of food was either totally forgotten or only partially taken :-(.

Here's the boys at the restaurant, while waiting for the food to arrive :-). After dinner, the kids played while Sis and I went shopping :-D. In fact, I was able to grab a pair of Levi's for just S$83! They were having this promotion, whereby you can get a S$50 discount if you bring your old jeans in to change for a new pair of Levi's. They take any brand of jeans! Plus, they give you S$50 vouchers for tops and shirts. I must thank Sis for alerting me to bring my 25-inch jeans, which I can't fit anymore. Now I have a new pair of Levi's for just S$33 (after deducting the free vouchers)!

This pair of Levi's and 2 tops from Cotton On were the only shopping that I managed to do for myself during this trip... still, happy happy!

My next entry on Singapore Trip will be the day we leave for Malaysia... it will be a very short one :-).

You can read more on the trip here:
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HQ dropped his first tooth

back-dated post: 29th November 2010. I took so long to post this up cause hubby had helped me to copy the pictures into the external hard disk and I couldn't locate them!

My firstborn dropped his first tooth... a lower middle right tooth. It was wobbling for a few days and on 29th November, Monday, his tooth just dropped off while he was munching on a slice of bread.

He quickly picked it up from his mouth with his fingers and ran in the kitchen to show his Popo. Popo gave him an empty angpow to put the tooth in. That night, when I got home from work, he proudly showed it to me.HQ with his new grin. The red ang pow is partly in the picture. To tell you the truth, I felt kind of sad. I felt that he's growing up too fast. Loosing his tooth already? The next thing I know, he'll be going to Primary One! And then to further his studies, get a job, leave the nest, get married and have kids. And I am so not ready yet!

My little boy seemed excited though. When we got home that night, he placed the angpow with his tooth in it under his pillow. Yes, we told him about Tooth Fairy when his tooth first started to wobble.

He didn't believe us :-S. He didn't believe there's fairies, and even if there is, he wondered aloud why the fairy would want his tooth for. We told him so that he will be able to grow a brand new tooth. So I'm really surprised that he actually put his tooth under his pillow that night. Maybe just to see what will happen...

Shortly after the kids fell asleep, hubby came home from the airport (he was in Jakarta for business earlier). I told him about HQ's tooth. Hubby removed the tooth and placed it in another angpow. In the original angpow, he placed a RM1 in it and put the angpow back under his pillow.

The next morning, I woke up early, and was cutting up some fabric to prepare for my sewing. I sensed HQ has woken up and I saw him checking on the angpow under his pillow. He peeked in it, and turned it upside-down to let the tooth fall out on his palm. Looked inside again, and tried to pour out the tooth again. Several times. It was so cute watching him doing that :-D.

After confirming that the tooth is really not in there, he quickly moved to my bed, which is nearest to me, and with a distinct gleam in his eyes, he whispered to me:

"Mama, I think Tooth Fairy came and took my tooth. Look, got one dollar inside the angpow!"

I acted really surprised and happy for him ;-).

And then, he started to look skeptical and asked:

"Mama, did you see the Tooth Fairy?"

Of course I said "No".

"How did the Tooth Fairy come in?"

"I think through the window."

"But there's a mosquito net on the window!"

"I guess the Tooth Fairy is really small..."

With his head tipped sideways slightly, he asked again, this time with a frown and louder:

"Did you take my tooth and put one dollar inside the angpow?"

I had to act shocked, and said with as much certainty as possible "Of course not!"

Gosh! Why is he so grown-up! It's Tooth Fairy! Why is it so difficult to believe in Tooth Fairy?

And with that, he carefully kept his angpow inside his drawer. Tooth Fairy or not, I think as long as he gets one Ringgit, he's happy enough :-).

As of writing, HQ has just announced yesterday that his upper middle right tooth is now wobbling. Second tooth now? So soon? Sigh...
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a belated... "merry christmas!"

First of all, I would like to wish all who stopped by a belated and a very merry "Merry Christmas!"

Although late, I think Christmas celebration is still going on strong till the New Year, am I right? *wink*

This year, Christmas at the Boeys was celebrated with much mediocrity. We didn't even put up the tree *shame* We had last minute shopping done, but didn't wrap the pressies up nicely like every year *shame*

When Christmas rolled by, like every year, the kids got wonderful presents from their Tai Yi (my sis dropped by from Singapore on their way to Penang). For HQ, a Power Ranger pencil case and a super-duper Dinosaurs book! For QQ, there's a t-shirt and a hardcover on all Disney Princesses! The kids loved their gifts! And I must rave about this Dinosaurs Book.
It has descriptions of the dinos... And inside this container... HQ found cut-out figures of many dinosaurs..With clues on the stands so that...
he can put the dinosaurs up on a pop-up of different habitats! There's different habitats for different dinosaurs. Cool hor? :-) Papa bought ONE iPad for EVERYONE in the family TO SHARE, and the kids have been oogling on it at every opportunity, playing games and hearing stories.

My gifts to the kids?

Books that I picked up from MPH :-). Books for HQ, books for QQ, books for G, and a book for baby R. No handmade gifts for anyone this year...

Every waking minute that I had with my sewing machine or needle and thread is spent finishing up orders from this little store :-). I am so blessed with the orders I received, from family, friends and people I do not know. And I gained a few new friends in the process :-).

Thank you so much for all the support and the trust in my handiwork. I really appreciate them, and I will strive to do even better :-).

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas :-D.

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1st day of school orientation - a sequel

Following the first day of school orientation for QQ, that night when hubs and I went to fetch the kids at Popo's house:

Papa: What did you do in school, HQ?
HQ: Colouring, then playing in the playground.
QQ: I read Peter and Jane, then play in the playground!

Papa: Are you happy to see your friends, HQ?
HQ: Hai yah! My friends are so happy to see me ah! Somemore I bring meimei go and see them!

Papa: Haha! Meimei, did you make any friends?
QQ: Got!!! Got one boy friend... I like him.

HQ: *whisper* Mama, meimei got boyfriend already! Next time when she grows up, she can marry him! Hahaha! *with a gleam in his eyes and a very cheeky grin*

We were already laughing at my HQ's cheekiness, when QQ, who had overheard, responded:
QQ: No!!! I want to marry that boy... there... that one who sing "Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni" one!!!

The boy she meant was really one of the MAN who sang "Beijing Welcomes You" in Beijing 2008 Olympics Games Theme Song, Wang Lee-Hom!


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Monday, December 27, 2010

1st day of school orientation

QQ attends her first day of school orientation today. Boy... was she excited!

Next year would be the first year QQ attends school; she will be in Year 4 class. Of course she attends the same school as HQ. The school takes an extra effort to fit the kids in by having 2-hour orientation daily for a week, starting today. Not only for new kids, but kids of all ages, 3 to 6! I guess the school wanted to make sure there will be no tears when school really starts next week.

So, here's QQ all geared to go! :-D.

And HQ will be joining Year 6 class next year. Next year will be the last year HQ attends kindy, before he starts Primary One in year 2012. He insisted on wearing his new Ben 10 sunnies for the pic :-). When HQ started school for the Year 3 class in year 2007, I just left him at the school gate and went off to work. Popo fetched him back when school ended at 12 noon. No tears :-). Same as QQ, I left her at the school gate today, and Popo will be fetching HQ and QQ back when school ends.

HQ was happy to see his friends again. And QQ ran in to join him. I heard QQ waving and saying "hello" to other kids. When I wanted to leave, I called out to her. She turned and waved bye bye at me, sporting a happy grin.

I'm sure my little girl is going to love school, just like her Korkor :-D.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy belated winter solstice

First of all, a Happy Belated Winter Solstice to all :-).

I have always loved Winter Solstice celebration with my family, or better known as "Tang Yuen" festival.

Things that I remember about my childhood Winter Solstice:

Rolling of tang yuen together with the family, while my gossipy 2nd aunty entertained us with "news" about everyone in the neighbourhood. I could not make head to tail of who is who, but I did enjoyed her funny and sometimes shocking stories :-P.

Fragrant bubbling pandan ginger syrup, waiting to be served with cooked floating tang yuen.

My 3rd aunty bringing a small pot of salty tang yuen cooked in thick tasty pork ribs broth with a sprinkle of chinese parsley and deepfried dried prawns... the elder folks loved this :-).

And sometimes, my 2nd aunty will pamper us with her signature dish - stirfried abacus with bits of meat, dried prawns, chinese parsley, taugeh and eggs. We kids loved this dish!

When I got married, I made do with frozen tang yuen with peanuts and red beans filling... just 20 pieces (in 2 packets) for hubby and me. (But I would definitely eat more than hubby... heehee) I would boil them and add them into pandan syrup, or coat the boiled tang yuen with sesame seeds and deepfried. Hubby loved the deepfried version :-).

And recently, I came across this tang yuen:
6 tang yuens with peanuts filling, soft sweet red beans, and a scoop of durian flesh on a bed of durian and sago pearls puree.

Wierd combo, but every mouthful was a bliss. The durian taste was not too strong to shadow the taste of tang yuan; it was at the right sweetness and pungency. Yummy :-D

But I still prefer my traditional stirfried abacus and floating tang yuen in ginger syrup. Call me "lou tou" (old-fashioned) :-)

How was your Winter Solstice celebration? Had any tang yuen? :-)

The tang yuen in durian puree is available at Dragon-i at RM 13 a bowl.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

singapore trip: singapore zoo

day 3: 5th December 2010 (Sunday). You can read Day 1 and Day 2 entries by clicking to the links.

After a full and tiring day on Day 2, we woke up fairly late the next morning. After breakfast, we headed to the famed Singapore Zoo, and here's what we saw:The ticketing area was jam packed with people! The 3 queues were all equally soooooo long. Can't help that we chose a Sunday to go. While hubby queue up for tickets under the sweltering heat, we cooled ourselves with chilled bottled drinks and the kids entertained themselves by looking at koi fishes in the pond. Sis and her family didn't have to get tickets because they have a family pass, which they renew yearly. I wonder if our zoo in Malaysia has such passes?

Upon entering, we walked on a wide wooden bridge with a river running below. Many people were peering below the river, supposingly looking for crocodiles. With hats and umbrellas over their heads. Yes, it was terribly hot! Of course we can't see any crocs. They must be hiding under some shades, napping.

Upon crossing the bridge, we saw a threesome of very cute otters. They're together wherever they go! It was so cute to watch :-D. And this very special monkey. They're so man-like!
After walking awhile, we saw white tigers! They're so beautiful, and I think very well-fed. Not menacing at all. I still remembered when we visited our Malaysia zoo, the skinny orange tigers (Malayan tigers?) were swimming in the moat that seperates the tigers' lair and the viewers. They swam very very close to us. Of course they could not leap out to us as they're in water, but they really looked like they were trying to get us as their lunch. Scary...

As we were walking along, we stopped by pavillions for toilet breaks. One thing I really love about this zoo is the immaculate toilets, the very well-kept grounds, friendly staffs and the shades. Although the sun is blazing, there's ample shades and pavillions for us to sit and rest (although the 3 active kids made sure we did not get that chance :-P)

There were some kiddos activities in one of the pavillions that we stopped. The boys were attracted to the shooting game...

Here's G aiming with style...
HQ's turn... QQ had a go too!But QQ was more attracted to this... face painting! Camouflaged warrior!
Too bad the boys were not game, if not we'll have 3 warriors in a picture posing their signature kung fu poses... cool! After lunch, we moved on to the auditorium where we watched a play about preserving nature. I love how they cleverly include some wild creatures into their play. We took the opportunity to explain to our kids about preserving the nature too. Everyone enjoyed the show :-). After the show, we entered the Australian outback zone, where we saw huge monitor lizards, kangaroos and wombats. I think we missed the koalas and tasmanian devils. Posing with the metal/ bronze crocodile along the way - BIL and baby R. The boys, as usual, took matters in their own hands :-D. Croc was crying for help, I'm sure :-D. With all the walking and hot weather, the kids were very happy to cool themselves in the water park right in the middle of the zoo :-D. It looked so fun, the 2 grown up men (aka hubs and BIL) jumped in as well. Hahaha... luckily sis told me to get ready their swimsuits earlier :-).

So pictures in the water park here were taken by yours truly :-). That explains why there's only so few pictures, because I really had problems focusing! I kept focusing on the uncle behind, on poles, on the ground, instead of on my objects - the kids!
I couldn't even get one nice picture of HQ :-(. Also because he kept running to the big playcentre that loads water into a big truck load and poured down on everyone below. Can hear gleeful screams once that happened every 10 minutes or so. Even QQ went a few times! Wished I have a photo of that scary truckload of water pouring down :-(.

After bathing the kids, these energetic bunnies ran off again. This time, HQ and G joined another family to pull a raft to and fro a short stretch of river. They learned teamwork, team coordination and it's a good exercise to burn off energy :-). After some tiring workout, they sat quietly for awhile for hubby to snap a photo. We went and saw a few other animals, but were just too tired and didn't bother to snap any pictures. The zoo is fantastic and very family friendly. Just to make sure to be really early next time, come on a weekday to avoid the crowd, and spend more time there. We also gave Night Safari a miss, as all of us, especially the kids, were really really tired.

This is the last animal that we saw... can you guess whether this is leopard or jaguar? By the time we left in my BIL's 8 seats MPV, everyone was so tired and hungry. The kids fussed and promptly fell asleep one by one. We had to wake them up when food arrived in the restaurant. After some whinings, the kids ate their dinner, and promptly feel asleep again in the MPV. Upon reaching sis' home, we got to wake he kids up again to bathe them, before they fell asleep again... haha! Poor kids :-).

In my next blog post, I'll blog about some really fun sports that we participated in :-).

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Friday, December 17, 2010

i seldom watch tv now...

First is because, the tv is always hogged by my kids.

Second, is because I'm constantly entertained by my kids, like this video here :-).

Video recorded on: 25 November 2010. Please pardon their attire; they're in their pajamas :-P.

If you can't hear the song sang by QQ, here's what she sang:
"Baby baby, hands up!
Baby baby, hands up!
Baby baby, give me your heart!
Baby baby, give me your heart!"

Where did she learn that song from? When she saw the 6 year old students giving this performance in HQ's concert, she had quickly absorbed what she saw. The hand gestures is according to what she saw in the performance, but the legs movements are all her own :-D.

At the end of her performance, I have already ended the video clip and didn't get to record the later part of the "show". HQ came back to the "stage" and continued with:

HQ: Do you want to hear meimei sing again?

And he promptly point the "mike" to the audience (us), turned his face sideways, and cupped his ear with the other hand, waiting for our loud "YES!!!" answer!

And after we said "Yes!!!", HQ followed by prompting again:

HQ: What?? I can't hear you! Do you want to hear meimei sing? Say louder!

LOL!!! And where did he learn that from? HQ said, from the emcee at Kiu Kiu's wedding.

Hahaha! We laughed ourselves silly that night :-D.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

a note

Found this on my bed headboard when we woke up last Sunday morning. HQ must have been so bored cooping at Popo's home during the school holidays, and hoped to get some new toys. Oh yes, he does have in mind exactly what he wants :-P.

Updated: I'm happy to note that he used "us" and not only "me" in the note. He's selfless that way :-). But that's also because he reasons that "us" simply means more toys :-).

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what christmas means to me

I meant to blog about this once I got back from Singapore, but totally forgot about it! I blame it on old age :-S.

When I was growing up, my Tai Yee (mum's big sister), who is a Christian, would ferry both my sis and me to her home for Christmas celebration with her family. What makes it more meaningful was, my sister is a Christmas eve baby, and Tai Yee never fail to have a birthday cake for her as well :-)

Tai Yee treated us like her girls, as she herself has 3 boys :-D. There were lots of people in her house for her Christmas cum birthday party, and it was very merry. I was always amazed by the beautiful Christmas tree, lightnings and soothing Christmas songs playing on the cassette. We always get to stay up late to welcome the Christmas carols, and I would giggle seeing my cousins singing at the back row; they were really tall boys!

To me, Christmas means lots of merriment and laughter amongst people that you care about.

Christmas also means, to a little girl like me then, lots of food on the table! Now that I'm all grown up, I remembered the table being full of food, but I can only recall the beautiful birthday cake for my sis, the baked turkey and fruit cakes!

I have always loved fruit cakes :-). And when I saw this talented mummy baking fruit cakes for sale for Christmas, I ordered 2 loaves for gifts. And hoping I can get a bite too when I present them to the recipients! Haha! Elaine was also nice to include 4 eggs free and dairy free cupcakes for my kids :-).

The fruits cakes were very nicely packaged (the box is at the background. Very festive!).Every slice is packed with fruits!Hop on to her blog here to order yummy fruit cakes for your loved ones :-).

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Monday, December 13, 2010

singapore trip: science centre, grandma's place, orchard

day 2: 4th Dec 2010 (Saturday). You can read Day 1 entry by clicking on the link.

On our 2nd day in Singapore, we went to the Singapore Science Centre. The kids had fun trying out each and every science exhibit there.

All gear up to go!
Magic mirror balls
The kids saw how cartoon is made.
Vision tricks... Coincidentally, there was also a Dino exhibition going on, and the kids were mesmerised by the huge lively displays of the dinosaurs. No cameras inside the exhibit area, so here's the kids at the backdrop outside. Check out their poses here... LOL!After Science Centre, we had an enjoyable lunch of McDonalds (definitely enjoyable for the kids), and left for Grandma's house.

I haven't met Grandma for 3 years now, and she seemed so different when I first saw her. I admire my Grandma very much, for her iron-strong will, courage, loyalty and intelligence. She now seemed so frail... and I feel so sad not to be able to visit her more often :-(.

My mum and my very much missed Grandma. Both of them were so happy seeing each other :'). Group photo with my Singapore cousins and S' new baby E! The kids watched Sharkboy and Lavagirl while we chatted and catched up. Mum wanted to stay with Grandma for a few nights. We left for a scrumptious dinner at Tin Tai Fung, and later to Orchard Road for the Christmas deco.

Decoration at the streets. The decoration at Orchard was not as lavish as I remembered. When I was a kid, my parents brought us to Singapore for year-end holidays every year. We visited our Grandma, and never fail to go Orchard Road. Decoration then was very lavish and mesmerising. But then again, it may seem lavish and grand that time most probably because I was still a kid. These were good memories and will stay with me forever :-).

Kids were getting tired, and QQ got to ride on hubby's shoulders.
I was most attracted to this golden tree made of GIANT Ferrero Rocher. Can I have this for Christmas? ;-P

You can read more on the trip here:
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